45 Best Mobile App Ideas For Startups

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Today startups are making quite a buzz in the market. As long as you have the right idea and a couple of marketing tactics up your sleeve, it’ll be extremely easy for you to enter the mobile app industry and make millions through your mobile app.

However, the most crucial aspect of starting any startup is the idea itself. Finding an app idea is not a cakewalk and it certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

If you look at the current market scenario, having the “uniqueness factor” is quite important for every mobile application. If the app ideas is unique and provides value to the customers, it is likely to become a huge success.

However, if you think you can copy someone else’s application idea and tweak it a little bit, you’re certainly wrong. So, in this blog post, we have decided to compile a list of mobile app ideas for startups that are worth the time and effort.

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1. Tax Application

One of the biggest challenges for every person in this world is to calculate his taxes at the end of every year.

Calculating taxes is something that every person hates, mainly because it is time-consuming and highly critical. One small blunder can lead to the loss of thousands of dollars.

So, providing users with a mobile app ideas that automatically calculate the taxes, based on their annual income, and saves them from all the hassle can easily become a success in the market.

2. Restaurant Reservation App

Finding a nearby restaurant, which has fine dining and the perfect ambiance, is not easy, especially if the holiday season is around the corner.

A restaurant reservation app ideas will allow customers to find all the nearby restaurants, check the reviews, and book the perfect place to enjoy the perfect meal.

You can also make your restaurant app startups better by allowing customers to compare different restaurants with each other to choose the most suitable one.  

3. Food Delivery App

Speaking of restaurants, many people want to enjoy food from their favorite restaurants in their homes itself.

Allow such people to order food online by clicking a couple of buttons on their phones.

Add features such as online payment, restaurant comparison, customer reviews, and free deliveries to make your food delivery app stand out in the market.

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4. Health Care App

Everyone needs to visit a doctor every once in a while. However, not everyone has the time to call the doctor and book an appointment.

So, let the customers engage in their daily tasks while the health care application automatically sends a message to the doctor for an appointment and notifies the user with a confirmation message.

Users can set a specific date and time on which they want to send the message and the healthcare app startups will automatically book an appointment on the user’s behalf.

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5. Delivery App

Online sales are becoming a trend in this new tech-savvy era. All these online sellers, however, rely on third-party delivery providers to deliver the package to the right customer.

Targeting these online sellers and providing them with feature-rich delivery app ideas has the potential to establish a strong customer base for your startup business.

Feel free to add features like live tracking, return/replacement of shipment, freight transport, etc.

6. Send Gift App

There are times when people forget the birthdays and anniversaries of their close ones, and we all know that nothing’s more embarrassing than facing them without a gift.

Save these people from embarrassment by letting them buy a gift for their loved ones and deliver it to their doorstep.

Register all the local gift shops in your database and let the customers pick the most suitable gift for the occasion.

7. Dating App

Gone are the days when people used to find their dates through common friends. Online dating is becoming a trend these days.

That’s the reason why a dating app is one of the best app ideas for a startup. Give customers the freedom to find nearby people, who are single too and are looking to go out on a date.

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We all know, Tinder was a huge success and the same could happen for your mobile application.

8. Tour and Travel

The tourism industry is taking big leaps these days. People are getting out of their comfort zone and exploring other countries during their vacations.

For such people, the biggest challenge is to find a reliable and safe place to stay during their visit to an unknown land.

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This is when your Tourism and Travel application will come into the picture. Lets customers find & book hotels, prior to leaving their own country, and enjoy a safe stay.    

9. Cooking App 

There are people who keep a passion for cooking and always try new recipes. The cooking app startups will allow these people to take a look at the recipes from renowned chefs, across the globe.

Provide customers with the list of ingredients required for the recipe, along with a detailed process to prepare the particular cuisine.

A cooking app is extremely profitable too. All you have to do is integrate the right app revenue model and make money through the cooking app.

10. Interior Designer (With AR)

The interior designing app ideas will allow the user to check out the best interior design options for their room.

The app will display a plethora of design options as per the user specifications and the state of the room.

Integrating augmented reality into the app will take it one step further toward providing a better user experience.

Let the users check how a particular design will look in their room through Augmented Reality.

11. Security Control

Many people install security devices, such as CCTV cameras, anti-theft alarms, and security locks, in their homes and office premises. Allow these people to control all these devices through a Security Control app only.

This way users can keep a check on the status of the entire security system and ensure everything is safe.

