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In this digital era, everyone loves social media apps. Of course, platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are pioneers of social media apps, and combined, they have millions of active users.

According to, the number of social media app users is increasing day by day in 2023 this number is 4.89 billion which is predicted to increase a whooping 5.85 billion in 2027.

global social media users

These numbers clearly indicate that people love social media apps and enjoy browsing their daily feeds.

However, in the recent few years, many privacy speculations against Facebook, Instagram, and even Snapchat have raised security concerns among its users.

A Business Insider article revealed that Meta, formerly known as Facebook, released (more like sold) the personal information of 533 million users online.

That’s a big concern for anyone who doesn’t want their details to be leaked to a third party.

However, there has been an upside to this underlying security threat. It has allowed other small-scale social media companies to penetrate the market and gain better customer exposure.

MeWe social media app evolving as one of the best Facebook alternatives in the market.

The data by google trends the popularity of the Mewe social media app is increasing day by day thanks to its decentralized nature, the company portrays its social media site as a fully secure platform.


With the exponential growth of the MeWe app as a social media brand, many entrepreneurs and tech geeks are planning to launch their own decentralized Facebook alternatives.

If you have been dwelling on a similar idea, we are here to help. Today, we’ll share a complete guide on how to evaluate the app development cost for social media app like mewe.

What is MeWe App


MeWe is a social media app that positions itself as an alternative to mainstream social media apps in the market.

It started its journey in 2012 and Mark Weinstein – the founder – made it public four years later in 2016.

Unlike its competitors, MeWe emphasizes user privacy, data protection, and commitment to providing a platform free of ads, manipulation, and censorship.

One of the primary motivations behind the MeWe social media app was to address growing concerns about data privacy and the exploitation of user information by large social media companies.

MeWe app differentiates itself by not selling user data to advertisers or using algorithms to manipulate users’ news feeds. Instead, it aims to create a more authentic and transparent social media experience.

Another notable aspect of the MeWe social media app is its stance on content moderation. While the platform has community guidelines and policies against hate speech, harassment, and illegal activities, it pledges not to engage in political or ideological censorship.

The platform aims to strike a balance between freedom of speech and maintaining a safe and respectful online environment.

What are the Key Features of Mewe Social Media App?

One of the prominent key factors for MeWe social media app success is the myriad of features it offers.

Like social media app Facebook, MeWe offers all the necessary functionalities to help its users stay connected with their friends and family.

If you’re planning to create a social media app like MeWe, it would be imperative to integrate the most suitable features so that you can easily retain the end users.

Some of the key features of a social media app like MeWe include:

1. Profile Creation


Your social media app must allow users to set up their accounts by adding their personal information including name, profile picture, phone number, bio, and email address. Since user privacy is our primary concern, all this information must be stored on a decentralized server.

2. Friend Connections

friends-connections-in-mewe app

The primary goal of a social media app is to let people stay connected with their friends. People who would download your social media app must have an easy way to connect with other users and see their posts in an interactive manner.

3. Newsfeed


Daily newsfeed is the biggest USP of any social media app. The more interactive your feed section is, the easier it’ll be to engage the end users. Through the news feed, users can browse different posts and react to the content they like.

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4. Groups and Communities


Facebook Groups were one of the most trending parts of social media back in 2012. And, they continue to be an integral part of all social media platforms today as well. Your app must allow users to set up new groups, invite friends, and share content within a private space.

5. Privacy and Data Control

MeWe emphasizes user privacy and data protection. Users have control over their data and can choose who can access their information and posts. The platform also claims to encrypt user data and messages to maintain privacy. If you want to build a similar platform, it’ll be crucial to incorporate encryption and construct a decentralized server.

6. Messaging


MeWe includes private messaging functionality, allowing users to send direct messages, photos, and videos to their friends or specific groups. All these messages are end-to-end encrypted so that no one could access them without permission.

7. Voice and Video Calling

Both voice and video calling are crucial for social media apps like MeWe as they would allow the end users to interact with each other whenever they want.

8. Multimedia Sharing

MeWe allows users to share photos, videos, and other multimedia content with their connections. You can enable this functionality on your website and let users upload & organize their media albums easily.

9. Emojis and Reactions

Emojis and reactions are a great way to share your opinions on different posts. They are the modern language of social media. Users can express their feelings or reactions to posts using emojis or other reaction features, providing a way to interact and engage with content.

10. Event Creation

Finally, event creation is another useful feature that could make your social media app unique and separate it from the crowd. Let users create exclusive events and invite their friends.

Understanding MeWe’s Business Model – How Does MeWe Make Money?

For any entrepreneur planning to launch a mewe social media app, it’s crucial to get familiar with its business model.

Since MeWe puts user privacy at the top of its priority list, it doesn’t operate on the advertisement business model. It means the MeWe app doesn’t interrupt its users with unwanted brand ads.

But, to follow this business model, the social media platform relies on user subscription as its primary revenue model. Even though the basic platform is available for free, users have to pay additional charges if they want to access some advanced features.

For instance, if you want to create a business page on MeWe, you’d have to pay a minimal amount of $1.99. Similarly, some additional features such as video calling and voice calling require a subscription fee of $2.99 per month.

In conclusion, if you want to build a social media app like MeWe, you would have to come up with a dedicated revenue model that could help you generate the desired revenue.

Of course, the subscription model is one of them, but there are several other revenue streams you can use to make money.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Social Media App Like MeWe?

Now that you are familiar with the key features and revenue model of MeWe, let’s move towards evaluating the development cost of a social media app like MeWe.

Like any other mobile application, the cost to develop an app like MeWe depends on multiple factors. These factors include the development team you hire, the features you want to integrate, and the platforms you want to target.

In general, it can cost you anywhere between $50,000 to $180,000 to get your social media app up and running. However, you can cut down on this cost by hiring an offshore development team.

Offshore developers have comparatively lower development rates than native developers and provide the same quality services.

You can avail of these services at comparatively lower charges and save heavily on your app development budget.


While it’s challenging to provide an exact figure without detailed project specifications, it’s important to consider the scope of the app, the design elements, the development team, platforms, third-party integrations, testing, and ongoing maintenance.

Remember that cost should not be the sole factor in app development decision-making. It’s essential to balance your budget constraints with the desired quality, functionality, and user experience of the app.

A well-executed social media app can provide immense value and growth opportunities, making it worth the investment in the long run.

Contact our developers and let us build a working roadmap to help you evaluate the development cost of your MeWe app.

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