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Expert AngularJS Developers At Your Disposal

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript-based front-end web framework that is maintained by Google and used for building single-page web apps. Using this technology we can create highly responsive and interactive user-interface designs to offer customers a great experience. As a leading mobile and web app development company, we have an in-house team of experienced AngularJS developers. We help you build scalable, secure, high-performance, and high-grade web apps using the AngularJS framework. With us, you’ll enjoy round-the-clock support and seamless performance.

AngularJS Consulting

Clarify all your doubts by getting the right advice from expert AngularJS consultants. We help you decide which platform is right for you according to your needs. Hire AngularJS consultants from RV Technologies as our experts work with you to gather your business requirements. After precisely understanding your business needs we will create a customized and incredible solution to bring life to your ideas.

Custom AngularJS Development

Are you looking for customized AngularJS app development solutions? Hire expert AngularJS developers to get custom-tailored development services to meet your business requirements. We have a team of highly experienced and certified AngularJS coders and programmers that deliver user-friendly, and feature-rich custom apps. Our dedicated developers always strive to build web apps that are secure, scalable, and offer high performance.

Enterprise AngularJS Web App Development

RV Technologies is a one-stop destination for your enterprise AngularJS web app development needs. Our team of dedicated and talented AngularJS developers will assist you in creating dynamic enterprise-scale solutions. Our high-quality web apps possess cutting-edge features that have the potential to increase your business productivity. We build dynamic, high-performing, and real-time apps that offer a seamless customer experience.

Platform Migration Services

Want to migrate your existing web app to the latest versions of AngularJS technology for enhanced performance? With continuous improvements in technology, it is crucial to meet the latest trends in the market. Being the best web and mobile app development company, our expert AngularJS developers provide the latest AngularJS platform migration services. We will take the weight off your shoulders and help you relax as we make the right choice to meet your needs.

App UI/UX Development

Do you want to give your website visitors an exceptional and thriving experience? Hire AngularJS developers from RV Technologies to develop intuitive and interactive web apps. Our skilled and expert programmers build eye-catching UI/UX designs to boost your business productivity. Our creative coders are experts in making eye-soothing aesthetics in UI/UX development to attract more customers. Our skilled developers are also experts in converting your ideas into digital reality to meet your requirements.

AngularJS Support and Maintenance

Our developers not only build, test, and deliver web apps but also offer post-delivery support and maintenance services. Hire remote AngularJS developers from our team to get end-to-end support and maintenance service for the long term. We are available 24/7 to help you with any queries or doubts. We deliver projects only after thoroughly testing them on various platforms so that you don’t have to face any problems in the future.

Why Hire AngularJS developers from RV Technologies?

Talented and Experienced Staff

Talented and Experienced Staff

We have a team of experienced developers, designers, and testing experts. As a professional digital solution provider, RV Technologies follows a rigorous interview process to only hire skilled resources who are familiar with the latest market trends and have the potential to adopt new technologies as well.

Client satisfaction rate

High Client Satisfaction Rate

For over 12 years, we have worked with a vision to build web and mobile solutions that comply with individual business objectives and meet clients’ personal goals. Thanks to this client-centric development approach, RV Technologies has managed to work with more than 750 clients across 20 different countries and secure a 9/10 CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) score. We are also a renowned digital solution provider with a 5-star rating across all major platforms including Clutch, UpWork, and BigFirms.

Engagement models

Flexible Engagement Models

We, at RV Technologies, understand that each organization has different objectives and thereby, different budget limits. That’s why we offer three different engagement models, i.e., fixed price model, hourly model, and hiring dedicated resources to cater to different client requirements and help them launch bespoke mobile and web solutions while keeping the overall expenditure within their specified budget.

Agile Processes

Lean and Agile Processes

Our remote IOS developers specialize in implementing modern-day development methodologies including lean agile and DevOps to reduce the time-to-market for our clients and help them launch powerful websites and mobile apps more rapidly. Our time-tested development approach ensures timely deliveries of projects, irrespective of their complexity.

Complete Transparency

Complete Transparency

When you hire remote Flutter developers from RV Technologies, you can expect a 100% transparent development process. Right from the beginning, our developers will share detailed progress reports with you to help you ensure everything is on the right track. You can also share your suggestions to customize different elements of the mobile/web app anytime you want.

Non-Disclosure Guaranteed

Security & Non-Disclosure Guaranteed

Ideas don’t come overnight! We understand the value of a unique idea and that’s why we sign dedicated non-disclosure agreements to protect clients’ ideas all the time. We never disclose any intellectual property with other third-party organizations. Moreover, we have also installed dedicated encryption and firewall protection across the servers to prevent unauthorized users from stealing information.

