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Kotlin is a statically typed, robust, cross-platform, and general-purpose programming language. This JVM compatible and Java interoperable language is most encouraged by Google for developing apps and production-grade systems. Are you also looking to have your business app like Trello, Twitter, Netflix, etc.? Expert Kotlin developers at RV Technologies can help you fulfill your dreams. As a highly experienced mobile app development company, we’ll develop modern android apps for you that meet market standards. With RV Technologies, you can avail affordable and scalable Kotlin app development services.

Kotlin App Development

Our skilled Kotlin developers will develop android apps that are powerful and rich in features. These apps are made with secure coding practices and using agile development methodology. Not limited to this, our team of mobile app developers will also make mobile apps that can be easily integrated with third-party libraries and frameworks.

Kotlin App Optimization

If you’ve any queries or are facing any issues, our professional Kotlin developers will be happy to serve you. We will analyze the performance and do an inside-out diagnosis of your Kotlin code and architecture. After thoroughly analyzing we will optimize it in an efficient manner to eliminate all the errors and problems found.

Kotlin App Migration

To avail higher benefits like optimized performance, safety, concise code, and interoperability, you should migrate your app from existing technology to Kotlin. Our experienced Kotlin development team will migrate your android apps to Kotlin seamlessly. Our in-house team of Kotlin experts makes the process easier, inexpensive, agile, and least disruptive.

Kotlin App Upgradation

Kotlin development keeps evolving and thus your existing app needs to be upgraded with time. This is vital to match up-to-date programming paradigms to fully leverage its benefits. It is important to hire remote Kotlin developers who are experts in upgrading your android apps and making them secure and future-ready.

Kotlin App Testing

To ensure flawless performance, get your Kotlin app checked and tested thoroughly by our expert Kotlin testing team members. We have modern Kotlin testing suites that will run comprehensive tests to prevent you from facing unpleasant surprises. We perform functionality tests, code reviews, load tests, and many other assessments to find and fix bugs and errors that can cause service disruptions.

Kotlin App Maintenance & Support

Our professional and certified Kotlin developers offer 24/7 support and maintenance service to our clients. Our in-house team of experts will help you with a simple error as well as with a major overhaul of multiple projects. Our dedicated team of Kotlin app maintenance experts has rich experience in running complicated diagnoses and making glitch-free apps.

Why Hire Kotlin developers from RV Technologies?

Experienced Staff

Talented and Experienced Staff

We have a team of experienced developers, designers, and testing experts. As a professional digital solution provider, RV Technologies follows a rigorous interview process to only hire skilled resources who are familiar with the latest market trends and have the potential to adopt new technologies as well.

Client satisfaction rate

High Client Satisfaction Rate

For over 12 years, we have worked with a vision to build web and mobile solutions that comply with individual business objectives and meet clients’ personal goals. Thanks to this client-centric development approach, RV Technologies has managed to work with more than 750 clients across 20 different countries and secure a 9/10 CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) score. We are also a renowned digital solution provider with a 5-star rating across all major platforms including Clutch, UpWork, and BigFirms.

Complete Transparency

Complete Transparency

When you hire remote Flutter developers from RV Technologies, you can expect a 100% transparent development process. Right from the beginning, our developers will share detailed progress reports with you to help you ensure everything is on the right track. You can also share your suggestions to customize different elements of the mobile/web app anytime you want.

Non-Disclosure guaranteed

Security & Non-Disclosure Guaranteed

Ideas don’t come overnight! We understand the value of a unique idea and that’s why we sign dedicated non-disclosure agreements to protect clients’ ideas all the time. We never disclose any intellectual property with other third-party organizations. Moreover, we have also installed dedicated encryption and firewall protection across the servers to prevent unauthorized users from stealing information.

Freelancers vs In-House vs RV Technologies - Who to Hire for Your Next Development Project?

Here’s a detailed comparative analysis to help you evaluate why it’s beneficial to hire developers from RV Technologies.

