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Virtual medical assistance is the next big thing in the healthcare industry. Since people still hesitate while visiting the Emergency Room or healthcare clinics, thanks to the COVID outbreak, it’s no surprise that the demand for on-demand healthcare solutions is increasing rapidly.

If you also want to grow your healthcare business, joining hands with our healthcare app development company will help. We have built a ready-made healthcare platform that’ll allow patients to access all your medical services right on their smartphones. Our healthcare app developers have integrated multiple features to bridge the gap between doctors and patients, allowing them to stay connected remotely.

Whether someone is looking for a nearby physiotherapist or a cardiologist, our healthcare app will make it easier for users to find the desired healthcare experts more conveniently. With advanced search filters and easy-to-navigate UI, our healthcare application development practice will ensure that users can find nearby doctors, browse through search results, and book appointments with zero hassle.

A Sneak-Peek Into Our HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Solution

RV Technologies is a pioneer in launching user-centric mobile solutions for different industries. Our healthcare app solution is an all-in-one platform that’s tailored to help healthcare providers offer their services remotely while making it easier for patients to find nearby healthcare services. As one of the industry pioneers, moreover, our healthcare solution complies with the HIPAA guidelines and ensures to protect the sensitive patient information all the time. Our ready-to-use healthcare platform has three different mobile apps for patients, healthcare professionals, and the hospital/clinic.

Patient App

Give patients an easy-to-navigate UI where they could find
nearby healthcare professionals, make appointments, and
manage their monthly medical bills easily.

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Multi-Payment Support
  • Video Conferencing
  • Daily Reminders & Push Notifications
  • In-App Chat Support
  • Wearable Integration
  • Daily Health Monitoring
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Hospital Admin Panel

With a fully functional admin panel, your hospital/
clinic’s administration will be able to manage doctor
profiles and secure patients’ data as well.

  • Profile Management for Doctors
  • Patient Management
  • Daily Attendance Record
  • Inventory Management
  • Payment Support With Bank-Payouts
  • Monthly Analytics
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Doctor App

Let the healthcare professionals at your clinic manage their appointments and cater to emergencies in a hassle-free manner.

  • Doctor Profile Setup
  • Daily-Appointment Management
  • Video Conferencing
  • In-App Chat Support
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Reviews and Feedback Management
  • Built-in Payment Support
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Get a Customized Healthcare Solution For Better Customer Acquisition

While crafting our ready-to-use healthcare solution, our developers have followed development practices that make it highly customizable. From adding new layouts to building APIs for third-party app integrations, our healthcare solution will allow you to explore different customization options and get a bespoke product that caters to your individual business requirements and gives your brand a unique identity in the market.

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Salient Features of Our Custom Healthcare Solution

Over the years, our healthcare application development teams have worked on several healthcare, medicine delivery, and traditional medical apps. With this on-demand healthcare solution, we have combined all the useful traits of different apps and built a comprehensive product that offers 24/7 medical assistance to patients while making it easier for healthcare experts to offer their services at the same time. Our healthcare solution complies with FDA, HIPAA, and HITECH guidelines and provides 100% confidentiality to protect vital patient information from third parties.

Some of the features of our on-demand healthcare solution include:


IOT-Based Remote Monitoring

With wearables integration support, our healthcare solution allows physicians to remotely monitor the real-time biometric updates of their patients and diagnose their current condition from anywhere they want. Doctors can also access the previous health status of the patients in an easy-to-understand graphical interface to devise a personalized treatment accordingly.


Appointment Management

Let customers find nearby medical services and book their appointments within a few seconds. With our full-scale healthcare platform, customers will be able to search for desired healthcare experts, check reviews, and book appointments within a few clicks. In case of emergencies, they could also cancel the appointment right from their mobile itself.



With built-in chat and video-conferencing support, doctors can directly share e-prescriptions with their patients. As soon as a doctor prescribes medicines to a patient, the record will automatically get updated in his catalog and it’ll become easier for future diagnosis. For better communication, the patients will also receive a copy of the prescription at their registered email address.


Laboratory Management

Manage the in-house laboratory at your clinic/hospital with the healthcare app itself. With a dedicated laboratory tab, you’ll be able to streamline complex operations of running a laboratory and share patient reports directly on the cloud. This way patients could access these reports from anywhere they want.


