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February 24, 2022

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The Canadian tech industry is expected to grow 5.3% by 2022 and between the period 2021-2024, the growth expected is 22.4%. Moreover, one of the three small and medium-sized businesses is thinking to invest in software. The demand for technology in different sectors has increased and now this country is well-known for its endless technology boom.

To grow and stay ahead in the competitive market, it is now necessary to incorporate the latest technology into their business. Mobile app usage in Canada is growing at a quick rate and as per App Annie, Canadians were spending an average of 4.4 hours a day on their smartphones.

The best app development companies in Canada have helped businesses grow and generate high revenue and showed the world how fascinating and beneficial mobile apps are. Entrepreneurs should hire the best mobile app developers who offer advanced software solutions that help you grow your business digitally. Ensure that Canadian developers abide by crucial factors like honesty, punctuality, loyalty, and reliability.

To help businesses choose the best and most qualified people and partner with them, we have listed the top app development companies in Canada. They offer bespoke app solutions that include the utilization of innovative technology and tools to enhance the user experience.

Using agile methodologies they design functional and powerful solutions to convert your idea to a valuable product. These top app development companies have talented and passionate mobile app developers in their team that work hard to turn your ideas into reality and deliver quality products.

Before revealing their names, let’s go through the Canadian app development market and some important statistics. This article will also help you with the important things and methods to hire the best company to meet your business goals.

State Of App Development Industry In Canada

The app development businesses in Canada are growing at a rapid rate and thus more and more people are turning towards technology. People are opening their startups and many students started pursuing their careers in the technical field.

According to insights published in, 25% of gaming apps and 75% of non-gaming apps were published by Canadian app publishers as of May 2020. In comparison to this data, 87% of non-gaming apps were published by app developers worldwide.

The top places in Canada to live and work for app developers are Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton, Victoria, and Kitchener.

Also, Sensor Tower published a mobile market forecast for 2021-2025 in which it is stated that in 2025, Canada will be on the 5th rank in the list of top 10 countries based on consumer spending on the App Store.

These statistics show that enterprises in Canada are understanding the importance of having a mobile app for their business. This is why the demand for mobile app development services is increasing day by day.

App Development Costs And Statistics in Canada

The cost of developing mobile apps differs depending upon the country, region, developer, timeline, and apps’ features. Did you know the hourly rate of app development charged by USA developers is 120-150 dollars, Australian developers charge 100-120 dollars and Western Europe developers charge 20-100 dollars?

The average hourly rate of a mobile app development charged by developers in Canada is 40 to 80 dollars.

Top Mobile App Development Companies In Canada 2022

These top 10 mobile app companies in Canada constantly provide their best to stay ahead of the competition. They always work hard and keep themselves updated to revolutionize the way users interact with your business app. These companies offer an exceptional user experience utilizing innovative technology that bridges the gap and overcomes the deadlocks present. Now let’s go through these companies and their focused services.

1. RV Technologies

RV Technologies was founded in 2007 and since then it is helping clients from all over the world to grow their businesses. RV Technologies is a full-stack and the best mobile app development company helping clients make their business presence on different platforms and help them make a brand. They have professionals in various departments that work dedicatedly to serve clients with quality results within the defined timeline. The company believes that considering clients’ mission as their own mission helped them deliver successfully developed projects.

They help businesses transform their ideas into digital reality and victorious brands. RV Technologies is a leading android and iOS app development company in Canada having a team of talented designers and developers that use the latest technologies to develop avant-grade projects. They have experience working with startups, medium-sized companies as well as Fortune 500 enterprises dealing in different industries.

The key factor that differentiates them from others is their core values i.e. integrity, honesty, and transparency. They take their time to understand their client’s requirements and thus using agile, DevOps strategies deliver high-grade outcomes.

Service Focus

  • Android App development
  • iOS App Development
  • Game Development
  • MVP Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Software Testing

2. RootQuotient

RootQuotient is an award-winning digital consultation and development partner in Canada. The company was founded in 2020 and has already delivered 50+ projects. As a leading company in providing effective digital strategy, consultation, and mobile app solutions they are experts in creating, developing, implementing, and managing enterprise solutions. Being a brand new agency with highly qualified professionals in the team they strive to offer quality and real results. The key factor that differentiates them from the competition is their all-time accessibility. They believe that their success not only lies in delivering quality work but also in treating clients the right way and with the right attitude.

Service Focus

  • Digital Strategy Consultation
  • Data Analytics
  • Web & Mobile App Development
  • Staff Augmentation

3. Guarana Technologies

Guarana Technologies was founded in 2011 and is a born-global mobile agency with its headquarter in Toronto, Canada. They help startups and medium-sized companies construct their mobile apps and cloud systems. They built more than 147 apps for their clients and helped them generate high revenue. Its mission is to empower entrepreneurs and designated corporations through their extensive knowledge and experience.

The primary factor that differentiates them from other app development companies is their ability to handle a project from the start of planning to deliver an engaging mobile app. They strive to deliver stable, scalable, and excellent web and mobile apps.

Service Focus

  • Digital Consultation
  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Testing & Launching

4. Launchcode

Launchcode is a fast-growing company established in 2020 and is a leading technology consulting and development company. They specialize in developing hardware and software solutions that help businesses grow and move forward. Their culture at the workplace is one of the key differentiators that make them great and enables everyone to trust them. They believe in core values i.e. integrity, positivity, empathy, passion, and self-driven.

