11 Critical Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Mobile App Development Company in 2023

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Mobile applications are not new in the market and new masterpieces come into existence every day. According to the statistics stated by Statista, published in December 2021, in the Google Play Store, around 3.48 billion apps were there and in the Apple app store, approximately 2.22 million apps.

Mobile apps have become an important part of our lives and an eminent tool of earning for businesses. Being daily users of various apps, you must know that it takes only a few seconds to switch apps if you do not get what you want. To stand out from competitors, you have to launch an innovative, engaging, detailed, fun, creative, and easily structured mobile app.

Do you know what matters most is having a unique app idea and finding the right app development company to convert it into digital reality? A Statista report revealed that last year there were nearly 7.1 billion mobile users around the worldand it is believed that in 2025 this number may rise to 7.49 billion.

This shows that investing in mobile apps can help you get a huge ROI and improve your brand reputation in the market. Now the major question is how to achieve your goal of having a responsive, captivating, and million-dollar mobile application. So, let’s unlock the secret of launching a successful mobile app in the industry.

Why Is It Crucial To Hire A Good Mobile App Development Company?

Are you aware of the horrific incidents where many entrepreneurs handed over a huge chunk of money to app developers and got unusable code or poorly designed apps as a result? Well, you may laugh and avoid this for a few minutes. But remember a small mistake can lead to a disaster.

Every business owner’s top priority is to avoid this outcome and no doubt hiring a mobile app development company is a highly challenging task. Few people put their effort into learning the big mistakes everyone makes when hiring an app developer.

You should hire an app developer by considering all the aspects as he will be the person responsible for whatever you get as an outcome. He will be going to develop and maintain the application for you. It is critical to hire an app developer as, without his help, you won’t be able to get what you need.

You may think that you can develop an app yourself, well, it is possible. But you need to understand that the complete process of learning and developing will take months. Even after that, you’ll not be able to make a fully-functional and captivating app.

The app must be able to attract and engage users. An app developer having years of experience developing good apps knows what to include in it to make it interesting. If an app is created and developed properly without any bugs, only then it will be able to appeal to and attract a huge number of people.

Techjury stated in a published article that it is predicted that the mobile app market will gain $935 billion of revenue in 2023. This indicates why it is critical to only work with a good and expert app developer.

The best mobile app development company will let you interact directly with the app developer to understand your requirements clearly. You should communicate and work with developers to understand the latest mobile app trends and strategies. This way at the end you’ll get an app with unique features and required functionalities.

Do not rush and hire any app development company on the internet as you may lose your money and end up having non-technical developers working for you. You need to be aware of several things and it is better to do prior research than regret the results. So, let’s see what you need to pay attention to before hiring a developer.

Critical Mistakes To Avoid While Hiring Expert Mobile App Developers

As there are a huge number of mobile app development companies around the world, hiring a reliable and best company is challenging. Before you begin searching for a top mobile app development company, you must be clear about your requirements.

If you’re not aware or know only a little about app development, you should first read a detailed guide on mobile app development. This way you’ll get knowledge and learn about the techniques and technologies used to develop different types of apps. You need to know about features that make a good app which possesses the capability to attract more traffic.

When deciding on the best and perfect app development company for your needs, several people make common mistakes that in the end turn up against them only. Therefore, continue reading to learn about the most common mistakes so that you can avoid repeating them.

1. Not Preparing A Checklist Of Requirements

Several people get an idea of making an interesting app and then directly start finding an app developer. This is not the right way to implement any strategy or idea. Have some patience and always try to do some diligent research on your end.

Ever heard ‘Prevention is better than cure?’ The same applies in this situation.

Get some time to research what features and functionalities you want to be in your app. What is the purpose of your app making and how are you going to accomplish that?

Understand if you need an iOS or Android app, and this decision should be purely based on the type of your audience. Be clear about the value that you can spend on the development part and how much time you want it to be developed completely.

These small features may not seem important to you but these play a crucial role in hiring the right mobile app development company. Prepare a checklist of your requirements in advance so that you don’t have to waste your time when you start looking for different companies.

Pro tip: Be prepared so that you will get knowledge and no one can fool you.

2. Only Looking For Developers Near You

Earlier, it was believed that hiring someone for your requirements nearest to your location is better. It was said because at that time there were fewer platforms and technologies to communicate and trust people working far away from the location. Nowadays if you follow this principle, you may fall behind and not find the best talent.

Looking for app developers across the globe will open more opportunities and you may not have to limit your search. This is one of the most common mistakes that most companies or owners do is searching and hiring experts only near your location. So, you should avoid making choices based on locality and instead expand your thinking and search.

Pro tip: Understand the possibilities are endless, just do not limit your search.

3.Neglecting Technical Interview Of App Developers

Just because your friend or your family friend got satisfied with the work of a development company doesn’t mean they best suit you. You must do technical discussion before hiring anyone as it is a critical aspect of knowing that they can develop whatever you want.