Pill Reminders

With our healthcare solution, your patients will be able to take all the required doses on time. Based on their prescriptions, patients could configure the app to set dedicated reminders and receive alerts as soon as they need to take a medicine. Thanks to these reminders, your patients will never skip a medicine intake whatsoever.


mHealth Records

To ensure your patients and staff can access their health records in a hassle-free manner, our developers have integrated cloud support in the healthcare solution. It doesn’t matter which device the patients or doctors are using to run the healthcare app, they’ll be able to fetch data from a centralized server within a few seconds.


AR Integration

Augmented Reality is on the rise and it has diverse applications in the healthcare industry. We are well-familiar with the significance of AR in healthcare and that’s why our healthcare solution comes with exclusive AR support. In case of emergencies, our healthcare solution will help people find directions to the nearby ER rooms by simply pointing their phone’s camera towards the street.

What Makes Our Healthcare Solution Compelling?

On-demand mobile solutions are becoming more and more popular every day. As opposed to full-scale app development, on-demand solutions have a low waiting period and can be deployed within a few weeks (instead of several months). At RV Technologies, our on-demand healthcare solution is designed with a vision to help healthcare service providers cater to different patient requirements virtually. Our developers have integrated features that make it easier for both doctors and patients to stay connected and make mobile healthcare more convenient.

Faster Time-to-Market

With our ready-to-launch healthcare solution, you won’t have to wait for several months to step into the digital landscape. Even if you want to customize the healthcare solution by tweaking its UI or integrating third-party APIs, you’ll be able to launch the product within 1-2 weeks.

Affordable Cost

As opposed to end-to-end healthcare app development, choosing a ready-to-use healthcare solution will not put a burden on your pocket. Our healthcare solution is available at a pocket-friendly price, even if you want to customize it to meet your specific business requirements.

Easy Customization

We understand that each healthcare business has different goals. That’s why our developers have built a highly scalable app that can be customized further to match your brand’s online identity. You can integrate third-party APIs to add new features to the app and give a personalized browsing experience to the users.

Multi-Language Support

Want to launch a feature-packed healthcare app across different countries? With multi-language support, users can configure to access our healthcare solution in their native language. We have integrated dedicated language packs to ensure that the end-users can access all the features of the app easily.

Security-First Approach

To ensure our healthcare solution offers a completely secure experience to a healthcare service provider and patients, our developers have utilized DAST and SAST testing methodologies to evaluate all the security vulnerabilities and eliminate them to provide complete security.

Regular Support & Maintenance

Once the product is delivered successfully, our development team also offers regular support & maintenance services to remove potential bugs that may ruin the user experience. Based on the users’ feedback, our developers will further integrate new features to optimize its performance and deliver the desired functionality.

Why RV Technologies?

12+ Years of Experience

RV Technologies has been delivering customer-centric digital solutions for more than a decade. Over the years, we have worked with startups, small businesses, scaleups, and large enterprises, and built bespoke web and mobile solutions that best suit their business objectives. Our extensive experience is a prominent reason why we are the most reliable development partner for your next project. Read more..

120+ Members Team

At RV Technologies, we have dedicated teams of 120+ skilled resources who specialize in multiple technologies that best suit modern-day enterprise requirements. Our teams stay on top of the latest development technologies such as Swift, Flutter, ReactNative, WordPress, Kotlin, Angular, ReactJS, NodeJS, Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce. We combine these technologies with custom strategies and provide clients with an exclusive digital solution for their brand. Read more..

High CSAT Score

For over 12 years, we have worked with a vision to build web and mobile solutions that comply with individual business objectives and meet clients’ personal goals. Thanks to this client-centric development approach, RV Technologies has managed to work with more than 750 clients across 20 different countries and secure a 9/10 CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) score. We are also a renowned digital solution provider with a 5-star rating across all major platforms including Clutch, UpWork, and BigFirms. Read more..

Agile Process

We are always at the forefront of adopting new methodologies and development processes. While working on different projects, our developers follow time-tested Agile and DevOps methodologies that reduce the scope of unexpected blunders and accelerate the overall development process. As a result, we are able to deliver best-in-class digital solutions before the specified deadline. Read more..

Quality Infrastructure

With an overall area of 12,000 square feet, RV Technologies is among the largest IT organizations in the country. We have also implemented best-in-class IT infrastructure including biometrics-protected entrance, fully-encrypted servers, and high-configuration systems to ensure the teams can work in a secure & high-paced environment, resulting in maximized productivity. Read more..

