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Marketplace App Development - An Overview

An online marketplace is an online store that connects sellers and buyers with a dedicated website owner processing all the online transactions. Amazon is one of the biggest examples of an online marketplace. Its aggregated model gives sellers the liberty to list their products, attract buyers, and grow their sales.

The growing popularity of online marketplaces has encouraged many entrepreneurs to launch their own marketplaces and establish a strong brand presence. At RV Technologies, we have expert marketplace app developers with extensive industry experience who leverage their expertise to design sales-driven marketplaces for startups and large enterprises.

We'll integrate a plethora of features into your online marketplace to ensure it can keep the shoppers engaged and drive them through the entire sales funnel more conveniently. Whether you want to develop a small seller's community or a full-scale Amazon-like marketplace, our developers will implement the best methodologies to bring your idea to reality.

We Offer Different Types of
Marketplace App Development Services

Being a reputed marketplace app development company, our team excels in designing personalized marketplace for different industries. Here’s a quick overview of our comprehensive marketplace app development services.


B2B Marketplace Development

Our marketplace app developers design feature-packed vertical B2B marketplaces to help companies scale their business growth and sell products to other ventures more efficiently. We’ll equip your B2B marketplace with all the necessary features so that companies can place bulk orders and process transactions in a user-friendly environment.


B2C Marketplace Development

Hire our marketplace development experts and launch a full-scale B2C marketplace like Amazon to help sellers and buyers come together to encounter a hassle-free experience. With our sales-driven B2C marketplaces, business owners can deliver a seamless experience to all the stakeholders and compete with industry giants.


NFT Marketplace Development

With NFT trading gaining more popularity, many entrepreneurs are planning to launch their own NFT marketplaces. Let our developers design high-performance NFT marketplaces where creators can tokenize their digital assets and sell them to global buyers. With Blockchain implementation, we’ll design highly secure marketplaces to make NFT trading less hectic for creators and buyers.


Personalized Ecommerce Development

We have highly experienced ecommerce development experts who have the essential skill set and industry experience to build customized ecommerce marketplaces for global sellers. With quick navigation, secured payment gateway integration, guest checkout, etc., our team will design a custom ecommerce marketplace that delivers a seamless shopping experience to the customers.


Multi-Vendor Marketplace Development

Our developers can also devise scalable multi-vendor marketplaces where customers can compare multiple vendors based on their offered prices and choose a seller that best suits their requirements. Our multi-vendor marketplaces will also give customers the liberty to save their favorite vendors to place orders more efficiently in the future.


Peer-to-Peer Marketplace Development

We design comprehensive peer-to-peer marketplaces to help users connect with each other and sell products/services. Through the peer-to-peer marketplace model, users can directly sell items to other customers and avoid the involvement of any middleman. Our developers will integrate a plethora of features to give a hassle-free shopping experience to the customers.

Key Features Offered With
Our Marketplace App Development Services

As an expert marketplace app development agency, we’ll design full-scale mobile solutions for all the stakeholders to deliver a seamless user experience.

Customer's App

Allow users to search for products, compare different sellers, and place their orders through an easy-to-navigate customer’s app.

Search Filters

With advanced search filter options, customers can search for the desired products by applying different search parameters.

Shopping Cart

While browsing through the product list, customers can add the desired items to their shopping cart and place the order in one go.

Social Media Profiles

Customers can quickly sign up using their social media profiles to avoid unnecessary hassle and directly jump to online shopping.


Customers can also create and customize their product wishlist to save products for future purchases.

Payment Gateway Support

Let shoppers process online transactions and complete their purchases through a secure payment gateway.

Ratings and Reviews

Shoppers can leave feedback for a particular product and help other buyers make better shopping decisions.

Admin Panel

Our marketplace app development experts will also construct a web-based admin panel to help you track analytics and manage business operations.

Marketing Campaigns

Design customized marketing campaigns to promote products and reach customers to boost overall revenue.

