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Arte Nuova Forma

A multi-linguistic responsive e-Commerce store that helped a 30-Year Old furniture brand establish an online presence and stay relevant in today's tech-savvy world.

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Nrg Edge Energy

An Online Job Portal Designed to Help Energy Experts Find Relevant Jobs While Staying at the top of the Latest Trends in the Industry.

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Brendon Gunn Media

BGMG (Brendon Gunn Media Group) is an Australian digital agency that offers various IT services including web development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Empire Startups

Empire Startups is a community of Fintech entrepreneurs, investors, and financial service providers with 17,000 active members across different countries.

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Custom frontend development services
for a great user experience


ReactJS is a much-loved framework for its super fast loading times and in-built SEO-friendly features. Our experienced ReactJS developers are skilled with Redux workflows and tools like Grunt, Babel, Gulp etc. that enable them to design finely customized web apps with third-party integration support, fulfil testing requirements, and provide post-launch support.

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Characterized by its simplicity and flexibility, VueJS is a great choice for developing MVPs with ease. Our VueJS experts can smoothly integrate multiple features and scale existing apps or build one from scratch with the fastest time-to-market. Experience the full benefits of the progressiveness and functionality that VueJS offers with our team.

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AngularJS is the go-to framework for enterprise solutions with added security and multiple access management. We build scalable, lightweight web apps by optimizing special aspects like RESTful API for high-level safety, two-way data binding, SSO, etc. Our user-first approach ensures your web app delivers what your customer needs.

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A favourite with both developers and businesses, Typescript is ideal for building robust, bug-free, reliable web apps. We develop custom cross-device and cross-platform compatible web apps for both enterprises and startups. Easily upgrade an existing suite of apps like a website for clients, an internal employee website, and mobile apps, as our Typescript experts can unify them all on a single codebase with complete planning and maintenance.

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Custom backend development services
to develop robust web applications


A conventional web development technology that’s still as effective as it was two decades ago. At RV Technologies, we utilize PHP to build dynamic performance-oriented server-side web applications that’ll give your business a competitive edge in the industry. Our PHP developers implement the best practices for this server-side programming language and combine them with modern-day PHP frameworks to achieve the best results.

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Python allows extended functionality and addition of complex features with the help of data science and machine learning. Our in-house Python experts will ensure fast, efficient web app development with the help of advanced Python-based frameworks like Django. Our developers are adept at giving you high-performance and flexible app solutions with excellent support for maximum business growth.

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Laravel’s biggest strengths are the ability to build in airtight security and quickly adapt to changes in software technology. Building or revamping a website is now easy with our Laravel specialists as we optimize it for speed, scalability, multilingual capabilities, secure user authentication and SEO-friendliness among other features. We help you create stable web apps or migrate existing ones to Laravel for a strong online presence.

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NodeJS is known for its low-budget testing capability, universal nature of code, and ability to scale quickly. Our NodeJS developers give you customer-centric web apps with a wide range of features for enhanced business capabilities including microservices architecture, fast migration from existing platforms or frameworks, seamless social networking options, ERP integrations, etc.

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Ruby on Rails (RoR) promises stability, quality, and nimble time-to-market, which are priorities for startups looking at MVPs, and for small businesses. Our expertise lies in optimizing RoR’s features for your business with in-depth technical knowledge. Our team gives you full-stack support for web app development including customization, upgrades, adaptations, migrations, and maintenance.

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