Why is Unity-3D the preferred tool for Game Development?

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Almost everyone loves to play games on mobile and PC. Gaming is a buzzword of the contemporary era. The gaming industry is booming, all thanks to the avant-garde technology. Today’s youth is passionate about games, as they are one of the best sources of entertainment and make your mind stress-free. With the increasing interest in games, opportunities for game developers have skyrocketed. The Game Development process is quite complicated, and to make it seamless, they often opt for different software. While there are several gaming engines in the market, Unity 3D remains the first preference of the top mobile app development companies. As one of the top game development agencies, even we utilize Unity 3D to develop engaging games as per the client’s gaming idea. It’s no arguing the fact that developers admire Unity 3D, across the globe. In this blog post, we are going to share a detailed insight into the features of Unity and why it’s the preferred choice for game development. So, if you have been planning to develop a mobile game and struggling to choose the right gaming engine, continue reading, the following post will help you understand the benefits of Unity 3D.

What is Unity 3D

First things first; what Unity 3D actually is? Unity 3D is a robust and dynamic cross-platform game engine with a dedicated built-in-IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Unity 3D is developed and maintained by Unity Technologies. What makes it unique is its list of enchanting features. The games are designed with a single code, which can be easily deployed on different platforms. To put it in simple words, Unity 3D is a feature-rich game development tool developed with innovative solutions in mind. Since it offers radical solutions with features of interactive media installation, the majority of developers use it for game development.

Why Unity stands out in the cut-throat competition?

So, let’s understand why Unity-3D stands out among all the other gaming engines and why you should also use it to develop a feature-rich game.

  • Unity amalgamates a wide range of authoring tools for 2D and 3D rendering. It means that it doesn’t matter if you are planning to build a 2D or 3D mobile game, Unity 3D will help you get the job done.
  • The Game Development Engine offers a comprehensive ecosystem for building and deploying games. Unity is a complete package that offers a wide array of tools to develop and launch games. From building the first character to rendering the entire eco-system, Unity will allow developers to execute the entire development process.
  • With Unity, you can develop mobile games that offer a unique and rare gaming experience, thanks to the availability of dozens of built-in tools and features. From object-shadowing to water rendering, Unity 3D has everything you’ll need to make your mobile games as appealing and engaging as possible.
  • In addition to having dozens of features, Unity 3D also offers ease of use. Even if you new to the game development world, you can utilize Unity 3D to build engaging games as the entire ecosystem of Unity 3D is user-friendly.
  • Unity 3D is also open-source. Today there’s hardly any game development engine that offers an open-source package. It means that you can easily build feature-rich games for different platforms without paying anything. Even though the free version of Unity-3D has limited features, they’re more than enough to help you sail in the right direction.

Unity 3D- The First Preference of Game Developers

Unity 3D has already been used by the majority of game developers across the globe. The user-friendly interface and extensive range of features make it the preferred choice of developers. We, being one of the top mobile app development companies, also rely on Unity 3D to turn client’s gaming idea into an addictive game. So, here is a list of features that make Unity-3D the first preference of game developers.

  • Smooth features and flexibility make it the top-most choice for many developers who want to work autonomously.
  • Boon for the ones who want to develop interactive games. With Unity 3D, you can create your own characters from scratch and turn a regular game into an addictive one.
  • Expeditious prototyping ability and access to free license.
  • Comprehensive coding skills are not necessary as only 20% of the game development process is about coding. The entire game with unity is about drag-and-drop. As long as you know what you want in your game, you can easily develop a game using Unity 3D.
  • The support system is unique and responsive.
  • Easy to understand installation and step by step procedure.

How to Develop a Mobile Game With Unity 3D?

So, how you can use Unity 3D to develop mobile games? Well, if you have an in-house team of game developers, you are already good to go. These developers are most likely to have expertise in developing mobile games with Unity 3D. However, if you just have the idea for a game and are looking to hire the best game development company, we can help. RV Technologies has already helped several clients develop feature-rich mobile games. It doesn’t matter if you want to develop an adventure arcade or a regular puzzle game; our developers have the required expertise to turn your idea into an engaging mobile game that’ll captivate the target audience.

Final Words

The fan following of Unity3D is growing at a fast pace. It provides an unparalleled experience to the developers, thus making it the most sought-after tool by the top-notch companies for researches, simulations, and deployment of addictive games. It is a perfect hybrid of power and versatility comprising the enchanting features like visual editor and animation system. Many popular games like Temple Run are developed using this specific tool, and you already know their statistics. So, if you are also looking to develop a mobile game with wide range of features and addictive game play, Unity 3D is your go-to solution.

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