Net Sales

Track the net sales across all platforms and keep a tab on your monthly revenue through a dedicated panel.

Customer Acquisition

Track your overall customer acquisition rate and calculate the overall business ROI to manage users more effectively.

Profile Approvals

Approve vendor profiles after going through all the legal documentation and prevent online fraud on your online store.

Mobile Optimization

Optimize your marketplace app for all mobile platforms to deliver a seamless shopping experience across all platforms.

Vendor Management

Your team can also manage all the vendors and send real-time business updates to ensure they can maximize their profit.

Seller’s Panel & App

With a dedicated merchant’s app, sellers can easily manage their product listings and process online orders quickly.

Inventory Management

Based on the current stock, vendors can update the product availability and also receive stock alerts to process orders more quickly.

Vendor Dashboard

Keep a bird’s eye view of your brand’s ROI, user acquisition rate, and user retention rate through a full-scale vendor dashboard.

Sales Analytics

Through the vendor panel, merchants can easily check sales analytics reports and get instant insight into their revenues.

Multi-Language Support

While listing their products, vendors can also choose the target locations and the app will automatically display products in customers’ native language.

Email Marketing

By collecting users’ emails, merchants can devise personalized email marketing campaigns to unlock better customer engagement.

Customer Support

Through a dedicated support panel, vendors can respond to customer queries and resolve their issues effectively.

Advanced Features of Our Online Marketplaces

Apart from the basic features, our marketplace app development experts can also integrate various advanced features to keep the shoppers engaged and maximize user retention. A few of these advanced features include:


Real-Time Order Tracking

Let customers track the real-time delivery updates of their packages through built-in geolocation support.


Guest Checkouts

Save the unnecessary hassle and give customers the liberty to place orders within minutes through guest checkouts.


Voice Search Option

Shoppers can also perform quick product searches using the built-in voice recognition system and place orders right away.


Augmented Reality Support

Customers can also search for a particular product by scanning it using the phone’s camera and get the right product information easily.


Customized Seller’s Store

With our marketplace apps, sellers can set up personalized ecommerce stores to deliver a customized shopping experience.


Estimated Shipping Prices

Our online marketplace apps will automatically calculate the estimated shipping charges based on the customer’s current location.

Our Marketplace App Development Expertise

Being a reputed marketplace app development company, we specialize in designing state-of-the-art marketplace apps for different industries. With our personalized marketplace solutions, you can enable merchants to sell both products and services to their target customers.

Services Marketplace

Design a feature-packed platform like Upwork where business owners and avail the desired services and connect with global service providers to hire the most skilled talents for their projects.

mCommerce Marketplaces Apps

Transform your retail business and reach a wider audience with high-performance mCommerce solutions like Amazon and eBay that drive sales and skyrocket the overall revenue. We’ll design cross-platform mCommerce marketplaces to help you establish a strong brand presence.

eBook Marketplaces

Let avid readers enjoy their favorite ebooks and get access to thousands of ebooks through a fully-functional ebook reader platform like Amazon Kindle. With features like bookingmarking, favorites, and wishlist, we’ll design a user-centric ebook reader that delivers an engaging reading experience to the customers.

Real Estate Marketplaces

Launch a platform like AirBnB to help users rent real estate properties for their vacations and enjoy their holidays in comfort. We can also design dedicated real estate marketplaces where sellers and realtors can list out their properties and connect with potential buyers more conveniently.

Healthcare Marketplaces Apps

Make digital healthcare more accessible for patients and let them get in touch with the required healthcare experts within seconds through a full-scale healthcare marketplace solution. Our team will design an easy-to-navigate healthcare marketplace where patients can avail different healthcare services and even order medicines online.

Education Marketplaces Apps

Launch a feature-driven edtech marketplace where students can contact online tutors and even find digital masterclasses on the desired subjects. Our education marketplaces will help online tutors sell their digital courses and resolve different student queries through one-on-one online consultations.

Consumers have spent 2+ trillion dollars on online marketplaces globally.

