Life @ RV Technologies
Dedication, Hard-Work, Celebrations, & Much More!

Clients' Visit

Don’t you just love it when clients personally come to thank the team that has been working days-&-nights to develop their product? From time to time, we welcome our global clients to meet the masterminds behind their best-in-class products and experience warm & loving Indian hospitality.

Team Celebrations

At RV Technologies, we believe in maintaining a work-life balance to ensure the employees don’t feel burdened. To do this, we organize regular in-house celebrations to cherish the happy moments and embrace a happy work environment.

Christmas Celebrations

Birthday Celebrations

Friday fun Activity

Diwali celebrations

New Year Party

Lohri Celebrations

Independence Day Celebrations

Diwali celebrations

Christmas Celebrations

Christmas Celebrations

Foreign Trips: A Token of Appreciation Towards
Our Valuable Employees

We always ensure to showcase our gratitude towards the hard work and time our employees put in to deliver successful projects. Among other activities, organizing trips to different countries is our way to rewarding the most valuable employees.

Celebrating Festivals With Rewards

On special occasions like Christmas and Diwali, we ensure to lay off the burden and celebrate these auspicious occasions like they’re meant to be. In the end, we close the ceremony by rewarding all our employees for their continuous efforts.

Diwali Rewards

Christmas Rewards

Diwali Rewards

Employee Recognition

Monthly R&R

Appreciation Rewards

Exhibitions and Seminars

Gaining knowledge is the only way to move forward! At RV Technologies, we firmly believe that there’s no age to acquire new skills and expand one’s knowledge base. That’s why we regularly send our employees to worldwide exhibitions and seminars where they could meet industry experts and learn new concepts.