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Asking you if you’ve heard of mobile games would not be a great question.

As people nowadays spend most of their time on their smartphones exploring various new things and features added by utilizing advanced technology.

Right from the simple and easiest Snake game available in earlier Nokia mobile phones to the latest high-tech complex games mobile game development companies have seen exponential growth.

Gone are the days of traditional TV and video games. Nowadays smartphones are evolved and are capable of running complex strategic-themed mobile games.

They can mesmerize the youth and steal their attention all day. Several teenagers and adults are now addicted to mobile games due to the graphics, UI, storyline, and several other aspects.

Not all games are made for fun but some games help in the cognitive development of adolescents.

These games help teenagers think creatively, logically, analytically, and with more concentration to solve puzzles or stages.

In addition to psychological growth, online playing mode of games help people bond with friends and family and have a great time together.

Did you know that in 2021, the global gaming market is valued at 173.70 billion dollars, and by 2027 it is expected to reach the value of 314.40 billion dollars.

Many companies across the globe have understood the importance and demand for games and thus started providing mobile game development services.

If you’re also interested in converting your unique idea into a real game, you’d need a highly professional and talented game developers.

Hiring the best mobile game development companies is difficult and it is crucial to work with the right partner to get accurate value for your money and time.

To save you precious time in finding the top game development companies in the USA, we have researched, compiled, and mentioned the list down there.

Before revealing the names of the gaming companies, let’s first have a look at the outstanding statistics that will motivate you to proceed further and invest in mobile game development.

Game Development Market Size & Stats

The survey conducted by to know the responses of adults on ‘Which device do they use regularly to play games,? had revealed that smartphone rules the gaming world.

Asia is the top area across the world generating a major revenue in the mobile industry. The mobile gaming content market in 2020 was worth $121.1 billion.

The same data reflects that this is expected to reach $168.7 billion in 2025.

Other interesting facts by show that nearly 72% of active mobile gamers in 2020 were aged between 23 and 38, and 68% of gamers were aged between 39 to 50 across the world.

More interesting facts about the mobile gaming industry are:

1. The mobile game named PUBG had the highest revenue of $226 million in May 2020.

2. Garena Free Fire was the most downloaded mobile game with 24 million installs in January 2022.

3. Card and Casino games have the Longest average time per session of 25- 35 minutes.

4. 90% of people aged between 23 to 38 prefer smartphones for playing games over personal computers.

5. More than 30 percent of mobile gamers worldwide play games daily.

6. In 2020, approximately 63% of mobile gamers are women around the globe.

7. In 2020, in the USA, around 38% of mobile gamers were aged between 18 to 34 years.

List Of The Top Game Development Companies USA

The list mentioned below comprises top mobile game development companies that have proven their capabilities.

The previous clients that worked with them had appreciated their work and talent based on which we have added them to the top 10 list.

So, let’s look at their capabilities and expertise.

1. RV Technologies


Founded in | 2007

Employees | 150+ employees

Revenue | 5 million USD.

Projects | 5000 Delivered Till Date

Service | Offered in 20+ Countries 

RV Technologies is a leading mobile game development company in the USA that was founded in 2007.

The company has already delivered more than 5000 projects and served 20+ countries.

It is a renowned company and is working with the sole purpose of providing customer satisfaction.

This is also the best mobile game development company with over 150 employees in in-house time working full-time.

To ensure enhanced performance, high efficiency, and on-time results, they develop dynamic business solutions utilizing deep technology.

We help our clients’ businesses grow and to achieve that we maintain honest & transparent relations with them.

They are experts in developing mobile games of different genres and have developed games for various clients across the globe.

The key differentiating factors include their expertise to work with high-end technology.

Service Focus

1. Mobile App Development

2. Web App Development

3. Game Development

4. Console & PC Game Development

5. Android & iOS Game Development

6. Unity 3D Game Development

2. Zco Corporation


Zco Corporation is an industry leader in custom software development and provides high-grade mobile apps and enterprise-level big data solutions.