Every organization is different and has distinct needs and expectations. Therefore, it is essential to conduct interviews and have technical discussions with developers to know their strengths and weaknesses. Communicating personally with developers will help you understand their work and attitude. It is better to schedule an interview to save yourself from last-minute headaches. You can do a Skype call, Slack call, or just have a technical discussion directly on call.

Pro tip: Conducting technical interviews can assist you to recognize and hire skilled persons.

4. Prioritizing Development Cost Over Skills

There is no doubt that money plays an important role but another thing which comes at the top of the list is expertise. Owners of startups or small businesses may give priority to price over talent. However, you should not make a final decision solely based on the cost and you should understand that you’ll only get whatever you pay for.

First of all, you need to know that the skills of a developer matter the most. Prioritizing cost over skills means hiring a cheap developer may cause you a huge loss. You may not get satisfied with the outcomes and therefore may not generate the required revenue.

Many people scam others by showing them they are highly professional and charging very low prices. You should save yourself from such frauds. To do this, you should ask mobile app developers to build and launch MVP first and then develop a fully-functional application.

Pro tip:Remember the saying which means only a fool thinks that price and value are the same.

5. Avoiding Research And Checking Their Reputation

When you are hiring remote mobile app developers, you should not only verify their credentials but also check their reputation in the market. It is a good idea to conduct deep research on your own before hiring any company.

Check what feedback they have got from their past employees, their rating, and their reputation in the industry. Along with checking the basic credentials of a company, you must verify the qualifications and skills of developers who’re going to work on your project.

Ask developers to show their portfolios and try to get access to those apps. This way you’ll get a chance to see their work and level of expertise.

Pro tip:The secret of success is hard work and diligent research before making a decision.

6. Not Ensuring Their Market Experience

Avoid making another blunder that most entrepreneurs do is hiring a team of developers having no prior experience in your niche. You should hire expert developers that have experience working on similar projects or the same industry. Well, this is not a hard-fast rule. If you cannot find one, you can consider professionals who have years of experience and have dealt with huge technical complexities.

Consider developers having experience working with different industries and can easily sync your business requirements. Hiring the perfect candidate or company with the right knowledge and experience can make the best use of available technologies.

Pro tip:The outcome you’ll get mostly depends on the expertise level of the developer you hire.

7. Ignoring Product Development Strategy/Lifecycle

Want an app that can generate a high return on investment? Understand that making a good clay pot takes time, hard work, and a defined process to follow strictly. Similarly, a developer has to follow the development lifecycle or methodology to create a good, error-free, and captivating app.

Avoid repeating the same mistake of hiring a team having no understanding of development procedures and product lifecycle. If developers have the knowledge and implement specific development methodologies, you’ll get timely delivery of a good and alluring product.

Pro tip:Keep in mind that not having a clear strategy will make the execution aimless.

8. Hiring The Development Company In A Hurry

One of the most common mistakes that many entrepreneurs make is to take the recruiting process too lightly and hire someone in a hurry. Mobile app development is not child’s play, instead is a complex process and requires serious efforts of everyone involved in it.

Well, there are several mobile apps in the market but not everyone is popular and earning huge amounts of money. So, make sure to hire a team of skilled designers, developers, testers, and marketers who understand your business needs and execute everything accordingly.

Do not limit your options by considering only companies that are coming on top of search engines. Expand your options and take your time to hire as your money, efforts, and business is at stake.

Pro tip: It is better to act quickly but not hurry.

9. Not Keeping In Minding Culture Fit

You may not consider this point important, however, you’re going to work with the company you hire for a while. It is better to ensure that you’re going to have a collaborative and productive relationship with your development partner.

When you take the interview or get involved in technical discussion with the developer, keep culture fit in mind. Make sure that they involve you in the decision-making process and also take your opinion at every step.

Pro tip: To avoid mishappenings during development always hire a culture-fit company.

10. Failing To Communicate ideas

It is necessary to ensure that developers can effectively communicate and narrate complex ideas to non-technical people. For this, you should schedule an interview with them and ask them to make you understand the process of app development.

It is possible that you may not understand all the technical details but you will get an idea of the methodology used. They must be able to explain to you why they make specific decisions regarding the technology and tools they have used.

Pro tip: Always remember communication can make a team strong.

11. Neglecting Ownership Of Code

If you’re going to maintain your app on your own and just want the company to do the development part, you should ensure you get ownership of the source code. It is necessary to mention everything clearly in the contract before handing over the work to the app development company.

If you want to switch developers in the future or no longer want to work with the company, having clear terms before signing a contract is crucial.

Pro tip: It is always better to take prevention than regret it in the end.


We have provided you with a list of common mistakes that several business owners commit when hiring a mobile app development company. Have a strategic plan in hand and make sure you do not repeat any of the above-mentioned mistakes. This will make the entire development process easier for you and your developer. Carefully do your research and hire the best mobile app development company like RV Technologies. With us, you’ll get a team of professional developers, designers, and testers and our services are also pocket-friendly. So, choose the right development companies and hire the one that best suits your needs.

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