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August 4, 2021

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A doctor’s appointment used to take a long time until mobile applications development took over the healthcare industry. Long lines, waiting to see a doctor, and then taking tests, were a draining experience for both doctors and patients. But that is no longer the case; many healthcare organizations now function entirely online. Not only is it easier to monitor your patients, but it’s also easier to manage your employees at clinics or hospitals.

The process of developing a healthcare app for mobile devices with the goal of assisting users in successfully managing their medical issues, fitness goals, hospital visits, or insurance claims is known as healthcare app development. Telemedicine, lab results reviews, prescription and appointment management, and other services are included.

Here are some data to consider if you want to digitize your healthcare with an on-demand healthcare application by outsourcing your requirement to an app development company :

PreHiring Process

Layout Your Health App Requirements

It’s critical to consider the nature of your app before hiring or outsourcing to a specialist healthcare app development company. The healthcare industry is a multi-trillion-dollar business. It’s only natural to run into a variety of business concepts, each catering to a distinct group of customers. In reality, we may divide the entire ecosystem of healthcare applications into two categories:

    • Applications for Health-Care Professionals

These types of applications cater to the need of medical professionals like doctors, care-takers, and whole other strata of medical professionals. The most prevalent health apps development happening in this category are:

      • Electronic Health Record Software
      • Medical Diagnosis Software
      • Hospital Management Software
      • Medical Research Software
      • Medical Equipment Management
    • End-user applications

The world has increased investment for patient monitoring & overall telemedicine services in the last five years. These solutions are aimed at general people at the end of the supply chain. App development outsourcing companiesare seeing a huge splurge in demand for the following applications

    • Wellness Apps
    • Personal Medical Records
    • Appointment Booking
    • Pharmacy Delivery

Run a Comprehensive Market Analysis

Conducting a mobile app competitive analysis and employing a strong team of app developers are two of the most reliable strategies to increase the chances of your app concept succeeding in the app store. A survey of medical school teachers, residents, and students found that using a mobile device to swiftly access instructional resources while on the go improved their individual performance.

You can determine whether or not you have a viable app that has the potential to be favorably welcomed by consumers based on the findings of our app analysis study. It’s also important as a tool for demonstrating your preparation and business acumen to investors in order to gain their financial backing for your app development. Drug referencing applications, which can teach a patient about the side effects and benefits of a specific medicine, and medical calculators, which can determine how often a drug should be given, are two examples.

It’s also a good idea to look into the types of opponents you’ll be facing. Make no mistake: the number of competitors will affect your marketing strategy as well as the product’s premium functionality.

Examine how others are succeeding in your niche and what their USP is. Is it their reputation that draws in loyal customers, or do they provide good value for money? The responses may be able to assist you in refining your understanding of client expectations and modifying the mobile app development strategy to meet them.

If you do not find anything significant right away, you’re either looking in the wrong places or your inquiries need to be refined. Conduct a SWOT analysis to narrow down the list of potential adversaries.

Shortlist & Prioritize the Developers

When looking for a good app development partner, you’ll have to answer three important questions. Should you hire an in-house team to handle the project? Should you hire an App Development Company to do the job? or Could you enlist the support of freelancers to save the day?

After weighing all of the benefits and drawbacks listed in the preceding section, the best bet is to employ an outsourcing healthcare mobile app development company, since the only major disadvantage is a communication gap that can be readily rectified with a little forethought. You can save a lot of time by outsourcing.

Given that there are hundreds of medical app development companies to pick from, you have the freedom to hire a specialist healthcare app development company that can be readily vetted if you use the right hiring strategy.

How to Find Your Ideal App Development Partner?

When you hire a dedicated healthcare outsourcing app development company, follow the below guidelines:

Search Thoroughly for all aspects

Follow the tips below when outsourcing to a specialist healthcare mobile app development company to uncover all of the vital traits of your soon-to-be technical partners. Because you are not limited by location, you can outsource to the best medicalapp development firms.

Social media is the best location to start gathering information. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram should provide enough material to chew on and verify the app development team’s identities. The facts of whether the workers are local hires or contribute virtually are included in the conformity of their existence and, in particular, their work location.