It was founded in 1989 and has been helping businesses for more than 30 years.

The company differentiates itself from others as they have teams of highly skilled animators, developers, designers, and engineers.

They offer unique Android and iOS app development solutions to both startups as well as Fortune 500 companies.

They utilize efficient and streamlined production methodology to build high-quality software that can fulfill your business’s objectives.

Service Focus

1. Mobile App Development

2. Enterprise Software Development

3. Mobile Games Development

4. Art and Animation Services

5. Augmented Reality Services

6. Virtual Reality Services

3. Visartech Inc.


Visartech Inc. is a reliable tech partner and was established in 2010 in the USA.

They have gained expertise in various domains like tech counseling, IT infrastructure engineering, cloud solutions integration, web, and mobile app development, and product support.

They emphasize mixing art, fun, and technology to build smart cloud solutions.

The company distinguishes itself from competitors based on its core values i.e. trust, passion, innovation, and growth.

The team members are focused on building smart architecture, flexible mobile apps, powerful backends, and next-gen Web3 solutions.

Service Focus

1. Software Engineering

2. Interactive App Development

3. Cloud Solutions & Services

4. Extended Reality Services

5. Video Game Development

4. CMolds


CMolds is among the leading gaming companies in the USA and was founded in 2016.

The company boards professional and creative app design and development personnel that build innovative and client-centric apps.

It is the finest and most recognized app development company in the USA.

They utilize a transparent approach to develop custom build mobile apps for every idea that lands on their platform.

This company offers games with the best user experience, high-rated features, enhanced interfaces, and high-definition graphics.

The key differentiating factor is their passion for mobile app development and innovation.

The company has helped several businesses around the world to establish their presence and enhance it to grow and become a brand.

Service Focus

1. Mobile App Development

2. Mobile Product Strategy

3. Strategic Design & Consultancy

4. Web Portal Development

5. QA & Testing

5. Mobcoder


Mobcoder is the fastest-growing full-stack app development company that was founded in 2014.

The company specializes in transforming digital strategies into business solutions to help its clients utilize the full potential of their services or products.

They have experience working with businesses operating in various industries like healthcare, banking & finance, gaming, fitness & sports, retail & eCommerce, etc.

Their core values i.e. unparalleled excellence, transparency, integrity, continuous innovation, and human-first collaboration are the factors that differentiate them from others in the industry.

They offer personalized support, end-to-end partnership, and absolute transparency.

Service Focus

1. UI/UX Design

2. Custom Web Application Design & Development

3. Cross-Platform App Development

4. Mobile App Development

5. IoT Application Development

6. AL/ML Services

7. AR Game App Development

6. TekRevol LLC


TekRevol LLC is a trustworthy mobile and web app development company founded in 2017.

They help clients with a range of customized mobile apps and digital solutions.

They strive to build the best digital products that facilitate business success.

They utilize a relentless approach to design and develop highly effective and engaging apps and games.

To develop high-grade products they use advanced technologies like Cocos2D, isometric, Cocos2D-x, PhoneGap, etc. to add life to the animations that influence viewers.

They believe in providing 100% customer satisfaction and to achieve this goal they constantly keep themselves updated with technology.

The key point that differentiates them from competitors is that they consider clients as their partners and their success is considered as the company’s success.

Service Focus

1. Android App Development

2. iPhone App Development

3. Website Development

4. Game Development

5. Wearable App Development

7. Utility


Utility is an award-winning mobile and web app development agency that was founded in 2013.

The company specializes in crafting custom and elegant solutions that are built on proven methodologies.

They design and develop digital solutions that are intended to scale.

They have a team of professionals that help clients from all over the world to convert their ideas into digital reality.

The company is led by industry veterans who are experts in different disciplines and work together to offer all-rounded and modern technology solutions.

