Top 10 Ride Sharing Apps Competing With Uber and Lyft in 2023

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We have learned since our childhood not to talk and go with strangers but today, travelling with strangers is a very beneficial business model.

As per research, the rideshare apps business is expected to reach $218 billion by 2025.

The automobile industry has grown a lot in the past few years. Technology has changed the perception of people a lot, and the same thing applies to rideshare and carpooling services.

As technology is growing fast, techies have found a solution to meet the challenges faced by commuters.

This rideshare apps not only meets their issues of expensive taxi rides and rude drivers but also provides them with a rideshare facility that is quick and comfortable.

If you are also a startup or planning to start a rideshare company, it might seem impossible to compete with the biggies in this field.

Still, you can achieve this by tailoring the features and focusing on the specific market.

By the time Uber and Lyft have taken over the ridesharing market and have become the first choice of commuters.

According to a report, in 2018, the user’s penetration was 9.6% and is expected to reach 14% in 2022.

This is a massive opportunity for others planning to get into this business.

You can outsource mobile app development company for your rideshare apps and make the best feature-rich ride share app that your passengers would love.

There are many rideshare app development companies, and you can reach any one of them to get your rideshare app development done.

These companies have expert techies who can create the best rideshare app like uber for you.

Learn about the major competitors of leaders in ride sharing companies, such as Uber and Lyft, and know what features they offer.

Top 10 Ridesharing Apps like Uber and Lyft in 2023

1. Ola

ola ride sharing app

Ola is one of the most preferred online rideshare companies in India.

It provides ridesharing services.

Ola competes with a number of top rideshare apps like Uber.

Ola does not only facilitate transportation comfort to its riders but the free WiFi as well, which makes the riders pick their services over any other online ride share apps.

A vast network of more than 4.50k vehicles all across India makes Ola more competitive with other rideshare companies.

Not only the bikes and cars, but Ola facilitates its riders with some different rides through Auto-rickshaw.

As we all know, the ridesharing business is one of the fastest-growing businesses in India.

Ola, in the last few months, has invested more than $1 billion to complete its rival company Uber.

Download Ola rideshare app

Features for Drivers:

  • Daily payment
  • 24/7 support
  • Drivers can lease a car

Features for Riders:

  • Multiple options for travellers
  • Entertainment options
  • Roadside assistance and comprehensive insurance

2. Gett

gett ride share app

Formerly called GetTaxi,

Gett is an Israel-based ride sharing apps that allows passengers to share rides with their co-passengers.

Its services are available in around 100 cities all over the globe, including Israel and the UK.

In some states, users can book a ride share on Gett with a partnership with Lyft.

In some states abroad, customers can book both traditional cabs and Limousine services.

The best part about Gett is the pricing. It is the cheapest ride services provider in israel.

They never charge extra during busy hours, heavy rainfall, or festivals and pay competitive wages to drivers on an hourly basis.

Download GetTaxi App 

Features for Drivers:

  • Fixed hourly wage
  • No contracts
  • Secure card payments
  • Earn more by referring more friends

Features for Riders:

  • No extra charges during peak hours
  • Option to select a vehicle
  • Quality assurance

3. Curb

curb rideshare app

Earlier known as TaxiMagic, Curb is another rideshare apps that allows you to book your cab and make payments using your phone.

Curb might not be as known as Lyft or Uber, but with the growth, they are making, it will become their strong contender.

Curb has expanded its ride services with over 50,000 hire cars and taxis.

The interface of the curb app is very similar to Uber.

You only need to set your location and book a ride.

The only difference from Uber is that Curb allows you to schedule the pickups by paying a tiny amount of $2.

The Curb app allows its passengers to track their location and ride while using the app.

It also offers a brilliant feature called ‘Pair and Pays, allowing passengers to pay through phone once they get the matching code with a driver.

Download Curb App 

Features for Drivers:

  • Track performance using an app
  • Know the rides and earnings through an app
  • All information, such as how-to videos and equipment manuals available on the app

Features for Riders:

  • Professional and insured drivers
  • Secured and safety features
  • Individual referral code
  • Instant support available 24/7

4. Cabify

cabify ride sharing app

Cabify is a Spanish-based ride sharing company that provides services in over 90 cities.

The app offers the best quality services to its passengers, and passengers can control their choices about their trip using the Cabify rideshare app.

Cabify offers services for both businesses as well as individuals.

It implies that Cabify offers both taxi services and local taxi cabs.

The charges of rideshare app Cabify depend upon the kilometres ridden.

The best part is that Cabify considers all the available routes and suggests the one that is the shortest.

It means it saves both money and time for the passenger.

Download Cabify App

Features for Drivers:

  • App showing places with high demand
  • Identified passengers making trips safe for drivers
  • Best support from the client support team

Features for Riders:

  • Safe rides with ride tracking facility
  • Professional and skilled drivers
  • High-quality riding experience with modern vehicles
  • Charges are clear and transparent

5. Via

via ride share app

Via is another rideshare apps competing with Uber and Lyft and serves 20 countries.

They are affordable and fast, making them the best choice in the countries they are operating in.

Via uses its patent “logistics engine” that helps the drivers fill the seats as quickly as possible.

