How to Develop Free Prescription Discount App Like GoodRx to Save Money on Medicines

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We’re living in an era where our reliance on technology has surpassed all heights; so much so that people also use their smartphones to buy medicines.

In the modern world, no one has the time to walk to a pharmacy to buy their monthly dose of medication. Instead, they prefer the prescription discount app to get the discount on prescribed drugs and go on with their busy schedules without hassle.

This is the reason why Prescription discount app like GoodRx app have witnessed unexceptional growth in recent years. It’s a dedicated telemedicine platform headquartered in California, United States.

The goodrx app started its journey in 2011 and throughout these years, it has only encountered upward growth.

As of today, the GoodRx app caters to different cities in the United States, allowing citizens to buy medicines without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Another USP of the GoodRx app is the exclusive discounts it offers to its customers. Users have the option to create prescription discount cards and avail of special discounts while placing their orders.

All these factors combined have made GoodRx app one of the most trusted prescription discount app and a source of inspiration for many telemedicine startups. If you are also planning to launch the best prescription discount app, continue reading.

In this blog, we have penned down a complete guide on how to build a prescription discount app like GoodRx – along with its cost breakdown so that you can plan your budget accordingly.

Understanding the Market Significance of Prescription Discount Apps


Now, before we get into the technical details and cost estimations, let’s first identify the importance of launching a prescription discount app in 2023.

Statistics suggest that prescription discount apps are projected to surpass 1.2 trillion US dollars by the end of 2023 in terms of customer spending by the end of 2023.

Ease of accessibility and doorstep delivery are a few factors that encourage people to rely on telemedicine apps over physical shopping.

Moreover, a report by Statista also suggests that the overall revenue of the prescription discount app is expected to reach US$ 31.64 billion in 2023, encountering an annual CAGR of 13.5% between 2022-2027.

As we mentioned earlier, the tight daily schedules of our lives have increased our reliance on online delivery marketplaces for different products, including medicines.

If you are looking to step into a stable industry with a solid product, prescription discount apps are a suitable option.

What is GoodRx App?


GoodRx app is one of the many online prescription discount apps where customers have the liberty to get prescribed medication at discounted prices.

Being a full-scale marketplace, this best prescription discount app allows users to compare prices of different pharmacy stores and place an order from the desired supplier.

They can also get free coupons and show them to the nearby pharmacies to avail of these discounts while visiting the physical store.

The business model curated by GoodRx helps them save extra bucks on their monthly bills while getting the medicines delivered to their doorstep.

As of 2023, the GoodRx app promotes itself as the best prescription discount app where customers can avail of exclusive discounts on their orders.

Features of Goodrx Prescription Discount App

1. Prescription discount cards are an exclusive feature of GoodRx that customers can create to join the membership programs and get better deals on their medicines.

2. In addition to pharmacy discounts, GoodRx has also stepped its feet in other healthcare services such as discounted doctor visits. People with access to its Gold membership can save extra money on their regular doctor appointments as well.

The app is available under the banner GoodRx gold app. Here’s a quick overview of the major USPs of the GoodRx app;

1. Compare prices from different pharmacies and get free coupons to avail of special discounts

2. Discounted prices for doctor appointments and healthcare professionals

3. A Dedicated Provider mode to help healthcare professionals provide their assistance to multiple patients in a remote setup

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Essential Features to Include in a Prescription Discount App 

Like any other digital marketplace, building a prescription discount app will require entrepreneurs to integrate all the necessary features to deliver a user-friendly experience.

Now, choosing the right features will mainly depend on your specific business objectives.

However, there are a few basic features that must be integrated into every telemedicine app to equip it with the required functionality. These features include:

1. User Registration


Like the GoodRx app, your app should allow users to register themselves and create their profiles to avail of the delivery services.

To provide a hassle-free user experience, you can provide social media integration to help customers set up their profiles using their existing social media accounts.

2. Prescription Uploading


After users have registered their profiles, they should be instantly allowed to upload their prescriptions.

This can be done in different ways.

For instance, your prescription discount app can have AR integration to help users scan a physical copy of their prescription and instantly find valid links to available buying options.

3. Pharmacy Store Comparisons


This is one of the most common features of any prescription discount app including the GoodRx app as it’ll allow users to compare price offerings from different pharmacy stores and place their orders with minimum hassle.

4. Search Bar


An app-wide search bar will help users search for the required medicines directly using their names. They should also be allowed to apply different filters to narrow down the search results to the most suitable options.

5. Payment Gateway

For any Prescription discount app, a fully-encrypted and secure payment gateway is a necessity as it ensures customers can process online payments using their preferred payment mode without falling victim to online fraud.

There are several third-party service providers that provide encrypted payment gateway APIs at minimal prices.

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6. Push Notifications

Keeping customer engagement high is the eventual goal of any mobile startup and the same goes for a prescription discount app.

With push notifications, you’ll be able to keep the users engaged as they’ll allow you to send real-time alerts to the users notifying them about the latest offers and new pharmacy openings.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Prescription Discount App like GoodRx App?


Now, evaluating the cost to develop a prescription discount app like the Goodrx app depends on different factors that include desired features, target platforms, development team, development technologies, etc.

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All these factors come together to decide the final development cost of a prescription discount app like GoodRx.

Here’s a quick example to help you understand this more precisely. Suppose you hire developers from first-world countries such as the USA or Canada. In that case, you’ll have to bear a higher development cost due to the comparatively higher hourly development rates of the developers.

So, if your goal is to cut down on the development cost, it would be better to outsource the development process to development teams from India.

Another factor that’ll affect the development cost of a prescription discount app is third-party API integrations. Based on the features you want to integrate into your prescription discount app, the monthly charges of the API integrations will vary accordingly.

In general, to give you a rough estimate, developing a prescription discount app with basic features can cost around $50,000 to $100,000, while a more complex app with advanced features such as AI-based symptom checker, remote monitoring, and prescription management can cost upwards of $150,000 to $250,000.

Keep in mind that these are rough estimates, and the actual cost can vary based on the specific requirements and features of the prescription discount app.

Additionally, ongoing maintenance and updates will also be necessary, which can add to the overall cost of the project.

It’s recommended to consult with an experienced app development team to get a more accurate estimate based on your specific business objectives.

How Does a Prescription Discount App like GoodRx Make Money? 

As of today, prescription discount app such as the GoodRx app follow different revenue models to make money. These revenue models primarily include:

Commission-Based Model


In this model, the prescription discount app charges a commission on every order placed through the app. The commission can range from 10% to 30% of the total order value.

Subscription Model


Some prescription discount apps offer subscription-based services where users pay a monthly or yearly fee to access exclusive benefits such as free delivery, discounts on medications, and priority customer support.

GoodRx gold is a great example of subscription model revenue generation where the goodrx app charges monthly subscriptions to provide exclusive benefits to its users.



Prescription discount apps like goodrx app can also generate revenue by displaying advertisements of other businesses or brands on their app. They can charge businesses for ad placements and clicks.

In-App Purchases


Many prescription discount apps also offer additional features or services that users can purchase within the app. These can include premium memberships, priority delivery, and prescription reminders.


The GoodRx app is undoubtedly one of the most trusted prescription discount app in the United States.

For entrepreneurs planning to step into the online pharmacy market, it’s crucial to have a rough cost estimation in advance to avoid unexpected roadblocks in the future.

Share your business goals and app requirements with our professional developers and we’ll devise a personalized quotation accordingly.

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