Be a part of this exponentially growing economy with an exclusive digital marketplace.

An Overview of the Working Model of an Online Marketplace

At RV Technologies, our digital marketplaces follow a user-centric architectural model to deliver a seamless shopping experience across all mobile platforms.


Startups. SMEs. Enterprises. We work across all industries, no matter the size.

Nrg Edge Energy

An Online Job Portal Designed to Help Energy Experts Find Relevant Jobs While Staying at the top of the Latest Trends in the Industry.

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Laser Run (UIPM)

A Multi-player Sports Game that's Carrying Forward a Century-Long Olympics Tradition and Helping Aspiring Players Participate in Pentathlons Virtually.

See Case Study


An all-in-one food delivery platform to help users order food from nearby restaurants and manage orders more conveniently.

See Case Study


A Full-Scale Job Marketplace to Help Employers Find Skilled Employees While Simultaneously Allowing Candidates Unlock Better Job Opportunities.

See Case Study

Quarter Backs

Helping Quarterbacks improve their skills with an action-packed football game designed to help players practice in a virtual environment.

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Arte Nuova Forma

A multi-linguistic responsive e-Commerce store that helped a 30-Year Old furniture brand establish an online presence and stay relevant in today's tech-savvy world.

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A Streamlined Marketplace App Development Process

Over the years, we have devised a result-driven marketplace app development process along with Agile & DevOps implementation to deliver faster time-to-market.


Our Tech Expertise

We leverage modern technologies to build top-notch mobile solutions for our clients.

You're in good company. Our customers loveus.

Our sales just went through the roof after we revamped our website and developed our app with RV Technologies. I'm quite pleased with their professionalism and team. Love their prompt responses too.

John Smith

CEO, Netten inc., Canada

The company is quite satisfied with the RV Technology team's performance throughout the duration of the project. The company appreciated the team's reliability and cost-efficiency in carrying out their tasks. The company was most impressed by how the team was able to implement the features they needed.

Easwaran Kanason

Director, NrgEdge, Singapore

RV Technologies Softwares Pvt. Ltd. managed to finish the beta version of the project and it has received excellent feedback from the testers.The project manager was able to communicate effectively and smoothly with the client.

Aaron Brask

Investment Advisor, Florida, United States

RV Technologies was able to finish the project in a timely manner despite working in a different time zone. They were flexible, responsive, and cooperative during the project. One highlight of the partnership was the vendor's ability to deeply understand the company's needs to improve their project.

Bashar Al-Hussaini

Planner at City of Mississauga, Canada

The app's free- and premium-membership users rose significantly since RV Technologies Softwares Pvt. Ltd.'s involvement. Internal stakeholders of the camping directory company praised the team's reliability and ability to deliver what was required.


Director at Full Range Camping, Australia

The software launched successfully and the client was very satisfied with the team's performance. The team fixed bugs quickly with no issues. The overall communication was wonderful, with daily updates on the progress from the team.


Managing Partner at Bowden Capital Partners, LLC, United States

The app successfully attracted users and caught the attention of investors.RV Technologies implemented a fluid Scrum methodology, created an outstanding product, and easily accommodated budget limitations.


CEO, Uvii, New York, United States

From the moment we started working with RV Technologies, I was impressed with their ability and attention to detail. Their prudent approach is also very comforting and I know that I'm in good hands.

Charles Fitzgerald

CEO, The Kewl Shop, United States

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An online marketplace is simply an ecommerce platform that allows buyers and sellers to participate in online transactions. Business owners can reach out to a wider audience and boost their overall sales through an online marketplace.

The overall cost of launching a customized marketplace in 2022 depends on a variety of factors and it’s different for each project. In general, however, the cost to launch a personalized marketplace ranges between $20,000 to $80,000.

Again, the time to build an online marketplace will depend on multiple factors such as the project complexity and the desired features you want to integrate. Get in touch with our marketplace app development experts to get a detailed insight into how long it will take to build your marketplace solution

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