How Applications Are Changing Our Lives

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  • calendar Updated: July 15, 2020

It’s 2020 and we could truly observe “digital self” in us. We start our day with an application that reminds us to wake on time and gives an update about our activities for the day. We end our day either by talking to our family or friends (through video/audio call on an app) OR checking our social media accounts and looking at what’s new is happening in their lives. Mobile devices work as custodians of our daily life and applications inside these devices streamline our day-to-day activities, disrupting the status quo, and making things easier. In a nutshell, mobile apps have become a dominant factor in the lives of human beings and mobile app developers are ruling the market. The concept of mobile applications is very interesting. Our communication, interaction, and several other activities are more or less channeled through different types of mobile apps. Smartphones have become your absolute personal assistant and they possess the power of a PC which gives you ease to carry them in your pocket or handbag. Whether you use them to access the internet, messaging, or gaming, the smartphone is just as important as your car keys or your wallet. You cannot afford to forget it at home. You need them all the time!

What Drove The Users Towards The Mobile Apps?

Two key factors that drove the users towards the use of mobile apps are:

  • The convenience mobile apps provide is outstanding. All you need to do is download them from the play store or app website and use it on your smart devices.
  • The portability of mobile devices, which means you can carry them anywhere and access them at any time. Users can conduct a quick search. All you need is the fast speed Internet.

Cost, usability, desired features, and maximum audience reach make mobile apps the first preference these days.

How Mobile Apps Have Affected The Life of Humans?

  • Mobile Apps & Communication: There are so many apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, and many more that let you stay connected with your family and friends. Every individual starts its day by sharing “Morning messages” on Chat apps or video apps. All you need to do is tap on your phone screen, and communicate with the people you know through texts, images, emojis, music, and whatnot.
  • Mobile Apps & Entertainment: You can entertain yourself by watching TV shows, movies, web series, music videos, and others through different entertainment apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Voot, Hotstar, and many more. You need to install your favorite app on your device, pay the subscription, and here you go! Watch all kinds of entertainment shows in almost any language while you are on a trip, in a meeting, waiting for someone or free.
  • Mobile Apps & Productivity: Maintaining your productivity has never been so easy, but mobile apps have made it possible by giving you a chance to revert your emails quickly, create docs, update them, sign and send them to the concerned person. There are so many work-related apps that allow you to be always available and stay on the top. These include Any do, Todoist, Just Press Record, CamScanner, Gmail, Asana, and many more.
  • Mobile Apps and Fitness: Now you can learn new fitness mantras, maintain & keep a record of your daily fitness activities and hire someone to guide you on the same through mobile apps. No more visiting gyms and fitness studios when you can reach them through mobile apps. Special fitness apps guide you on your fitness regime, kind of exercises you can do to attain your fitness goals, and can even see the live videos of how to perform these exercises through these apps.

How Mobile Apps Have Affected Businesses Today?

  • Mobile Apps and Business: With the increasing trend of mobile applications in the market, it has become important even for businesses to design their business apps and speed up their processes, improve workflow, and level up productivity. Help your users experience the same ease they used to get while using mobile or desktop websites. This will especially help e-commerce and retail business owners to increase their sales through their business apps.
  • Mobile apps and Online shopping: Online shopping industry or e-commerce business has successfully set itself on mobile through shopping apps. Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Alibaba, and many others are the well-renowned shopping portals that allow customers to shop from their app, examine the product closely, compare it with different brands, buy it and track their order until it is delivered. Whether you want to buy clothes, electronics, grocery, or even car parts, every brand or a company have their apps to help you place orders and get your stuff delivered at your doorsteps.
  • Mobile Apps and Money Transactions: Money transactions on a single click appeared to be nearly impossible a few years back, but now it has become an easy thing today. Even a layman knows how to transfer money through different payment applications that are connected to your bank accounts and can be easily accessed through passwords and OTPs. Paytm, Google Pay, UPI ID are concept based applications that let your transfer and even accept money differently. Apart from this, the banking system has all changed and now you can access your account, make payments or pay salaries through Net Banking using different modes NEFT, IMPS & RTGS.
  • Mobile Apps and Travelling: The Travelling industry is making huge profits through apps. Now you can hire a local taxi, book outstation taxis, make flight bookings, train bookings, and other traveling bookings through special apps designed by taxi, train, and airline companies. No more standing in the queue and waiting for your turn. Download the app, book your vehicle/seat, making payment online and you are ready to go!
  • Mobile Apps and Gaming: The gaming industry is on its high since mobile apps came into existence. Every gaming company has launched its game apps that give real-time playing experience to the players. Game lovers get these apps and play their favorite games for free (initial versions) and pay to enjoy the full features of their favorite game.


There are numerous apps on Google’s Play Store & Apple’s App Store. Sometimes, it gets difficult to decide which app you should choose for your purpose. But there are ratings and user comments under each app description. These apps are listed in the app stores based on their performance, rating, and user experience belonging to the particular category. Just type in the keyword or app type you are looking for and the related apps will be listed. If you are into business, you can get your business app developed from mobile app developers for the uninterrupted growth of your business.

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