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Did you know that the average smartphone user has 65 apps installed on their device? How many do you have on your phone right now? Apps have become indispensable in our lives, and we now spend more time with them than ever before. Before the entrepreneurs outsource for their app development, they have a lot of questions going through their minds. One of them is, how do you create a successful mobile app?

The answer appears to be straightforward: A successful mobile app is one that fully meets the needs of the end-user in a timely and efficient manner. Even if an app only performs one thing, it does it incredibly effectively. The success of a mobile app is a process, not a destination. In most cases, businesses work to improve their mobile app over time in order to better satisfy the demands of their consumers and achieve success. In this post, we will discuss ten critical factors that can be incorporated by a mobile app development company that will influence the success of your mobile app.

A great app is focused, intuitive, lightning-fast, and a joy to use. As an outsourcing app development company, you should check out apps that are highlighted in app stores and those that have won awards from Apple and Google on a regular basis. There are some features that are “good to have” and some that are “must-haves”, but many will help your app stand out. You’ll have a better chance of making it onto those “top app” lists if you focus on meeting the criteria outlined below.


Consumers have short attention spans, so if your app is difficult to use, they will quickly lose interest. If a consumer can’t get to their information quickly and simply, they’ll get dissatisfied and look for another option, such as utilizing a competitor’s app. As a mobile app development company, you can design clear, uncluttered displays with clear leads to the next step in the app process. No ambiguity enhances the consumer experience and encourages them to use it again. As a result, when it comes to mobile apps, less is more. Whatever functionality you provide during the mobile app development, the more straightforward it is given, the better and more successful it will be.

Ask yourself the following questions to maintain the simplicity of an app:

  • Are you making your user’s life easier?
  • Is the app’s flow user-friendly?
  • Is it possible for consumers to figure out how to use your app without any help?
  • Will these options be utilized? Are they important?
  • Is your app becoming more complicated or easier to use as a result of these features?


In this age of immediate gratification, if your app takes a lifetime to load resources, it will most likely be deleted — sooner or later. Update your mobile app development skills so that your app should not be left behind as the world becomes faster. Consider the finest apps you use the most: they’re quick, stable, and responsive.

Screens that load quickly are essential. No one likes waiting, especially when all they have to look at is a screen with a loading indicator, and this frustration quickly turns to boredom, leading to the decision to look for something better. In the world of mobile app development, the term “speed” refers to the ability to display a suitable set of images without having to retrieve big tables or databases. Keep things brief and quick.

Any outsourcing app development firm can vouch that a successful app is built on the foundations of stability and speed. Start with the content if you want to increase the speed of your app. Focus on only what’s vital and leave the rest for subsequent pages. You should also think about downsizing your images, optimizing your code, and using a CDN to improve the performance of your app during the mobile app development phase.

Good image resolution

While it’s important to strike a balance between app speed and usefulness and resolution, you also need to make sure that what’s on-screen is detailed enough to make the user experience valuable. In the world of mobile app development, blocky visuals are a thing of the past, and today’s users want high-definition and have access to 16 million digital colors. Anything less will fail to provide an exceptional user experience and hence have a negative impact on your reputation as an outsource app development company and also your app’s sales. As a result, your image must be made with both the careful precision of a 1024×1024 dimension and is simply required to appear pretty even when scaled down to the smallest size.


The inclusion of the two most popular platforms, iOS, and Android, in your app strategy is critical for success. Implementing a cross-platform mobile app development framework is one effective approach to accomplish this. Cross-platform mobile app development solutions can help you save time and money by developing apps for both platforms independently. Although the coding doesn’t have to be different, you might be dealing with differing screen sizes and resolutions, thus test on both systems before uploading.

A successful mobile app is fully compatible with the operating systems for which it was created. Entrepreneurs need to discuss these points with their outsourced app development partners during the planning phase. These apps are designed with the platform in mind, utilizing the inherent capabilities of mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet. Pay attention to the platform’s features and characteristics, as well as the guidelines and working environment for each app store when developing your mobile app. Features like uploading instant photos rely heavily on the native capabilities of the mobile camera. Avoid adopting unknown features that don’t fit into your mobile platform’s foundation and could degrade the user experience.


Internet security is becoming increasingly important, and your app is no exception. Many applications store personal and sensitive information, as well as credit and debit card information, thus security is critical. Mobile apps must be extremely secure and dependable since they store and interact with sensitive personal information. Unintentional data leaking, incorrect session handling, and flawed encryption are just a few of the most typical security concerns that mobile app development faces every day.

To avoid such security difficulties, you should choose a reputable mobile app development company to evaluate your app and remove any potential security threats before it goes live. You will avoid compromising your most sensitive information in this manner.