NDA Guaranteed

Ideas don’t come overnight! We understand the value of a unique idea and that’s why sign dedicated non- disclosure agreements to protect clients’ ideas all the time. We never disclose any intellectual property with other third-party organizations. Moreover, we have also installed dedicated encryption and firewall protection across the servers to prevent unauthorized users from stealing information. Read more..

The company is quite satisfied with the RV Technology team’s performance throughout the duration of the project. The company appreciated the team’s reliability and cost-efficiency in carrying out their tasks. The company was most impressed by how the team was able to implement the features they needed.

Easwaran Kanason

Director, NrgEdge, Singapore

RV Technologies Softwares Pvt. Ltd. managed to finish the beta version of the project and it has received excellent feedback from the testers.The project manager was able to communicate effectively and smoothly with the client.

Aaron Brask

Investment Advisor, Florida, United States

RV Technologies was able to finish the project in a timely manner despite working in a different time zone. They were flexible, responsive, and cooperative during the project. One highlight of the partnership was the vendor’s ability to deeply understand the company’s needs to improve their project.

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Planner at City of Mississauga, Canada

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Director at Full Range Camping, Australia

The software launched successfully and the client was very satisfied with the team’s performance. The team fixed bugs quickly with no issues. The overall communication was wonderful, with daily updates on the progress from the team.


Managing Partner at Bowden Capital Partners, LLC, United States

The app successfully attracted users and caught the attention of investors.RV Technologies implemented a fluid Scrum methodology, created an outstanding product, and easily accommodated budget limitations.


CEO, Uvii, New York, United States

From the moment we started working with RV Technologies, I was impressed with their ability and attention to detail. Their prudent approach is also very comforting and I know that I’m in good hands.

Charles Fitzgerald

CEO, The Kewl Shop, United States


You’re in good company. Our customers loveus.

I’ve had a long-term working relationship with RV Technologies and I am delighted to say that all the work they have delivered has been to the highest standards. Looking forward to working with them again.

Laura Husson

CEO,, United States.

I have hired RV Technologies to work on different projects. The development team has always shown dedication & persistence even while dealing with difficulties. Thanks to RV Technologies, I’ve been able to focus on my core business objectives.

Joshua Howell

Director of Marketing, Generations Hospice Care

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Have any queries regarding our on-demand healthcare app solution? Find relevant answers to all your questions through the following FAQs.

Q. What is the Importance of a Mobile App in the Healthcare Industry?

A healthcare solution has several applications in the modern world. Since health has become the #1 priority for every individual, a healthcare mobile app will give users the liberty to connect with nearby doctors and avail medical services right from their smartphone.

A healthcare app can also help healthcare service providers cater to emergencies, provide online prescriptions, and manage their daily appointments easily. The cherry-on-top is that a healthcare solution can also help individuals monitor their daily lifestyle activities to lead a healthier lifestyle.

As we mentioned earlier, our healthcare solution is available at a pocket-friendly price. However, since each healthcare business wants to achieve different goals with their healthcare solution, the cost to launch our healthcare solution differs for every client. The only way to define an estimated cost of a healthcare solution is to understand the individual business goals. Based on what features and customization you want to integrate, we can devise a custom quote and share it with you immediately.

Yes, our on-demand healthcare solution is 100% secure with HIPAA compliance. We’ve built our product in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines, which means you can stay assured that the patients’ records are completely secure and no unauthorized user can access them.

As a professional healthcare mobile app development company, we understand that security is one of the major concerns for a healthcare app. To overcome this hurdle, our developers have followed a security-first approach to ensure that your healthcare app provides a completely secure environment to doctors and patients.

We have also implemented Dynamic Application Security Testing (DSAT) and Static application security testing (SAST) testing methodologies to evaluate different security loopholes and utilize the right security mechanisms to overcome them.

The answer is No! You don’t need any development knowledge to integrate new features into your healthcare solutions. You can outsource the process to a skilled healthcare application development team and they’ll take care of the entire API integration. Meanwhile, you can focus on providing medical services to patients and keeping them healthy.

Since the market has an equal portion of Android and iOS users, our healthcare app development solution is compatible with both platforms. We have used Flutter, a cross-platform app development framework, to build both Android and iOS versions of the app to ensure that your healthcare solution delivers a remarkable user experience across both platforms.

Once the healthcare application development process ends, you’ll gain complete ownership of its source code as well. You can then manipulate the code or add new APIs to customize the app’s functionality accordingly.