This rideshare app works by looking for the people heading towards the popular places and dropping the passengers on the way.

The routes are mostly static, so passengers may have to walk a few blocks to reach the pickup point.

If a static route is fine with you, Via makes a great alternative to Uber.

Also, if you often ride with some passengers, the app will make it easy to find a matching ride for you.

Features for Drivers:

  • Flexible work hours
  • Car renting options are available
  • The initial bonus of $400

Features for Riders:

  • Quick and pocket-friendly
  • Real-time customer support
  • Pickups covering every location

6. BlaBla Car

blabla car ride app

BlaBla is a Europe-based transportation service that provides a carpooling technique to minimise traffic concerns around towns and cities.

It is a long-distance car ride services provider offering services in more than 20 countries.

Serving for more than 10 years, it has become one of the big competitors of Uber and Lyft.

In addition to commercial drivers, anyone having a car can list their vehicle on BlaBla Car and offer ride sharing services to the passengers going through the same route.

People travelling on the same route can share rides and contribute towards saving the environment from air pollution.

The BlaBla Car ride app has a smart spin that makes it accessible and fun for passengers.

Download BlaBla car ride app

Features for Drivers:

  • Quick to post a trip
  • Have control to choose the passengers
  • A fun rating scale lets the drivers rate passengers based on being chatty

Features for Riders:

  • Women-Only option available
  • Affordable and safe
  • Allows last-minute booking

7. Lecab

lecab car ride app

It is a France-based private taxi app that works like Uber and serves over 70k customers in 24 cities.

They are offering the services in maximum cities or countries with Paris as the prime area.

Not only a facility, but it also provides private jets to rent in collaboration with PrivateFly.

The payment gateway for Lecab is country-specific.

Lecab serves its passengers at affordable rates.

You need to book a ride and enjoy it while reaching your destination anywhere in the city.

Features for Drivers:

  • In-app chat facility
  • Can provide rating and review about the passengers

Features for Riders:

  • Simple and fast working app
  • Cab facility available 24 hours
  • Allows you to select drivers for your ride
  • Lecab is available on the Play Store
  • Get an accurate estimation of the arrival of a driver
  • Panic SOS button for the safety of the passengers

8. Bridj

bridj ride share app

Bridj is an Australian rideshare app that not only lets you book a car or a taxi but also the big vehicles, vans, and chartered buses to support the travel of large groups.

It is best for those planning a big event, family trip, or road trip with friends.

Bridj, in Oct 2017, was owned by an Australian Transit System.

Now, Bridj provide rideshare services only in Sydney with a flat rate of $3.10 for one-way travelling, making it a more preferred ride.

Features for Drivers:

  • Free training
  • A separate app dedicated to drivers
  • Tablet to track passengers
  • Navigation available turn by turn

Features for Riders:

  • Walking direction to reach the pickup location
  • USB charging and WiFi available
  • App friendly for disabled people

9. Grab

grab car ride app

Grab is a Singapore-based rideshare apps operating in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines.

Not only the transportation, but they also offer digital payment services and food delivery through the mobile app.

Grab has over 5 million registered drivers and 2 million merchant partners, making it a vast cab providing service or company.

They have multiple taxi options meeting your needs and taking you to the destination in the most convenient way.

You just need to book the cab through your mobile app.

Features for Drivers:

  • 24 x 7 customer support and safety toolkit
  • Plan your earnings and finance
  • Easy transfer of earnings to your bank account through instant cash out feature

Features for Riders:

  • Auto fare calculation
  • Get estimated time arrival of the cab
  • Vehicle tracking system
  • Multiple modes of payment

10. Careem

careem ride share app

Careem is a car ride service provider company based in Dubai. Apart from transportation, it also offers food delivery services.

Careem is serving over 100 cities and has captured the market in North Africa and the Middle East.

It is a great rideshare app that works by understanding the culture of the reasons it is serving.

It makes this rideshare app a great competitor of app like Uber.

By providing cab services, Careem has supported more than 7 lacs refugees by creating jobs in the countries it is operating.

Features for Drivers:

  • Deep driver training
  • App with built-in navigation making it easy for drivers to travel
  • Flexible working hours

Features for Riders:

  • Option to book a ride for someone else
  • Streamline payment options
  • Best rewards program


The advancement in technology and the fast-running world have led to the growth of ridesharing and carpooling businesses, such as Uber and Ola.

Also, the increasing demand for ridesharing cabs and a number of discounts offered by startups have enabled the startups to compete with the big names, such as Uber and Lyft.

Apart from the discounts and offers, the unique features offered by the above-mentioned apps make them outshine others.

As a result, these ride apps have not only competed with dominating and pioneering ridesharing apps but have also filled the gaps by providing creative solutions, thus making them highly loved service providers among customers.

Those who want to get the mobile app development for their startups can outsource it and get the best apps developed.

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They have expert developers who can create a great mobile app for you, filled with innovative and unique features.

You can also refer to the features offered by the above-mentioned competitors of Uber and Lyft and get an idea of what you can serve to your customers.

If you want to make a name in this niche, you have to make a strategy, think about the unique and best features you can offer, and get them embedded in your ridesharing app.

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