How Mobile Health Apps Are Enabling Digital Transformation for the Healthcare Industry

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The mobile health application industry has been seeing an exponential rise over the years. With a plethora of applications added every day, which is double the number of apps available a couple of years ago.

Health applications are mainly divided into 3 categories –

  • Telemedicine- apps provide virtual patient care by licensed physicians.
  • Health management – apps assist the patients in monitoring their health conditions. Not only that, but it also allows the healthcare providers to report on the health records of the patients remotely.
  • General health & wellness – apps that include calorie counting, nutrition, sleep tracking, etc helps us in a big way.

According to a worldwide survey from Statista, it was estimated that more than 50,000 health apps are currently available in the Apple app store.

So, what do these all have in common? It’s simple, that they help us live our lives in a much healthier way. In this article, we will break down how health apps are enhancing our lives.

A Reduction in The Cost Of Healthcare

Nowadays, an exponential rise in illnesses is costing the Indian economy millions annually. According to the statistics, about 55 percent of the people are suffering from at least one chronic disease and another 75 percent of them are at a high risk of developing one.

Moreover, the price of the economy including the patients is just too much. To put it simply, many preventable illnesses are costing the nation including the healthcare system millions if not billions. But a silver lining is the health apps that are expected to significantly reduce the costs for both the patients and the providers alike.

Enhanced Efficiency Of Healthcare Delivery

Healthcare applications are making it easier to collect and systematically monitor health data. You can find various health apps that help people in tracking their calories as well as monitor their intake of food.

According to many reputed dieticians and fitness specialists, those people who always record their food intake achieve weight loss in comparison to those who don’t.

Makes Data Collection Easy for Health Care Providers

Any reputed mobile app development company and at the healthcare providers’ end, these applications are making it much easier for professionals to retrieve data from patients. Those medical facilities that utilize those apps also allow them to access patient data including their history, prescriptions, including lab results.

Initial Requirements And Healthcare App Features

Now we will be sharing a few examples along with the description of the healthcare apps and features.

Healthcare Institution or Medical Centre

With a great healthcare app of this category, you will be able to offer a platform to your client to communicate with the medical facility. Moreover, the patients always need a consultation with the physician or any other kind of medical advice.

Let us talk about the features of physician appointment booking apps-

In a new survey by Pew Research Centre, it was found that more than 60 percent of millennials preferred to access patient portals from their mobiles.

  • Remotely communicating with the Doctor
  • Collecting and preserving any medical instructions, test results, clinical records, etc.
  • The opportunity to get healthcare data online.

Medical Labs

In the course of full treatment, the patient has no choice other than to test sooner. It is the clinical test results that hold importance, therefore it is worth giving attention to. These healthcare applications have the following functions-

  • Receiving clinical test results and with saving options
  • Main rules of processes of taking tests
  • Appointments online to take the test without any hectic queue
  • Observing changes in the results

Pharmaceutics and drug stores

When we talk about the users, that means all the people in general and every one of them visits the pharmacy. There are many of those who go to a pharmacy without consultation with a doctor.

So, how can you make those people prefer you? The best and only way is to use a healthcare app development company!

If we take the customer’s thinking and ideology in general, then it isn’t the same as it was a decade ago. Nowadays, everyone wants to be well informed about the purchases and whether they are worth it or not. And they try to find the best data by searching online. To choose a reliable and brilliant healthcare application, people look for certain functionalities-

  • Home delivery
  • Reputed source of information on various medications
  • Pre-ordering

Controlling the health of relatives

This section focuses on the extra special patient health tracking applications. One of the major tasks is to help their relatives get updated information on the health condition of their family being in a healthcare facility.

The experienced outsource app development outsource app development professionals will make the best performing app with great features. This will hugely benefit the relatives of that patient immensely and they will be grateful to have that possibility to stay up to date on the tracking.

Help in overcoming a health condition

An individual who is confronted with disease makes him uneasy. As he/she knows that they were healthy a day before and all of a sudden he is sick and must pay a visit to the Doctor daily. In these situations, health apps are nothing short of a boon.

Nowadays, various healthcare centers specialize in treating various health problems such as – cardiovascular disease, dentistry, oncology, among others. You may also choose a specialized healthcare application having great functions that fit a category.