Their manifesto is the thing that differentiates them from others in the industry and these are trust & transparency, partnership, quality, no drama, and positivity.

They have experience working with startups, medium-scale, as well as large corporations worldwide.

Service Focus

1. iOS App Development

2. Android App Development

3. UX/UI Strategy & Design

4. Mobile Game Development

5. Web Platform Development

8. Innovecs


Innovecs is a global digital transformation company that was founded in 2011.

The company utilizes innovative technologies and incorporates emerging trends to craft digital solutions that help businesses grow.

They work with organizations operating around the world and build enterprise-level solutions for them.

The company helps both mature enterprises and emerging businesses with consultation and development services.

The key differentiating point is the excellence they have recognized in a short time and it is the fastest-growing outsourcing company in the USA.

Service Focus

1. Big Data & Highload

2. Blockchain

3. Cloud Solutions

4. Machine learning and data science

5. Mobile App Development

6. UI/UX Consulting

7. AR/ VR Development



APPSTIRR is an award-winning mobile app development company, founded in 2010, and offers advanced technological solutions to businesses worldwide.

The company develops high-grade digital solutions to take the businesses of its clients to a higher level.

Their solutions are optimized and intended to offer high performance, enhanced productivity, and increased revenue.

The company has skilled and experienced designers and developers in its team which makes the company valuable.

The company aims to leverage its extensive knowledge and deep understanding of industries to create personalized solutions to beat the competition.

They offer their employees and clients a healthy work environment to grow and prosper. Customer satisfaction is the main priority of the company and this thing makes it different from others.

Service Focus

1. Android App Development

2. iOS App Development

3. Mobile App Development

4. App Store Optimization

5. Game App Development

6. Wearable App Development

10. zGames


zGames is one of the best game development companies in the USA and was founded in 2008.

Since its inception, the company has been developing games for different genres.

They have gained specialization in building imaginative, innovative, and fun games for all ages.

They are experts in analyzing the target market and developing games from scratch.

They help businesses provide modern, productive, and influencing games as a Service (GaaS) approach.

The key differentiating factor is their ability to work with high-tech technology and incorporate it into their games.

Service Focus

1. Mobile Game Development

2. Unity Game Development Services

3. Game Design Document Development

4. Educational Game Development

5. Gambling in Video Games

7. Game Art Design Services

Importance of Mobile Gaming Development

The popularity of mobile games is increasing day by day and so does the competition in gaming companies.

Game Companies are incorporating new advanced technologies in game development to enhance the user experience.

Every platform such as Android, iOS, & Web, etc. is updating itself to meet users’ needs.

Several video game companies are now transforming into million-dollar corporations.

Well, you’d be surprised to know that mobile gaming companies are one of the most profitable tech-based industries.

The primary reason behind the success of game companies is that they can attract people of all ages. It is a proven fact that high-quality games have made people play for hours.

Nowadays some users have started making a living by playing professional online game tournaments.

Mobile gaming can increase users’ mental health, decision-making skills, and memory abilities.

Gaming companies are now in high demand and a great way of investing money to get a high ROI.

Mobile games are now also driving branding and business marketing via advertisements and monetization.

Game developers, as well as gamers, are now shifting from consoles to smartphone and PC games.

The shift of game developers is caused because of the cheapness of developing mobile and PC games and they do not require the assistance of any publisher.

Gamers are shifting because it does not require any investment to buy equipment and ease of playing anywhere, anytime.


As the statistics show, the gaming industry is growing rapidly and it is best to invest money in it.

Enterprises are learning and implementing the latest and advanced technologies like AR, VR, XR, etc. to increase the value of their products.

To get a quality mobile game, you need to study the market, demand, and genre.

This will help you create a unique idea and to implement it, you can choose one of the above-mentioned mobile game development companies in the USA and make it a reality.

Before hiring consider the technical skills of developers, the timeline, and the budget that you’re ready to invest in game development.

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