Its mission is to partner with clients and continuously innovate. They assist business owners to translate their vision into digital strategy and help in creating optimal user interfaces and desired outcomes. They believe that they are a catalyst that helps in growing your business with the help of quality development.

Service Focus

  • UI/UX Design
  • Data Warehouse and Data Visualization
  • Web & Mobile Development
  • Partnership

5. FreshWorks Studio

FreshWorks Studio was established in 2016 and since its inception, they are determined to work and assist clients with their businesses. It is a renowned technology consulting agency that is an expert in designing and development services. They have worked with startups, medium-sized and fortune 500 companies and delivered elegant and highly functional web and mobile applications.

Its mission is to solve problems and make value through exceptional digital experiences. Their commitment and excellence in the technical field make them different from their competitors. The professionals in their team take time to identify user requirements, expose challenges, and discover user expectations to deliver valuable solutions.

Service Focus

  • Technical Consulting
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development

6. Clearbridge Mobile

Clearbridge Mobile was founded in 2011 and is an award-winning full-stack mobile app development company offering user-centric design and development services. They work with startups as well as fortune 500 companies from all over the world to help them meet digital initiatives.

They utilize and take advantage of a customized squad-based agile process that minimizes risk and helps in developing the project with high velocity. They work with you to create engaging mobile experiences for their clients which in turn their users love.

They believe in providing best-in-class mobile solutions that help their clients make long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Service Focus

  • Design Thinking
  • UI/UX Design
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • Connected TV Development

7. Mindsea

Mindsea is an innovative company helping businesses by providing beautiful and innovative apps. It was founded in 2007 and its headquarter is in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. They have various teams of experts in a particular technology e.g. professionals in iOS development, android development, etc.

They utilize a unique approach to develop projects and that too is strategically multidisciplinary and collaborative. This approach connects all experts operating in different departments to come together and work on the solution to any problem. They have specialists in designing, business analysis, development, technology, quality assurance, and project management.

The key differentiating factor is their values in which they believe and their way of working. They enjoy working together as they love doing what they are working on. They hire employees and work for clients by considering the values first and these are craftsmanship, partnership, and compassion.

Service Focus

  • Digital Health Solutions
  • Mobile App Design & development
  • React Native App Development
  • Mobile App Redesign

8. AppVelocity

AppVelocity is a leading mobile app development company founded in 2018 and has its headquarter in Montreal, Canada. They have expert developers and qualified software engineers in their team.

The professionals in the company are highly skilled, passionate, motivated to learn and work and work dedicatedly on one project at a time. The key differentiating factors include their commitment, guarantee to deliver satisfactory results and if any employee needs to be trained in new technology the cost would be on them.

They respect the value of precious time and thus don’t waste the time of their employees and clients. They work productively and try to deliver projects as soon as possible.

Service Focus

  • Reactive Native Development
  • Android & iOS Development
  • Saas App Development
  • IoT App Development
  • Cloud App Development

9. Vog App Developers

Vog App Developers is a creative development company that was founded in 2012 in Calgary, Canada. The professionals in the company are helping enterprises with custom software applications for different platforms i.e. Android, iOS, and Web.

The key factor that differentiates them from others is that they develop every project in-house and do not outsource their projects to others. This helps them ensure quality and successful products are delivered to their clients.

They believe that they build more than apps, they build businesses. They have delivered more than 30 projects till now.

Service Focus

  • Custom App & Software Development
  • Designing
  • Digital Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Funding

10. iQlance

iQlance is one of the fastest-growing custom web and mobile app development companies founded in 2011 in Toronto, Canada. They have a highly dedicated and talented team of experts that enabled them to deliver dynamic, functional, and cost-effective projects for their clients worldwide. They work for startups, medium and large scale businesses and provide high-grade development and marketing services.

You can rely on them to convert your imagined ideas into a real innovative product. The key differentiating factors are transparent communication, cost-effective models, on-time delivery, confidentiality, and security.

Service Focus

  • UI/UX Designs
  • Mobile Development
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Game Development
  • Digital Marketing

How To Choose The Best App Development Company in Canada?

The companies mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg which means that there are several other mobile app development companies in Canada. Being an entrepreneur, you must want to choose a development partner that can help you provide the best solution for your needs. This way you will be able to grow and expand your business both vertically.

The best and most experienced mobile app development companies with a futuristic mindset can help you create solutions to enhance user experience and lead conversion. Before hiring an app developer in Canada, you should go through their portfolio, client reviews, technical skills, and cost.


Canada is a country offering a pool of opportunities for software development companies to grow and achieve new heights. Entrepreneurs who are looking for talented professionals are eager to work with experienced and reliable companies. The aforementioned companies are top of the list firms in the country and thus you can choose any one of them as per your requirements. So, get started to have your business presence in the mobile world and get traffic from this medium. This is one of the best ways to boost your traffic, sales, and revenue.

About the Author Sandeep Kumar is a Director at RV Technologies. Having an inclination towards software development, Sandeep always ensures to stay on top of the latest development technologies and how to implement them in real-world projects. He is always ready to share his insight with the developers so that they can also leverage the modern-day tech stack and build futuristic digital solutions for clients. Apart from overseeing all the development projects, Sandeep also likes to write down and share his insights with the world to familiarize people with the latest technologies and their potential in our everyday lives.

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