Healthcare apps for a healthy lifestyle

In case you are not a healthcare owner, you can still make a profit on the mobile health app services. You just have to focus on how to lead a healthy lifestyle without too much focus on the treatment. These apps have a plethora of features such as Different options for – pregnancy, weight management, tools & instruments, general health, fitness, etc.

Health Information management applications

The health information management apps are developed to provide and exchange the necessary information between the doctors and the patients. These applications come in handy in case of setting up and managing the appointments with the physician.

It is helpful especially when the patient and the doctor do not speak the same language. It helps the doctor convey the message to the patient who is unable to understand the language.

The Information management applications help the doctors and the staff to add the patients to a list for the appointment, track the payment and record the treatments that are provided to the patients. The Physicians can track the efficiency of the team with the help of the dashboard, which provides them up-to-date stats regarding the tasks carried out by the supporting personnel.

Mobile applications for patient monitoring

In recent times, The overall telemedicine services and patient monitoring have been growing steadily. Several manufacturers of healthcare along with the software providers have been rushing to this enormously crowded space for creating value amongst the millions of people across the globe.

The wearable Blood pressure monitor is one such example of this which can track the data of the heart and inform the patient about how their behavior is affecting the health of their heart. It provides the user with some real-time insights about their health.

Medical resource information apps

Using a mobile device to access educational resources while being on the go has a positive result on the performance of individuals.

These applications deliver safe and current treatments when required by the patients. It also helps in checking for the harmful interactions that include 30 drugs at a time, providing a communication platform between the care teams.

These apps work as a medical app that provides a clinical decision support app that is targeted to the ER physicians. The “symptom checker” is one of the best things about these kinds of applications. It helps in diagnosing the patients quicker and suggests the possible ailments that are based on the symptoms of the patients, physical examinations, and the results from the lab.

In case you are planning to develop healthcare mobile applications, You need to clarify what kind of application you require and about who you intend to develop the healthcare application for.

Let us take a look at some of the things that you must keep in mind to provide the customers with the best healthcare mobile application-

  • You need to have a clear idea about the problems your app would be solving

If you intend to develop a healthcare application for your business, you must make sure that your mobile application would serve the demands of the users and help in solving their problems effectively. There are only a few health systems that offer the customers all the features that are demanded by the customers. The customers usually demand these three things-

  • Access to the medical records
  • The ability to book appointments
  • Alter the timings of the appointment

Ability to request the prescription. If you want to develop a healthcare application you need to make sure that the above demands of the customers are fulfilled through the mobile application.

Your healthcare app must have the ability to reach the people living in remote areas. Long distances result in a lot of hassle consuming a lot of time and effort, with a healthcare mobile application, people can get all the information that they need on their mobile phone without having any trouble.

You should not build a healthcare app just for the sake of it, you need to make sure that the application has real-life know usage. The users you target must leverage this and find the application suitable to their demands.

  • You must study your competitors and outperform them

Once you have the knowledge about the problems that your healthcare application would be solving, you must consider the competition you would be facing in the market. The competition can work either way, in your favor or against you.

Higher competition would mean that there is a greater demand for the product. However, if many brands are competing for the same thing, it is tough for your product to get noticed amongst the population.

It is impossible to build a very good healthcare mobile application until you closely analyze what your competitors are offering. You can use the Google search to find out the relevant keywords related to the idea of your application. You must think of something that is searched by your users.

All the businesses have a unique USP (unique selling point), which makes them different from others. Getting to know about your competitors’ USP would help you know about the customers’ common demands and help determine one for yourself.

  • You need to define upfront how you would be monetizing your app

You need to know upfront the tactics you are going to use for the monetization of your healthcare application. One common thing that you must have noticed over the mobile application store is that most of them would be free to download. They make money through advertising or in-app purchases, most of the healthcare apps use subscriptions for the generation of revenue through them.

Concluding thoughts

The eHealth applications are developed by the businesses for two reasons: The first to make money out of it and/or to enhance the quality of medical services that are provided. The first reason is essential people running a business that tend to launch fitness apps that are relatively simple.

The era makes it less difficult to reveal crucial fitness parameters and offers much-wanted convenience, so sufferers are greater than inclined to apply those apps. If you are looking for an affordable and professional company that can help you develop a reliable healthcare app, then schedule a call with our healthcare SMEs, or shoot us an email at [email protected]

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