How on-demand mobile apps are booming the service industry economy?

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The on-demand economy is increasing from the past few years and is continuously replacing traditional business models. Gone are the days when you look around for the services that suit your needs. Today, we have reached a point, where we are leveraging the topmost technologies to get everything in hand with a single click. The rise of the on-demand economy is expected to reach $335 billion in 2025. People around the world are taking advantage of these apps, that is why every industry is looking forward to creating an on-demand business solution. The on-demand business has prompted many entrepreneurs to come up with different ideas to offer the best services that will fulfill users’ demand through mobile phones. We have seen a lot of growth in business starting from on-demand transportation to food. But still, some industries are left out and start-up is coming up with the ideas and is hiring mobile app development company India to serve the unfulfilled need in industries. If we talk about statistics regarding the annual on-demand economy spending, US consumers are spending $57.6 billion. There are around 250-300 companies, 16 industries that are offering on-demand services and around $101 billion people are using mobile apps to buy things in 2018. These are a few statistics that prove how on-demand apps have given birth to a market that businesses are getting benefits. On-demand was started with ridesharing and has now segmented to different industries like beauty, travel, food, grocery, real estate, etc. If you will take a look at every sector, you will find a mobile app development company India is working on ideas to make it real or you can find the developers developing clones like uber clone app. The reason behind the development of such apps is the peoples’ to catering the user needs as millions of mobile users around the world are using the mobile and happily spending money on buying things from on-demand services. Consumers are liking the services that on-demand is giving that is why around 60% of people are ready to pay more if they get the same day delivery. So, it is clear that the businesses that are thinking to start an on-demand solution like “Uber-Air an on-demand helicopter” that fulfills the consumer’s needs will easily make money in the coming years. A business can hire companies anytime to develop on-demand clone projects like uber clone app development from professional developers. As there are many applications that are cloned and are getting users’ interest due to their services or extra benefit inside the app.

Top leaders on on-demand app development:

There are companies that have and are generating millions from on-demand businesses such as Uber, Zomato, Lyft, Fiverr, Airbnb. etc. According to the statistics, the US is spending more on on-demand applications and empowering revolutions of the 21st century without any doubt.

You can be the next, So, bring “the Uber of X wave” and experiment with your ideas.

Why on-demand apps are in great demand by consumers?

As per HBR, around 49% of the consumers are millennials, 29% are Generation-Xers and 22% are Baby Boomers. The reason behind is:

  • Wide variety of products available at one stop.
  • Reasonable prices as you can look for more sales online.
  • It saves time to go to a conventional shop to buy.
  • Augmented reality has made easy to check how the clothes, makeup products look on people.
  • The convenience of shopping anywhere and at any time.

Benefits for making an on-demand app?

On-demand businesses have made many things possible, investors too. Yes, if you have a unique and impressive on-demand app development idea, you can find investors easily. So, go for an attractive business plan, excellent design, and commitment that you will give to your investors. Not only crowdfunding but as an entrepreneur, you will also get a competitive edge as you can target a diverse range of consumers and can save money with these apps. You don’t have to invest in logistics, full-time couriers, vehicles, to deliver the products.

How does on-demand app work?

The online demand app is available on both mobile and web, helping consumers to buy what they like instantly. Basically, users need to open the interface on any of the above platform logins the details and buy any product or services. Once the order gets placed the services provider will collect the order and process them further to fulfill the user’s demand in the shortest time possible.

Leading on-demand app sectors:

  • Travel And Transportation Industry:

The transportation sector is a king of the on-demand economy. Taxi booking is the first and transportation is the second most popular category in the on-demand economy. This industry has around 7.3 million monthly consumers. All thanks to the Uber and Airbnb model that has given ideas to entrepreneurs when it comes to thinking upon the on-demand perspective. If we talk about funding, we can check around 75% of funding is coming to on-demand transportation and travel projects. Now you can check, there are multiple transportation and travel apps like Uber, say in India Ola, in China you can look for local competitors Didi Chuxing, are giving full competition to Uber in their own game. If you want to go with the same model, just start your on-demand service by thinking of an extra feature that you can offer to your audience.

  • Food Industry:

On-demand food delivery has also become a massive interest for users. As the industry has helped them to leverage the food at their doorstep. Consumers do not have to wait at the takeaway counter. The food delivery market is increasing rapidly and it amounts to US$1,681m in 2019 and is expected to grow US$2,369m by 2023. Investors are also gaining interest in this industry. Besides the US, the UK, countries like Korea, Saudi Arabia, India, and Brazil are the ones where the food industry ae generating tremendous growth.

  • Healthcare Industry:

Healthcare is a significant industry that has also given rise to on-demand apps. Now, customers have a doctor on-demand, pharmacy delivery, sample collection, and much more. This industry has a lot of potential as people can look for teleconsultation- video call with your doctor and get medication. No need to visit hospitals and wait in long queues to meet the doctor. Fitness it not away, be it counting the calorie intake, the number of calories burnt, and other fitness apps that remind you to exercise, drink water and more are being developed by professional mobile app developers to cater to the customers’ demand.