Freelancers vs In-House vs RV Technologies - Who to Hire for Your Next Development Project?

Here’s a detailed comparative analysis to help you evaluate why it’s beneficial to hire developers from RV Technologies.

Factors RV Technologies In-House Developers Freelancers
Time to Find Reliable Developers 1 Week 3 Weeks to 5 Weeks 3 Weeks to 5 Weeks
Recruitment Cost NIL $100,000-$500,000 NIL
Development Cost 1.5x 2x 1x
Timely Delivery 100% On-Time Delivery Delivery Time May Extend Timely Delivery Not Guaranteed
Failure Probability Extremely Low Low Extremely High
Dedicated Resources Yes Depends on your recruitment No
Agile and DevOps Implementation Always Yes Sometimes No
Communication and Reporting Seamless Communication with Detailed Reporting Seamless Communication with Detailed Reporting No Communication Guaranteed
Availability 24-hours availability Only available during the working hours Availability is always a concern
High-quality Infrastructure Yes Depends on your expenditure No
Post Development Maintenance Yes Yes Sometimes

Hire Remote Developers in 4 Easy Steps

Project Requiremnets

Share Your Idea & Project Requirements

Development Team

Pick the Right Development Team

Engagement Model

Choose an Engagement Model

Development Phase

Get On-Board & Initiate the Development Phase

Choose the Right Engagement Model to Meet Your Business Needs

We have devised different engagement models to help clients meet their specific requirements while staying within the specified budget limit.

Dedicated Developers

Hire dedicated developers and get a team of professionals to manage the entire development process of your project

  • Monthly Billing
  • Zero Hidden Costs
  • End-to-End Development
  • Post-Development Maintenance

Hourly Model

Hire developers on an hourly basis and pay for the total hours it takes to complete your project.

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Suitable for Small Projects
  • Agile Implementation for Rapid Deployment
  • Post-Deployment Maintenance

Fixed Pricing

Choose our fixed price model to hire developers for a specific duration and pay accordingly

  • No hidden costs
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Post-Deployment Support

We’re recognized by some of the best in the industry.

Rating 4.8
Rating 4.96
Rating 4.8
Rating 10
Rating 4.9
Rating 4.9
Rating 4.8
Rating 98%

You’re in good company. Our customers loveus.

I’ve had a long-term working relationship with RV Technologies and I am delighted to say that all the work they have delivered has been to the highest standards. Looking forward to working with them again.

Laura Husson

CEO, LauraHusson.com, United States.

I have hired RV Technologies to work on different projects. The development team has always shown dedication & persistence even while dealing with difficulties. Thanks to RV Technologies, I’ve been able to focus on my core business objectives.

Joshua Howell

Director of Marketing, Generations Hospice Care


How Can I Hire AngularJS Developers from RV Technologies?

Before hiring any developer for your business needs, you should first understand and jot down your requirements. This will help you decide which developer is best for your project and can achieve your goals. As soon as you’re clear with what you want and how you’ll accomplish that, you should start the process to hire remote AngularJS developers. To hire developers easily and conveniently, you can share your requirements with our consultants. We’ll then schedule the meeting with our AngularJS project manager to guide you and devise a unique strategy. After choosing the hiring model, you can contact the developing partners and they will start working on the project. Our professional and dedicated developers always deliver projects before the deadline.

The cost of developing an AngularJS web application differs for every project. To calculate the approximate cost of your AngularJS project, you should consider various factors. These factors include the relevant industry, features, and functionalities, intricacies, etc. It also depends on the experience and geographical location of your remote AngularJS developing partner. At RV Technologies, we offer pocket-friendly quotes to help our customers get the required solution that fits within their budget.

There is no set timeline for every AngularJS development project. The time taken to successfully complete and deliver a project depends on the features, functionalities, and complexity of the project. Typically, it takes one week to four weeks for our expert AngularJS developers to build a cross-platform and dynamic app. However, the actual time required to create, customize, develop, test, and deliver a project depends on the idea, features, functionalities, complexity, testing, etc. Hire an expert and skilled AngularJS developer from RV Technologies that use an agile methodology to deliver the desired results within the stipulated time frame.

At RV Technologies, our expert developers understand your business vision and then implement unique approaches to meet your requirements. Hire remote AngularJS developers from our team who are competent in developing high-level and challenging web apps. Benefits of hiring developers from RV Technologies include transparency and integrity, on-time delivery, and 24/7 support and maintenance. Our team of developers possesses proficient technical knowledge and vast experience in AngularJS development and will deliver projects within a defined timeline. An agile methodology is utilized to design and develop your project. Moreover, you can get day-to-day, weekly, or monthly reporting to maintain transparency of work.