Develop Sports Application like Crickbuzz for this IPL Season

April 13, 2021

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The new IPL season is around the corner, enticing fans all over the globe for the wonderful spectacle. The event is going to take place in selected stadiums and not everyone can watch the match at the stadium itself. Hence, it is a really good time to develop a sports app somewhat similar to the Cricbuzz application. Fans have started to move on the small screen to watch the matches these days, they can watch matches and stay updated about the scores on the go without much hassle. Sports apps such as Cricbuzz provides the users with sports news as well making it even more useful. Various entrepreneurs are choosing Indian app developers to get the best sports app developed in India.

Benefits of a Sports Application

  • Sports apps help in increasing the spirit of the game, it keeps the users immersed into the action even though they are on the go. It helps in keeping up the team spirit and passion among the fans even though they are not witnessing the live-action in the stadium. Fans can interact with each other and watch the game with a lot of team spirit and passion.
  • Sports application keeps fans updated on the things that are happening in the field. They are provided with almost all the details including stats and the latest scores. You can get to know the projected score, winning probability, the number of goals that are going to be scored, and expert opinions all in a single place.
  • Sports applications can provide users with factual and trustworthy information on their favorite games. Sports apps provide the users with live information about the match. In the end, the sports application provides the user’s information on who lost and who won. Also, users can have various expert opinions at the same place from where they can get to know every detail of the match.
  • Users get regular updates, if someone does not remember the time of the match, the app provides them with pop-up notifications. They can also know about the team sheets and other valuable information without much hassle due to the presence of mobile sports applications. You can get the best sports app developed in India from a prominent mobile app development company India.

Key Features for Creating Perfect App like Cricbuzz

Let us take a look at some of the key features that must be added to create the perfect sports app such as Cricbuzz-

  • Live Feed: Provide the users with the live feed of the match including videos, updates, statistics, and the latest news about the match. It is a great feature for the users who like to get information about the match on the go, additionally, it helps people explore other sports as well.
  • Push notifications are a must if you want your sports application to be successful. Push notification for upcoming matches is really helpful for the users since they can get to know about the important information of the matches such as time, date, and location. They can get some relative information about the matches such as the opening ceremonies, interviews, and the team sheets as well. The point is that push notification helps the users by providing the user’s convenient services on the go and attracting them by keeping them engaged.
  • In order to engage the users you can add the feature of on-demand videos and highlights of the matches. You must keep in mind that the quality of the broadcasting is fast and of the best quality so that you can provide the users fast and easy content at their fingertips on the go.
  • Another important feature that you can integrate into the sports application is the feature of booking tickets and paying for them online. Ensure that you have the feature of showing the availability of tickets as well. For better user feedback, you can add other features such as buying food and beverages through the app.

  • You can keep the fans more engaged by having the merchandise of their favorite teams and allowing them to buy it from the app itself. Fans love to buy the merchandise of their favorite teams and show it off to their friends. You can also have additional income by having the feature to sell merchandise plus you can get many big brands as sponsors as well.
  • You should add the feature of the Sports team/Sportsmen catalog to keep the users of the sports app more engaged. The users would love to know more about their favorite team and favorite players.
  • Sports betting app is definitely one of the best features of a sports application. IPL is around the corner, most bettors would be actively participating. Apart from the sports betting app, you can add the feature of a sports prediction app as well.
  • A chat feature is one of the crucial elements you must add to get success. A chat feature would allow the customers to interact with one another during the game. This would allow the users to stay more immersed in the game.

Concluding thoughts

IPL is one of the most-watched sporting events across the globe, it is as popular as some of the major European football leagues and NBA. A Sportsapp would definitely be a great idea to grow your business. The success of various sports apps such as Cricbuzz, ESPN, and CBC points out one thing- SportsApps are in the trend. App development India has come a long way as the apps developed in India are making a name for themselves across the globe.

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