5 Widely Used PHP Frameworks to Consider in 2020 (Ultimate Guide)

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Having a business online is what every business looks for! You might also want to start the one for your business as well Right? But where to start is what makes us a little worried as this is the era full of diverse development platforms and frameworks.  Website development is becoming more and more demanding these days. It is not at all remained easier, Framework development company India needs to fulfil all the SEO-friendly and other important aspects to fulfil today’s requirement like download speed and much more. And PHP frameworks are the go-to-creation that inbuilt life in websites as well as in web applications and you will find on the internet that around 80-85% of the websites are backed by Web development framework India. 

Why PHP framework?

What makes Web development frameworks so popular that developers have become developers first choice. Besides the fact that PHP Frameworks has ready to use libraries and components, it also supports developers in shaping a stable application speedily with full security. This is the topmost reason why PHP frameworks are the best framework for web development. Something might be done or certain benchmarks need to be cleared to become the “best” of that service, category or domain.  In the same manner, when you look for top PHP frameworks for web development there are certain aspects that need to be fulfilled.  A very powerful dialogue by fast and furious 6 “Ride or Die”, stands true in this evolving industry and online marketplace with the latest functionalities every day. In such scenarios, businesses and top website development companies cannot lack behind upgrading them and website with market demand. Right now your head might be buzzing, which framework to look upon, is PHP frameworks performance will work for your website? Are you looking for the top PHP framework list? We will not further test your patience and will quickly get into the answer. Without much ado, Let’s discuss the category of the most competitive and top-performing website development frameworks available in the market in 2020.

Which framework is best for web development?

Laravel: Laravel is a reliable and open-source PHP framework popular for crisp web applications development. If you are looking for a reliable framework for a business perspective, you must go with Laravel. It includes native PHP, unified data migration, template engine viewing, routing, sessions, caching, enhanced security, and much more. Laravel framework is perfect to keep evolving your business with trends. Laravel has many inbuilt characteristics and includes the platform’s own templating engine called Blade, local development environment called Homestead, advanced RESTful routing system as well as more features. Why you must opt for Laravel PHP Framework?

  • Laravel is developers first choice and it is easy to install with the help of Homestead, a prepackaged, all-in-one vagrant box. If you are looking to hire an in-house Laravel developer, this framework is good to go or you may go for hiring top website development company. 
  • It makes customization easy with a lot of features mentioned above like authentication, MVC architecture support, security, routing, a view template engine, etc. 
  • Laravel fits for developing applications whether small or large with complex back-end requirements.

CakePHP: If you are not looking for advanced functionality in your website then you can go with CakePHP. With cake PHP framework, top website development company India will develop a visually immersive website and is the best PHP framework for beginners due to CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) framework. Why you must opt for CakePHP Framework?

  • It offers scaffolding and code generation functionality that helps in speeding up the development process.
  • CakePHP framework is free to use for both personal and commercial use.
  •  CakePHP has unique MVC conventions that provide guidance for the development process.
  • The security features offered by CakePHP prevents threats like CSRF(cross-site request forgery), input validation, XSS (cross-site scripting) protection, SQL injects, etc.

CodeIgniter: CodeIgniter is also in the list of top PHP framework that delivers exceptional performance-based website designing experience. This framework is suitable for developing dynamic websites by offering diverse pre-built modules.  The framework offers built-in security questions, data abstraction, high speed, libraries, and active community support. If you require a solid performance with lighter and faster application development go for hiring CodeIgniter developer. Why you must opt for CodeIgniter Framework?

  • When it comes to full-fledged website development Codelgniter offers the best support.
  • Customizability and configuration of this framework are quite easy due to which it is the ideal option for developers to create responsive websites for business.it also helps developers to work on creativity part with the minimal use of coding.
  • CodeIgniter offers features like top-notch error handling, MVC architecture, inbuilt security tools, etc.

Yii: “Yii- Yes it is” framework is simple yet offers high performance for developing modern web applications. It is a universal web programming framework as it is suitable for all types of web and apps.  Due to easy installation and integration with CodeCeption, Yii framework offers fast development and deployment of a business website. Why you must opt for Yii Framework?

  • It’s Robust security traits and clear installation process makes Yii development services much easier and faster.
  • Yii PHP framework helps in developing highly secure CMS, eCommerce projects, portals, etc.
  • It offers excellent speed and performance as it is extremely extensible, and lets developers avoid the complexity of writing repeated SQL statements.
  • Customization with Yii is quite easy.

Symfony: Symfony is a reliable and secure platform among all that offers web standards and precise manner. This is the framework among top PHP frameworks that are used worldwide mostly by startups. The features offered by the Symfony framework are flexibility, low maintenance, and better security. Why you must opt for Symfony Framework?

  • Symfony framework works well with large-scale enterprise projects as it is easy to install on most of the platforms.
  • It has a database engine independence, stable, offers best design patterns and allows for integration with other vendor libraries.
  • It can blend with bigger projects like Drupal, PHPBB, Piwik.
  • It supports templating, Translation, Validator, Form Config, etc. that makes it one of the top PHP frameworks.
  • It contains the largest number of bundles among all other frameworks.

Laravel or Symfony? Taking about the two most popular web development software, Laravel focuses on delivering value and is simple to use, while Symfony is used for advance project development and is a bit harder to start with and bit slower than other frameworks. Both frameworks’ features make it harder to decide which among all is better. Which PHP framework is right for you? PHP framework simplifies the development process and makes it quite easier for the developer to develop a customized website according to your business niche. While talking about the platform which one to choose will depend upon the business requirement. Further, consideration of the web development framework will depend upon various factors like security, ease of use, scalability, and much more. So, choose the one after understanding your project requirement.  Wrapping up: Here, is the list of a list of reliable PHP frameworks that would definitely help businesses in 2020. The best part is that these frameworks are future-ready with countless features to give you an amazing website that your customers will love and that are top website developers favourite. If you are still confused, You must consult us for project evaluation, strategy, and implementation.

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