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VueJS Web Development: A Full-Scale Solution for Web App Development

VueJS is a JavaScript framework that’s primarily designed to develop dynamic UI and single-page web apps (SPAs). Since its launch in 2014, VueJS has garnered immense popularity and secured the position of 5th web development framework. As of 2021, nearly 18.97% of web developers use VueJS to design visually attractive UIs for web apps and single-page applications.

As one of the early adopters of VueJS web development, we have already built several VueJS applications for different industries. Our developers have expertise in implementing the best VueJS development practices to deliver business-centric web solutions that engage the target audience. All our VueJS development services are cost-effective, allowing clients to launch dynamic web apps while staying within budget constraints.

Build Powerful Single-Page-Applications (SPAs) With VueJS Web Development

VueJS is an evolving web development framework that can help businesses launch modern-day web apps. Unlike other front-end development frameworks, VueJS web development primarily focuses on the “View” layer of “MVMM” architecture.

Since VueJS doesn’t deal with the back-end, it’s one of the most reliable technologies to build user-centric single-page web apps (SPAs). At RV Technologies, we provide full-scale VueJS development services to help worldwide enterprises launch engaging web apps and put their brand in the digital market.

Single-Page Application Development

Single-Page Application Development

Launch dynamic SPAs and deliver exceptional performance to your customers so that they can utilize your services more effectively. Our VueJS developers have expertise in developing custom SPAs for different industries.


Progressive Web App (PWAs) Development

PWAs are the next best thing in the mobile app development market. Hire our professional VueJS development company to launch your own Progressive Web App and engage users across different platforms.

Progressive web apps development
VueJS Migration

VueJS Migration

Already own a web application? Migrate your existing web app to the VueJS framework with our VueJS development services and utilize its features to stay at the top of your industry and keep your customers engaged. Our VueJS developers will migrate the entire source code to the framework so that your app doesn’t lose any functionality whatsoever.


Native Mobile App Development

Apart from SPAs and PWAs, our VueJS development services also include Native app development. We blend VueJS with different technologies like NativeScript to develop native mobile solutions for both Android and iOS.

Native mobile solution

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Planning to hire an VueJS Development company? Read these FAQs.

Being a well-renowned VueJS development company, we always come across a few common client queries regarding VueJS development and its applications. We have addressed some of these questions so that you know everything about VueJS before choosing it as your front-end development framework.

Which is Better: VueJS Web Development or ReactJS?

Both VueJS and ReactJS are JavaScript-based technologies that are primarily designed for web app development. VueJS is a complete JavaScript framework, whereas the latter is a JavaScript library that can also be used to build UI for native mobile applications.

Choosing the right JavaScript technology mainly depends on the specific business objectives. For instance, if you want to build a simple single-page application, choosing VueJS web development will be a wiser decision. However, if you want to build a full-scale web application with advanced functionality, ReactJS will be a more suitable option.

Progressive Web Apps or PWAs are web solutions that deliver a native user experience to the customers. In general, PWAs run on the web browser, but they deliver an app-like performance to the end-users. The major benefit of choosing Progressive Web Apps over traditional native apps is that they deliver a similar user experience across all devices.

Since PWAs mainly run on the web browser, they are independent of the device’s architecture. In addition to this, developing Progressive Web Applications is way cheaper than building a standalone mobile app from scratch.

While developing a single-page application or a web app using VueJS web development, we utilize a responsive approach to make it mobile-friendly. We understand that the majority of Internet traffic comes from mobile and that’s why we want to deliver an exceptional browsing experience to the end-users, even if they access the website/web application on a smartphone.

Affordability is one of the major USPs of the VueJS framework. Whether you own a small business or a startup, choosing VueJS web development will help you launch your web application while keeping the overall development cost within the specified budget. While each web application has a different development cost, VueJS development usually costs anywhere between $5,000 to $30,000.