How to Develop Uber-for-Flowers – An On-Demand Flower Delivery App

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Ever since Uber’s on-demand cab service became a huge success, business owners, across the globe, started investing in various ‘Uber for X’ ventures. While there can be several potential ‘Uber for X’ app models, the one that stands out among all is Uber for Flowers. Such an app has a huge potential in the market as it will allow people to order on-demand flowers within a single click. Not only they can order flowers at their place, but the app will also allow them to add ‘guest address’ to have the flowers delivered to someone else’s doorstep. The reason why Uber for Flowers is one of the finest startup ideas is that it provides exceptional value and ease of access to the customers. Since people will no longer have to leave their couch and go out to buy flowers. They can simply book the right type of flowers, make the payment, and get the flowers delivered at their doorstep. Experts even believe that Uber for Flowers is going to be an exceptional ‘Uber for X model’ that is likely to attract thousands of potential customers. If you have been looking for a successful business model, ‘Uber for Flowers’ is the right answer. All you need to do is hire a mobile app development company India and allow the professional developers to build an on-demand flower delivery app. To make it easier, we have scribbled down an entire process on how to develop an Uber-for-Flowers app. However, before starting with the process, let’s discuss the features of an on-demand flower delivery app. So, without wasting another second, let’s jump into the list of features.

Features of an On-Demand Flower Delivery App

An on-demand flower delivery app needs to have two different types of accounts.

  1. User Account
  2. Retailer Account

Like any on-demand service application, an on-demand flower delivery app will allow both users and retailers to login to dedicated accounts and have access to separate features. While retailers will be able to add new products, users can book flowers. It means that developing such an app will require the Indian app developers to develop two different apps, one for the users and the other one for the retailers.


Every user will have to log into his account using the right credentials to access the features Here are some of the essential features that must be included in an on-demand flower delivery app or Uber-for-Flowers for users. of the app. The users can either log in with their existing credentials or click on the ‘Forgot Password’ button if they have forgotten their login details. In this scenario, they’ll have to go through a dedicated verification process and set up a new password for their account. New users, on the other hand, will have to create a new account using e-mail, phone number, or through their social media profiles.


Since the user can book flowers in any corner of the country, it is important that the app has a location feature. The user can either set the location manually or let the app pick it automatically.

Custom Order

Apart from choosing the flowers for listed options, the users will be able to design a custom bouquet of flowers as per their preferences. The app will have a dedicated custom design feature using which users can choose different flowers, bouquet designs, and additional accessories.

Add to Cart

Once the user has decided the right flowers, he’ll be able to move to the checkout phase by adding the flowers to the cart. The add to cart button will be placed at the bottom of every product page.


The next and probably the most crucial feature is Payment. After adding the flowers to the cart, users can move towards making the payment. To do this, the developers will need to integrate secured payment gateways via which users can make payment through different modes (Credit Card/Debit Card/ Netbanking, etc).

Map View/Track Order

Once the payment is completed and the order is accepted by the retailer, the user will be able to check the live status of the order. To do this, the developers will need to integrate dedicated Map APIs so that the live location of the driver can be tracked by the customer. That concludes the list of features that should be included in the user’s app. Now, let’s talk about the features that must be integrated into the app for retailers.

Features of Uber-for-Flowers for Retailer’s App


Like the users, the retailers will have to log in as well. New retailers can add the required information and set credentials to create a new account.

Add/Manage Products

Retailers will be able to add new products, modify existing products, and choose the right categories as well. In case, any product is out of stock, the retailers can also replace them with new ones or permanently delete them.

Confirm Orders

As soon as a user places an order, the retailer will have the option either to confirm or decline the order. In case, the order is declined by the retailer, a refund will be made to the user’s bank account.

Send Invoice

Once the order is confirmed and out for delivery, an invoice will automatically be generated and sent on the user’s e-mail id for future verifications. These are all the features that must be included in an on-demand flower delivery app. Now, let’s move towards the process of developing such an app.

How to Develop an On-Demand Flower Delivery App

Since developing an on-demand flower delivery app is likely to get critical, it is better if you hire professional Indian app developers and let them turn your app idea into a fully-functional app. Here are the steps that’ll help you develop an on-demand flower delivery app.

Market Analysis

The first step is to run a market analysis and gather as much information as you can to decide the essential features you’ll need to integrate into your mobile application. Since there aren’t major potential competitors, you need to integrate the best features to set a high benchmark for your app.


The next phase is to design the UI of the app. It is essential that the app offers an exceptional browsing experience to the customers while offering easy navigation at the same time.


As soon as the design is ready, the development team should jump in and provide the required functionality to the app. In this phase, the development team uses dedicated APIs to connect different modules of the app and make them navigable.


Every app has bugs. That’s why every app development team has a dedicated group of testers who perform different tests on the app. The testing team needs to find and remove any potential bugs so that it delivers a flawless experience to the users.

Final Deployment

The last step is to launch the app into the market. However, it is important that a dedicated quality assurance team should constantly review the app and examine customer feedback to make the required iterations to the app.


On-demand mobile applications have become a trend in this tech-savvy era. They offer ease of access and advanced functionality to the customers. That’s why business owners always look forward to investing in such business ventures. An on-demand flower delivery app is likely to become a success due to its advanced features. So, hire an app development company and build an UBER-FOR-Flowers.

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