Upcoming Magento Development eCommerce Trends for Online Business in 2020

December 17, 2019

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For the successful running of an eCommerce website, it is important to stay abreast by following the upcoming trends for 2020. You will also agree that how difficult it is to drive sales and compel the buyer to click the Buy button amidst this competition. According to many leading eCommerce businesses, the websites will lack eCommerce growth if they don’t upgrade themselves with the latest trends.  With the advanced Magento eCommerce development India, you will be able to better showcase your products. As you delve into this post, you will get to know about the most effective trends in e-commerce industry. Executing these trends with the help of Magento development services in India will help you scale your online business in the upcoming year. 

Future Ecommerce Trends in 2020


D2C – Direct to Customer

D2C or Direct to Customer can be described by a method where the middleman between the manufacturer and consumer gets excluded. It has a lot of benefits that include – avoiding any piracy on a product, cutting off extra charges from the product, and providing products at cost-effective pricing.  It is quite obvious that people will always prefer those products that cost less. This can only be possible when you run your eCommerce business with D2C model. For those who are offering lower rates for a product have high chances to get  more sales as compared to others. It is without any doubt whatsoever that the upcoming eCommerce development trends is going to be the most emerging factors in 2020 for sure.  So, what can you do is go for Direct to Customer business model and without the involvement of any middleman your customer will get the product directly from the manufacturer at a much lower price than other websites. 

AI & Chatbots

Client interaction is a smart way to know what they need and to sell them the right products. If surveys are to be believed, then the clients usually get in touch with those companies that provide them with the best conversation experience. Furthermore, the chatbots are one of the best solutions to this because they are emerging as a key ingredient in the online store Installing a live chatbot on your website will greet the visitors and will also highlight your brand in front of the clients too. Moreover, a chatbot will be able to handle huge loading to interact with the visitor directly.  

Video Content & Marketing

What can be better than adding videos related to your product on the page. It is evident that videos give a much better overview of any product if compared to text. Moreover, the user gets allured to a video rather than reading a boring text. Moreover, according to some famous digital marketers, video advertisements have a better capability of converting customers into visitors. Whether it is a product description or product marketing, opting for video marketing is necessary.  To accomplish this, you have to add videos about the product you are selling on the product page. And it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include text description, i.e. because for the best eCommerce  outcome, you should have both text and videos about your product. You can also create various eCommerce product videos that also includes running ads on Instagram as well as Facebook for video marketing campaigns.

Conversation with the Customer

The consumer usually prefer to purchase a product after a clear conversation with the salesperson only in the scenario of offline marketing. And if this sort of feature is provided in the online marketing sren, then it will be great. Doing so will build trust among the customers for the product, and this will compel them to purchase the product.  Hopefully in the upcoming years will enhance the work of the salesperson from online markets. In the future it will be counted among the important eCommerce trends to be used in maintaining interaction with potential clients and to drive sales for your online business. Also one of the best tools to enhance customer conversation are the chatbots as you can let the AI interact with them.  Furthermore, you can do is provide a contact number of experts who know your product. You can also advise the buyer about the positives and shortcomings of the particular product too. This is mostly applicable to websites that sell products such as- supplements, car services, tour packages, and many more.

Customized Products

It is always a good to sell those products that your customer needs, but it doesn’t make sense for the customer to search the entire website for just one product. Moreover, the customers will prefer a certain feature in your website where they can customize the products of their liking.  You will also get to know the data about what your customer likes. Also by using this data you will be able to target  them by displaying similar products through online advertisements. You will need the best Magento eCommerce development India company to accomplish this. 

Voice Search Optimization 

WIth the advent of some of the finest tools such as-  Google Assistant, Alexa, Ahrefs, and many more. As for the upcoming eCommerce trends, it is tending towards voice search rather than typing and searching for any product or service. When searching for products on voice search, customers expect the most  relevant results. If your products are well optimized, then the chances of getting leads increases significantly.  Also according to some famous eCommerce experts, the concept of voice search will be an evolving trend in the eCommerce industry. It has a huge potential not only in 2020 but the future altogether. In order to optimize your product or service page, you need to focus on the keywords especially which are long tail and will most probably searched by people.  

Niche Store

Those which doesn’t contain any products of every category, but has everything related to one Yes, that’s true, are known as niche stores. As you can get the exact customer to target specifically, a niche store is way better than the traditional all in one. As for the customers, they will assume that your webpage is the best place to purchase the products they require.  If we talk about the SEO perspective, it will be much easier to optimize a niche store. In addition to that, you can also search for the required category of the product in order to sell everything inside that niche. As for the best  SEO factor, you can also write a blog related to that niche.

Web Payments

It is quite simple that no one likes to fill same payments each & every time they purchase the product. The method of web payment allows the user to fill in the payment form only once while purchasing the product. After doing so, their payment details will be saved and the next time the user proceeds to buy a product, he/she doesn’t have to fill up the same payment details again.  Nowadays, users are in constant look for those websites that can give them an easy experience while buying and purchasing. A website having the most  trending eCommerce features makes the user experience and will definitely get a bunch of loyal users.  What you can do is add plugins on your webpage and the payment details of the customers will be saved. And the next time they purchase products, the website can detect their saved payment details and complete the purchase. 

Try and Buy Feature

The most important benefit of this feature is that it allows the customer to get a product experience before the purchase. Infact, most of the eCommerce websites nowadays have realized this upcoming trend because it helps to maintain a good relationship with the customer and eventually boost more sales in the upcoming year.  Therefore, it is important to follow this trend so as to get more growth in your sales. Moreover, you can also provide this feature as a free option, but the main thing is to provide such a trending feature.

Micro Markets

It is true that the customer will only visit directly to your website, if it is an established brand. If this is not so, then serious efforts have to be made to reach potential customers. In these scenarios, micro markets are the best place to be in where you can reach the right customers for your business. Micro markets are the places that operate outside your eCommerce website, where customers can easily purchase your product.  Being an emerging trend, it has already gained momentum with popular businesses listing their products in social media platforms and Google SERP too. So how can you gain ground in micro markets?  You can do so by properly listing your products on popular social media marketplaces and promote them by running ads. Moreover, you can also list the products in Google.  If you have been planning to build an e-commerce website, hire the best Magento e-Commerce website development company and let them develop an online store for your business. There are many advantages of Magento for eCommerce development services, but the thing is you have to choose the best ones to stay abreast with the trends.  The Bottom Line Everyone wants to run a successful and profitable eCommerce business website. And to do so effectively, following the latest ecommerce trends of 2020 is of utmost importance. As the years progress, traditionally used technologies become outdated, therefore adopting the future eCommerce trends to run a trending online business is beneficial in the long run. 

About the Author Ranjit Singh is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at RV Technologies. In the past 10+ years, he has focused on helping clients to expand their business through the best digital solutions. Leading a team of 100+ employees, he knows how to implement the best market practices to transform a client’s business growth and help him achieve dedicated goals.

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