Since you’re providing users with such a valuable app, you can also put a price tag on it to earn better business revenues.

12. Text Scanner

In many situations, people want to copy the text, written on paper, and save it for future reference.

The text scanner application will scan the entire page to identify the content and save a copy of it on the customer’s smartphone.

Though this is not one of the revolutionary mobile app ideas, it still serves a huge purpose to the users and that’s why it’s likely to attract many customers.   

13. Police Scanner

Criminal activities are increasing rapidly. One of the ways to keep customers safe from all these criminals is to alert them whenever a criminal is nearby.

The police scanner app ideas will keep a record of all the Wanted criminals and whenever any one of them is nearby, the app will send an alert message to the user and the Police as well.

14. Cloud Presentation

Every time a business meeting happens, one person is stuck making the entire presentation.

So, let’s move away from the traditional method of making a presentation and let’s bring in innovation to make the entire process more fun.

The cloud presentation will allow the entire team to design the PPT at the same time.

This way every team member will be involved in the process, resulting in better output and productivity.

15. Car Park

It is hard to find a parking spot sometimes, especially during the weekends and holiday season. So, the car park app ideas will help the user with all the nearby vacant parking areas with their dedicated parking charges.

16. Writer’s Hour 

This is probably the simplest, yet extremely useful, mobile app idea on our list.

A writer can use the application to block every function of the smartphone to go into the isolated phase and scribble down the best content.

Though the app is tailored for writers only, anyone who needs to concentrate for a certain amount of time can use it.

17. Musician Hangouts

Musicians, especially those who are starting out in their professional careers, can use the Musician Hangouts to connect with other musicians, guitarists, drummers, etc., in their genre and create a band of their own.

In case a musician prefers going solo, he/she can use it to find local gigs and gain popularity.

This app startup ideas can be extremely beneficial for people who have just started their careers and are looking for exposure.

18. Social Hub

People who always stay active on all of their social media profiles usually find it quite strenuous to switch between the apps.

So, Social Hub seems like the perfect mobile app ideas for a startup as it will save such people from all the trouble.

Using Social Hub, users will easily switch between different social media profiles including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

19. Music Buddies

These mobile app ideas will specifically be tailored to music lovers. However, it is not going to be a regular mp3 player.

Rather the user will be able to share the songs that he/she likes the most with people in his/her contact list.

Users could even create an entire playlist and dedicate it to a specific person if they want.

20. Selfie War

There’s no denying the fact that people are going crazy over selfies. So, why not organize a selfie war?

This startup app will collect data from users’ social media profiles and allow them to enter into a selfie war. Two people will go against each other and the one having the better selfie will be declared the winner.

He/she will then unlock further filters and stickers for clicking better selfies. This is one of the best app ideas to convert a regular camera app into an engaging application.

21. All-in-One Help

How perfect would it be if the user could call to find nearby doctors, electricians, plumbers, and mechanics, through one app only?

The all-in-one help application would provide the users with contact details of nearby help.

Since this app ideas is solving a huge issue, the majority of the users are likely to download it and that’s the reason why all-in-one help is one of the best mobile app ideas for startups.

22. Disaster Alert

Whenever a person will visit a new place, he can check the weather condition of the destination, prior to leaving his hometown. The user can add his vacation plans to the app, and the app will alert him if there is any natural disaster warning in the region.

23. Invite Everyone

One of the biggest challenges for people, while throwing a party, is to send invitations to each friend individually.

However, with the Invite Everyone mobile app, a person can send invites to their friends by drafting and sending one common message.

The receiver, on the other end, will receive the invitation in their message inbox as a regular text message. It means that it is not necessary for the receiver to download the app too.

24. Run Business

More often entrepreneurs face critical situations where they need guidance from an experienced person.

The Run Business app ideas will have all the essential tips, shared by business owners across the world, to help such young entrepreneurs run their startups without facing any issues at all.

25. Earn by Sharing

The Earn by Sharing app will allow users to earn reward points and money by sharing certain content with their friends.

Users can share the content through their social media profiles and after completing a certain benchmark, they will be rewarded accordingly.

26. Find Public Transport

While traveling to a new city or a different country, people find it quite difficult to find cheap and reliable transport options.

Ubers and Taxis sometimes are too expensive to afford. The “Find Public Transport” app will help the users check the public transport schedule of the area so that they can save money from their travel fund.