After that, browse over their portfolio for any awards or recognition. If that isn’t enough, look through the case studies that developers typically post on their websites to explain how they overcame obstacles. With enough searching, you will have a list of customers to contact and verify their experience.

Inquire about the mobile app development partner’s prior clients for references, and make sure the team members have a track record of developing new, powerful solutions.

Dribbble and Clutch are two websites that can help you find inspiration and some of the greatest web and mobile app development companies to outsource. Sites like Clutch are fantastic since they allow you to search through app development company directories.

Level-off Communication Gaps

Language problems aren’t the only problem you could encounter. Before expressing a viewpoint to a foreigner, one must consider cultural sensitivity. In addition, a platform other than emails should be available for easy communication. English proficiency is a prerequisite in the enlisted app development companies to which you will outsource your healthcare app project, according to the thumb rule.

It’s not just about the technical parts of software development when it comes to creating an app. It also entails comprehending your business plans in order to ensure that your digital product may be monetized. Also, decide on what communication platform works best for both parties; is it calls, emails, direct chat, or video conferencing.

Be clear about SDLC

SDLC is important because it breaks up the long and arduous app development life cycle. In general, reviewing each stage of development is more easier, and it allows programmers to work on all stages at the same time.

It should be obvious which model of the Software Development Life Cycle is being used. The agile technique is widely regarded as the best solution for mobile app development. Determine which developers will be assigned to your project, as well as their specialization (Android, iOS) and the turnaround time for each stage of the SDLC.Commitment is required during the troubleshooting and debugging phases to avoid re-runs in writing code. Inquire about the team’s approach in this regard.

After-sales service must be included in the package. As your user base grows, feedback will come in, necessitating interactive modifications from time to time. Engineers should be available readily if you get a call like this.

Prepare Service Level Agreements

Entering into Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) with outsourced app development partners is always a good idea. An SLA provides remedies when requirements aren’t satisfied, in addition to specifying service type and quality expectations.

It’s never the case that the first quote is also the last. On the contrary, it is the start of talks to identify common ground. Both you and the mobile app development company should approach the meeting with an open mind.

Hourly rates, payment schedules, payment methods (wire transfers, digital currencies, etc.), and the token amount should all be agreed upon ahead of time and mentioned in writing.

AfterThought: Top 3 Questions to Ask before hiring ANY App Development Agency

Before money crosses hands between two parties, there are a few simple, difficult-to-ask, and uncomfortable questions that must be answered. It’s vital to understand the nature of the collaboration you’ll form with the app development Company. We’ve compiled a list of our top three options for such queries that you should memorize and fire at vendors like a bullet from a gun.

Who Will Be Owner of the Code?

A complete handover is natural, but there may be a condition buried deep within the SLAs that allows the vendor to walk away with the code. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll have to deal with recurring issues, and the mobile app development company will give you the runaround and charge you extra money. It’s better to get this straight up front than to regret it afterward.

How Do You Deal With Scope Creep?

Time flies when you’re having a hard time sleeping. We hope you don’t, and that you’re asking this question to avoid a blood pressure and emotional outburst if the penultimate delivery date is postponed. How would the outsourced app development company make up for the lost time? The devil is in the details, so don’t leave anything to chance.

How Does a Mid-way Exit Work?

It would not be pleasant, but the term must be written down. The wisest people consider an exit strategy first because they understand that we are all humans and that anything can happen. Your guiding principle should be “hope for the best, but prepare for the worse.”


Hiring a medical app development company necessitates scouring marketplaces and interviewing dozens of firms.

If you follow the methods and best practices outlined above, you should be able to generate a list of potential app development partners who meet the broad criteria you set for your search. An app development partner program may aid in the development of a long-term partnership that benefits your app in the long run.

We at RV Technologies , work with healthcare institutions to help them implement cutting-edge digital health practices. Regardless of where their focus is – cloud migration, EHRs, or the incorporation of technologies such as AI and Blockchain – we lead enterprises to radically change how they deliver healthcare solutions and create digital healthcare consumerism through our digital services.

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