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We are a professional social media app development company designing interactive social media apps that give people a platform to stay in touch with friends and family.

Our social media app developers specialize in building a variety of social media solutions including dating apps, photo-sharing platforms, an all-in-one social media apps like Facebook and Instagram.

We have extensive expertise in a plethora of development technologies including React Native, Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, MySQL, ROR, etc. With these technologies in our arsenal and years of industry experience, we are the most reliable development partner to build dynamic social media apps for your target audience.

Share your app objectives with our social media app development agency and let us devise a feature-rich social media application accordingly.

Social Media App Development Solutions Tailored according to Your Business Requirements

Being a reputed social media app development agency, we have the expertise to design a broad range of social media solutions that cater to wider user requirements. Our developers implement the best practices to deliver market-oriented applications that engage the customers and give our clients a competitive advantage as well.

Whether you want to launch a dating platform like Tinder or a photo-sharing platform like Instagram, our social media mobile app developers will devise a custom development plan to meet your specific business objectives accordingly. Here’s a quick insight into the different types of social media applications we have built for our clients over the years.


Custom Social Media Platforms

Launch an exclusive social media platform like Facebook and transform your business growth by letting people connect with each other in an interactive environment. With features like built-in chat support, instant notification alerts, and advanced privacy settings, we’ll devise full-fledged social media platforms that’ll help you step into the social media market and acquire a strong customer base more effectively.


Dating Apps

Hire our dating app development experts and launch a feature-packed dating solution where people can find suitable partners and go on dates easily. With our dating app development services, the primary objective is to develop solutions that let users find dates by applying advanced filters so that they can meet the most suitable date. We further design comprehensive search algorithms to suggest the best profiles to a user that match his/her preferences.


Social Audio Apps

Planning to develop a Clubhouse replica? Our social media app developers have got you covered. With expertise in the modern-day tech stack, our developers have high proficiency in designing social media platforms where users can interact with each other by sending audio notes. Moreover, users can also create private chat rooms and add close friends to keep their conversations private.


Media Sharing Social Platforms

Content has already become a big wave and helped many creators turn their passion into their profession. Leverage the content wave and launch an exclusive media sharing platform for creators (and average users) where they can publish videos and pictures to convey stories to the world. Our developers will integrate the most suitable revenue models with such media-sharing platforms so that you can keep your profitability on the higher side.


Social Media Gaming Solutions

Bring the gaming community together with a feature-packed social media solution specifically designed to engage gamers. Our social media app developers can devise custom social media gaming solutions where the gaming community can come together to share their thoughts, gameplays, and other interesting facts about a particular game on their feed.


Messaging Platforms

In addition to comprehensive social media applications, our developers also specialize in building custom messaging applications that users can use to stay in touch with their friends and family members. With end-to-end encryption, we’ll integrate high-security standards into your chatting platform so that users can interact in a secure environment.

Our Social Media AppDevelopers Will Integrate Your App With Essential Features to Maximize User Engagement

While constructing dynamic social media apps, our developers integrate the most suitable features to ensure users can interact with others in an engaging environment.

Profile Setup

Let customers set up their user profiles, add relevant information, and upload profile pictures to get on board.

Real-Time Chat Support

Irrespective of the business model, real-time chatting would be a necessity as it’ll allow users to interact with each other easily.

Image/Video Sharing

Equip your social media app with similar features as Facebook & Instagram and let users share pictures/videos on their feed.

Story Sharing

In addition to feed posts, users can also share stories to give followers a sneak peek into their day.

Advanced Search Filters

Let users search for profiles and receive new friend suggestions based on their existing friend list.

Profile Customization

Users can also update their profiles with custom cover photos, background colors, and a personalized bio.

Video Calling Support

Using our social media apps, users can also interact with their friends via video calls and make communication more interactive.

Notification Alerts

Keep users updated with instant notification alerts and notify them about new messages, friend requests, and comments.

Privacy Settings

Let users customize their privacy settings to have full control over who can visit their profile or send friend requests.

Edit or Delete Comments

Users have the liberty to remove comments on their posts or even report abusive comments to ensure 100% security.

Advanced Features of Our Social Network Applications that Increase Overall Engagement

Being a reputed social media app development company, our team emphasizes building social media solutions that keep users engaged. Along with the basic key features, we also integrate advanced functionalities through third-party API integration to equip your social media app with the necessary features to maximize user retention. These advanced features include:


Filters and Auto Enhancement

Give customers the liberty to apply filters to make their pictures and videos look more appealing.


GPS Integration

Through GPS integration support, customers can easily locate nearby friends and find nearby spots as well.


Built-in Video Editor

For content creators, integrate a built-in video editor so that they can give final touch ups before publishing the video.


Voice Notes

Along with text messages, users can also record and send their voice notes while chatting with friends.


Chat Groups

Allow users to create custom chat groups, add friends, and communicate with the entire group easily.



Keep our social media app in trend by allowing users to add hashtags to their posts and increase their engagement.

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A Result-Oriented Social Media App Development Process

Over the years, our social media app developers have devised a time-tested development process to ensure on-time project delivery. Our developers follow Agile and DevOps methodologies to deliver faster time-to-market and meet all client requirements.


Our Tech Expertise

We leverage modern technologies to build top-notch Social media app for our clients.

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Yes, even though platforms like Facebook and Instagram are leading the social media market, users are always looking to try new social media apps. It means you can launch a new social media application and still acquire new customers without any hassle.

The cost to launch a social media application depends on a plethora of factors such as the project complexity, preferred features, and the type of social media platform you want to develop. In general, however, you would have to pay anywhere between $25,000 to $80,000 to build a social media platform from the ground up.

The time period to launch a social media app also depends on multiple factors. Based on which type of social media application you want to launch, it can take anywhere between 5 months to 8 months to build and launch the application.

After your social media application has been deployed in the market, we’ll transfer the entire ownership of the source code to you. Consequently, it’ll become easier to manage and upgrade your application in the future.

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