Hackers might try to:

  • Install malware on apps and devices so that it can access data and steal screen lock passwords.
  • Intercept sensitive data as it travels through the network.
  • Take consumer information in order to commit identity theft or fraud.
  • Obtain private business assets.

Because of all of these possible vulnerabilities, app security must be a top priority rather than something that is tacked on as an afterthought.

Bright and bold color schemes

The colors you pick in your app can have a big impact on how people use it. Colors don’t have a tried-and-true formula. It all depends on the type of software you have and the functionality it has. If you’re not sure, try A/B testing different color schemes to see which one works best for you. Keenly follow the suggestions by the app designers from your outsourced app development partner.

Customers will be drawn in by simple things like eye-catching color palettes. If you pay attention to complementary colors on the color wheel, you’ll end up with an app that is both elegant and professional.

Top app development companies get people’s attention in the first place by displaying an appealing icon. Setting a good first impression with the icon is a passkey for pushing a high number of organic downloads. Your app’s icon is one of the first major points a user will see as they debate whether or not to download the app.

Push notifications

Push notifications are easier to send than emails and are less likely to end up in spam folders. They can be text, graphic, or a combination of the two to deliver your consumers content they might be interested in. Everyone dealing with mobile app development knows that unsolicited communications are far worse than relevant and personalized push messaging since they are focused specifically on the individual user and are more likely to be of interest to them.

In our experience as a mobile app development company, users that opt-in to receive mobile notifications have a substantially greater retention rate on average. You may send thoughtful reminders, targeted offers, and breaking news to your users via notification messages. You’re significantly more likely to keep users for the long run if your mobile alerts can demonstrate direct personal value.

User feedback

Push notifications are easier to send than emails and are less likely to end up in spam folders. They can be text, graphic, or a combination of the two to deliver your consumers content they might be interested in. Everyone dealing with mobile app development knows that unsolicited communications are far worse than relevant and personalized push messaging since they are focused specifically on the individual user and are more likely to be of interest to them.

While you may want to create the perfect app the first time, there are always ways to improve it and make it more user-friendly. The simplest approach to figure this out is to ask the user directly. Adding an option for feedback during the mobile app development phase is an excellent approach to encourage your clients to tell you what they want and to filter that information into what has to be added or removed, what can be done with a little effort, and what should be ignored. By including a feedback button on the app, you provide the client the opportunity to tell you what they think may be improved.

A simple and easy-to-use customer support channel can drastically improve the user experience. The outsourced app development company must understand that it’s critical to have a communication, feedback, rating, and review channel. You can reduce the likelihood of a negative user experience and greatly increase app retention by allowing users to contact or seek assistance. Furthermore, providing an easy-to-use feedback route within the app encourages engagement with the user and helps to avoid unfavorable public evaluations. Make the procedure as simple and frictionless as feasible, with the fewest stages and text input as possible.

Maintain high performance

One of the most important indicators of a mobile app’s success is its performance. Poor app performance can result in a negative user experience, resulting in fewer downloads, lower revenue, and an unfavorable brand image for your app development company. According to a recent research, 80% of app users will only try to utilize a troublesome, poorly working app three times or less. As a result, it’s critical that your program runs smoothly even if it is for.

To maintain or improve the user experience, an app must continually operate well. Your mobile app should load rapidly the first time and not keep consumers waiting for long periods of time. It’s also crucial to remain on top of any issues, crashes, or slow performance and fix them. An outsourcing app development company is ranked based on its high performing apps.

Updated regularly

The app must be updated at least once a month in order to provide customers with new content, features, promotions, experiences, and more. We enjoy trying new things. It doesn’t matter if it’s an app or a smartphone. We see new things as if they have the potential to reciprocate in some way, according to scientific evidence. Dopamine levels rise as we try new things. That’s why, in order to keep your users engaged, it’s a good idea for mobile app development companies to keep your app updated on a regular basis.

Updates do not necessarily have to be about new features. App development companies can change the user interface or correct technical issues. Before updating your app, you should consider taking user input into account. You’ll be able to make your app very addicting over time if you do it this way.

A mobile app’s popularity must be sustained over time, which necessitates constant development and upgrades. You must commit to producing constant app updates in order to fix bugs and keep users coming back for more in order to succeed. It’s critical to keep app features and content up-to-date and relevant at all times. In Nutshell, mobile app development is a continuous process.


You may improve parts of your app that can lead to a significant ranking boost by knowing the methods behind what helps the top apps rank highly. Mobile app development follows the rule of simplicity. While not every strategy we discussed is appropriate for every app, there is an opportunity for improvement in all the areas for the vast majority of apps across all categories. However, including all of these features in your app is likely to drastically increase development costs, therefore it’s important to know what those costs might be before writing any code.

It’s crucial to remember that app success necessitates planning, foresight, and perseverance. Finally, offering value to your consumers and focusing on creating an exceptional user experience are frequently the keys to success.

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