Factors RV Technologies In-House Developers Freelancers
Time to Find Reliable Developers 1 Week 3 Weeks to 5 Weeks 3 Weeks to 5 Weeks
Recruitment Cost NIL $100,000-$500,000 NIL
Development Cost 1.5x 2x 1x
Timely Delivery 100% On-Time Delivery Delivery Time May Extend Timely Delivery Not Guaranteed
Failure Probability Extremely Low Low Extremely High
Dedicated Resources Yes Depends on your recruitment No
Agile and DevOps Implementation Always Yes Sometimes No
Communication and Reporting Seamless Communication with Detailed Reporting Seamless Communication with Detailed Reporting No Communication Guaranteed
Availability 24-hours availability Only available during the working hours Availability is always a concern
High-quality Infrastructure Yes Depends on your expenditure No
Post Development Maintenance Yes Yes Sometimes

Hire Remote Developers in 4 Easy Steps

Project Requirement

Share Your Idea & Project Requirements

Development Team

Pick the Right Development Team

Engagemnet Model

Choose an Engagement Model

Development Phase

Get On-Board & Initiate the Development Phase

Choose the Right Engagement Model to Meet Your Business Needs

We have devised different engagement models to help clients meet their specific requirements while staying within the specified budget limit.

Dedicated Developers

Hire dedicated developers and get a team of professionals to manage the entire development process of your project

  • Monthly Billing
  • Zero Hidden Costs
  • End-to-End Development
  • Post-Development Maintenance

Hourly Model

Hire developers on an hourly basis and pay for the total hours it takes to complete your project.

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Suitable for Small Projects
  • Agile Implementation for Rapid Deployment
  • Post-Deployment Maintenance

Fixed Pricing

Choose our fixed price model to hire developers for a specific duration and pay accordingly

  • No hidden costs
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Post-Deployment Support

We’re recognized by some of the best in the industry.

Rating 4.8
Rating 4.96
Rating 4.8
Rating 10
Rating 4.9
Rating 4.9
Rating 4.8
Rating 98%

You’re in good company. Our customers loveus.

I’ve had a long-term working relationship with RV Technologies and I am delighted to say that all the work they have delivered has been to the highest standards. Looking forward to working with them again.

Laura Husson

CEO, LauraHusson.com, United States.

I have hired RV Technologies to work on different projects. The development team has always shown dedication & persistence even while dealing with difficulties. Thanks to RV Technologies, I’ve been able to focus on my core business objectives.

Joshua Howell

Director of Marketing, Generations Hospice Care


Why Should I Prefer Kotlin For App Development?

Kotlin is a modern and open-source programming language that is interoperable with Java and also boosts the development process. It possesses a more comprehensive standard library than Java and an excellent API that eases the work of Kotlin developers. It is compatible working with cross-platforms and is ideal for android mobile app development. It is a highly scalable and tool-friendly language.

Mobile app developers who have worked with both Java and Kotlin say that the code redundancy of the latter is less and hence the number of errors also reduces. If you also want to have your business mobile app, you should hire remote Kotlin developers now and start making your dream a reality.

You should outsource Kotlin app development services to RV Technologies because we are a leading and reliable mobile app development company. We have an in-house team of certified Kotlin developers who use the agile development method and follow strict testing protocols. We are an ISO-certified company and our professional developers value confidentiality and data security principles. You will get a cost-effective development solution and we will deliver our projects before the defined deadline. In addition to this, we value our clients and thus our Kotlin developers are available 24/7 to support you. We are committed to providing a great and satisfying experience to our clients.

We at RV Technologies, offer various Kotlin development services such as Kotlin mobile app consulting, custom app development from scratch, comprehensive testing, app migration, app upgrading, support and maintenance, and more. Our talented Kotlin App developers make apps that are compatible with old Android versions as well as modern OS versions. You can outsource your Kotlin development project to our specialized team of developers without worries. Our team of experts understands that every project is different and requires a different strategy to efficiently complete it. This is why we assign a dedicated manager for your Kotlin project to closely handle everything right from gathering requirements, effective communication to timely delivery of your project.

At RV Technologies, we understand the value of work, time, and money. Our in-house team of Kotlin developers can help you with a few hourly-based tasks or complete project development. You can hire one or even a team of Kotlin developers to work remotely for you. To maintain the trust and loyalty of our clients, we let them choose the way they want to work with us. We offer a flexible approach to working and thus you can choose and hire Kotlin developers from our team for hourly as well as project-based tasks. You can also use the other approach that is paying for completing milestones. You can divide the complete project and make different milestones and only pay when it is completed. This way you can trust our services and only pay if you’re satisfied with our work.