This app is highly beneficial, especially for people who travel on a tight budget.

27. Sync Cameras

Photographers find it quite strenuous to load data into one system from various cameras. The task is so hectic that so many times they end up losing their significant shots and clips.

So, the camera sync app will download the data from the user’s different camera devices and store it in the smartphone itself.

28. e-Receipt

The world is struggling with pollution these days and one of the biggest solutions to overcome this situation is to save paper and thereby save trees.

The e-Receipt app will allow shopkeepers and other retailers to send the receipt directly to the customer’s email.

This will reduce paper use and will lead to a safer and greener environment.

29. Find the Song

So often we listen to a new song, which is perfect but can’t figure out its title. The mobile app ideas will automatically identify the title//artist of the song and will provide links to websites where the user can download the song.           

30. Wishlist

Thi app ideas will help users achieve their goals. A user can add his wishlist to the app, and it will display a list of people who had similar life goals and managed to achieve them.

The user will be able to read the life story of such people and inspire by their events to work hard towards fulfilling their own dreams.  

31. Alien Hub

Everyone loves reading about aliens and other extraterrestrial activities.

So, the alien hub app will contain information on all the extraterrestrial events, that happened in the past and experienced by people.

A simple yet engaging mobile app that can also be used to boost overall revenue by adding premium content.

32. Find a Tutor

Finding a tutor is not an easy task. So, the app will connect students with tutors in their locality and find the most suitable tutor that meets student requirements. Tutors can also sign up on the app to reach students who are looking for teachers.

33. Virtual Cards

Remember the good old days when friends and family used to get together to play card games like poker and blackjack?

Well, the same can be done with the virtual cards app, even if the users are living far away from their loved ones.

The app will allow users to play their favorite card games anytime they want. All they would need is a working internet connection.

34. Buy Safe

It is pretty often that people struggle to differentiate between original products and their copies.

The Buy Safe mobile app will allow customers to check whether a certain product is authentic or not by scanning the QR/bar code.

This way customers will always buy authentic products,

35. Life Hacks

Sometimes we need a couple of simple hacks to get out of daily life situations like changing a tire, repairing wiring, unclogging a sink, etc. The app will provide users with a list of similar life hacks to make their life easier.

36. Tourist Hub

Another tourist hub where people could connect with other tourists. Basically, everyone would pinpoint the locations, they have been to and anyone who’s going there for the first time can contact other tourists to take the tips to have a safe and enjoyable journey.

37. Launcher

Giving users the opportunity to customize their smartphone’s UI with feature-rich launchers is one of the best app ideas to earn revenue and engage more customers. Let the users change their smartphone’s appearance with 3d-themes and attractive icons.

38. Retrieve Data

If you know how data is stored in memory, you’ll know that nothing ever deletes from a smartphone.

It’s just that the memory address, where the file was stored, vanishes from the memory. So, if you can retrieve the address, you can also retrieve the actual data.

So, provide an app that helps customers retrieve deleted data from their smartphones.

39. Food in Seconds

The app will allow customers to order their food before reaching the restaurant. This will allow them to enjoy their meal as soon as they reach the restaurant. It will save time for both the chef and the customer.

40. Researcher’s Hub

So often renowned researchers experience situations where they need to find resources for their research work. The researcher’s hub will allow such researchers to connect with aspiring candidates who are ready to join the research work.

41. Rental Property

The app will allow users to find rental properties by adding their requirements. A person moving to a new city can use this app to find reliable rental apartments as per his preferences.

42. Event Planner

The Event Planner app will be used to connect with nearby event planners. Users can add the details of their events and requirements like budget, event time and date, etc. to hire the person who meets their requirements the best.  

43. Split the Bill

Every time you go out with friends on vacations, it is difficult to split the bills, and more often a person ends up paying more than others. So, the Split the Bill app will allow users to calculate the share of each person in the group, and this way everyone will pay equally.

44. Rent Furniture

Buying new furniture in case of an emergency like friends coming to visit you or you are organizing a party at home will be costly. Through this app, people can rent furniture for a certain period of time.

45. Doctor on Wheels

The app ideas will allow the users to find a nearby ambulance that already has a doctor on board. The user will book the ambulance and it will come to his place to treat the patient at the spot itself.


These are some of the mobile app ideas which have the potential to attract an audience and become a success in the market.

If you have an idea of your own, feel free to give us a call to discuss whether it can help you establish a brand name in the market or not.

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