Uber Air-The Next Level of On-Demand Cab Service

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Uber is probably one of the best business models out in the market. People can book a cab anytime they want by clicking a couple of buttons, which makes it extremely convenient and valuable for the end users. Over the years, the company has customized the app in many ways to make the app more appealing and feature-rich. From real-time navigation to making free call to driver, the Uber app has witnessed substantial changes in the past couple of years. However, this time the company has taken it to the next level. If you have been paying attention to the news lately, you might know that Uber launched an on-demand air service program, known as Uber-Air. Like a regular cab, the user would be able to book an on-demand helicopter. Yes, that’s right, a helicopter. While as surprising as it may sound, the company has already planned the first testing of the aircraft somewhere by the end of 2020. Considering the hype that Uber-Air has made among people, it is most likely to become the top service in the market. The all new Uber-Air app allows you to book a helicopter and reach your destination within the blink of an eye. Though the helicopter service is only going to be used for short rides, mainly within one city. However, with Uber air, one would be able to cover a distance of 25 kms within 10 minutes. This makes the service extremely convenient, especially for people who are always late for their meetings due to traffic or some roadblock. It is also worth mentioning that this is an opportunity for investors to build similar apps which can provide such fascinating services to the customers. All they have to do is hire a mobile app development company in India and turn their app idea into a fully functional mobile. To do so, however, one needs to understand how Uber-Air actually works and why it’s going to transform the future of on-demand cab service. So, let’s take a look at the working of Uber-Air.

How Will Uber Air Work?

Like the Uber cab, one would be able to book the aircraft through the app itself. However, to get to the aircraft, the person would have to reach the dedicated Uber Skyport (a dedicated station where every aircraft would land). Once the user has reached the Skyport, he could get into his aircraft, along with other passengers, and fly to another Skyport which is near to his destination. It is expected that Uber air will reduce the passenger’s commute time by 30-40 minutes, helping him to reach the destination in comparatively shorter time.

Will UberAir Prove to Be More Efficient than Regular Cab Service?

Without any second thoughts, Uber Air is going to be more efficient as well as convenient for the consumers. In fact, it would save both customer’s time and money by making him reach his destination in a comparatively short time period at an affordable price. Though the cost of the trip has not been finalized yet, it is expected that it would be cost-effective. The customers will no longer have to get stuck in traffic and get late for important meetings. As far as the convenience and comfort is considered, Uber Air is going to be way ahead of regular on-demand cab service. In fact, many customers are eagerly waiting for the launch of Uber-Air.

When Will Uber Air be Launched?

To make UberAir work, the company has decided to tie up with government business organizations such as NASA. The aircraft design is yet to be finalized, but several blueprints have already been designed. The company has already decided the test flight for Uber Air, which will happen in 2020, Texas, United States. If everything goes according to the plan, the first commercial flight will take place in 2023.

What are the Challenges Expected in the Development of Uber Air?

Though Uber Air is a spectacular idea for a mobile app, there are several challenges which are likely to restrict the company from successfully executing the plan. The first and foremost challenge is the design of the aircraft itself. As we mentioned earlier, the aircraft has not been finalized yet. There isn’t any report on the design or the size of the aircraft, which is a huge challenge, considering the company has already finalized the date for test flight. Moreover, the biggest challenge that may become a barrier to the development of Uber Air is building the actual sky sports for take-off and landing purposes. To make Uber-Air a successful business model, the company would need to build skyports in all the major locations so that the passengers could immediately reach their destination after landing at a skyport. Although there are certain challenges, Uber is doing everything to overcome them. It means that if everything goes according to the plan, you are most likely to commute to work in a helicopter, which definitely will be the coolest and most efficient method to reach work.

Wrapping Things Up

On-demand businesses have always been at the forefront of providing consumers with engaging user-experience, and Uber has played a major role in bringing revolution to the world of on-demand startups. From on-demand cab service to food delivery, Uber has already launched many successful projects. Uber Air is expected to maintain the legacy of Uber’s on-demand projects through its exceptional services. The truth is on-demand startups are creating a buzz in the market these days. So, if you have an idea for an on-demand mobile app, hire a team of professional mobile app developers and turn it into a fully functional mobile app.

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