  • Retail sector:

Today, almost 75-80% of consumers worldwide have a smartphone and this has led to various retail apps to buy things online, by placing an order and receiving it within a reasonable time frame. The on-demand service ideas have made them buy anything and every retailer almost has its own app.

  • Professional services:

This sector is more versatile and broad as it covers all the professional on-demand services such as:

  • Mechanic
  • Electrician
  • Pest Control
  • Carpentry
  • Maid on demand
  • Baby Sitting
  • Gardening
  • Logistic services

What you can bring new to the marketplace?

The future of the on-demand industry is vast, no doubt what industry you choose to develop, you will find investors who are interested to invest in your idea. The on-demand services are not limited to the present times, but the future has the same story with high stats to showcase, with more vast business opportunities. Now the on-demand business is also categorizing and expanding into:

  • Hyperlocal on-demand app development:

Not only in broad areas but on-demand is also doing great in small kilometers such as Swiggy, Roadrunner, Maids on-demand like maids app. In this, a business can look to develop an app for small businesses targeting local areas. They can successfully start on-demand services by focusing on speed as well as quality and other attractive services. You can be the one to create an app that can connect people to local businesses and offer a needed solution for people in certain areas.

  • e-Scooters app development:

The demand for e-scooter app development is also rising and investors are also looking to invest in different segments that are not in the market. There is still room for startups who are bringing something new to the table, so if you have an idea then research it to make it a reality.

  • Self Storage On-demand apps:

People having extra space can rent their spaces to the people who are in need of storage space. Apps like the Cult are helping users to meet their needs not only in food, travel but also in helping people to use the space as a storage space. A great way to rent out your extra space at homes, garages, back yards, etc.

  • On-demand beauty app:

The beauty industry is also the one that is rising, gone are the days when customers need to visit parlors for getting all the services done. Beauty and massage services are also the ones that can and are generating user’s interest.

  • On-demand vehicle parking:

Every person has their own car, right? And sometimes it becomes messy to look for a parking location. To decrease the trouble users can book their parking spot through an app. No need to roam around to look for a perfect place to park a car.

How to develop an online app?

Now, you know how on-demand business is a great way of generating revenue in the marketplace, the next is to think about how, to begin with, your idea.

  • Getting an idea is not enough, research about your target audience:

The target audience is your customers who will get attracted to your business idea. Research properly, look at the already available apps and think about what extra you can add to give the fringe benefit to your customers. Look around, go for a survey and ask questions about what are the extra features they want in the business. Once you will get answers to all the questions, you will be in the right place to look for the mobile app development company.

  • Look for the latest features and technology stack:

Look around the features that you can add to get an edge from your competitors and go for choosing the best technology stack. Take help from a mobile development company to develop an app that will be user engaging.

Top Features of On-demand Apps:

  • Order food before dine-in:

If you are thinking to develop an on-demand food delivery app then you can jump to a feature that allows customers to order food before they reach the restaurant. It is a win-win situation for both client and service providers as they can plan their action plan accordingly.

  • Real-time tracking:

It is one such option that is giving users access to check the courier delivery, food delivery or cab route to make sure about the exact time and location of the order delivery and expected time of delivery if it a can service that particular point to reach a destination.

  • Split the bill:

Online apps must have split the bills options, as it becomes easy for the customers, who are ordering from the same app together whether food, travel or e-commerce.

  • Secure payment options:

Give your customers a fast, secure and reliable method of making payments through your app and allow all the payment options whether it is Paytm, Google, Paypal, phone pay extra. Other important features that you must add is order cancellation, panic button, promo codes, filters, etc.

  • Look for the right development team for your project:

An idea is only the first step, but it’s design, development, and features take it to a new step of engagement. If your app is simple, yet classy and user-friendly with advanced features and functionality, it attracts users. So, go for the professional mobile app development team, who can align with your vision and bring the best out of the app that you expected from them. Look for the professionals in both technology and UX design.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an On-Demand Mobile App?

Mobile app development companies while making the on-demand app give preference to three people or we can say caters three different people:

  • User.
  • A person who is offering services.
  • Business owner.

Professional app developers have to make different API and UI for all three of them that must be clear, simple, user-friendly and unique.  They need to trending features that make it easy for the user to order like payment methods, real-time tracking, rate, and review, chat support, notifications, automatically fetching of promo codes or OTP from mobile, etc. 

“That is what adds on to building a successful on-demand app.”

While coming towards the cost of developing an on-demand app. The cost will depend upon various factories like technology to be used, features to adds upon, is the apps cater local marketplace or worldwide, the experience of the development team. Further, the development of the on-demand mobile app will depend upon whether you are hiring an in-house team or outsourcing the project. So, make a rough idea and contact topmost development companies for a quote now! Why wait if you have a brilliant on-demand app development idea in your mind, that can lead your business to a new ladder of success.

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