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Use2Connect is an on-demand service app that allows service providers to find relevant work opportunities (according to their skills) by connecting with various employers. As of now, Use2Connect has helped many users utilize their skills to find new projects and jobs that relate to their niche. However, there was a time when Use2Connect was just a simple idea and Sascha Reinhard, the CEO of Use2Connect, was looking for a reliable development team to turn this idea into a fully functional app.

Before joining hands with RV Technologies, Reinhard interviewed many development teams, but none of them met his requirements. Our development team, on the other hand, was highly intrigued by the idea and asked many queries related to the app’s scope. Reinhard was quite impressed by the curiosity of our developers and instantly decided to hire RV Technologies as his development partner.


With Use2Connect, the primary objective was to build a cross-platform mobile app that would allow users to list their projects/job requirements and find skilled service providers accordingly. Similarly, a service provider (be it a developer or designer) could see the projects (listed by other users) and apply for different projects according to their skills. The idea was to make job hunting much easier for independent workers while allowing project owners to find skilled individuals for their projects.


As soon as our development team jumped in and analyzed Reinhard's vision, they could foresee a few challenges with the development process. First of all, we knew that the mobile app market was stacked with similar on-demand service apps. So, our designers and developers needed to follow a completely new approach to easily build a distinctive app that would easily attract the target audience.

Secondly, Reinhard wanted to integrate a subscription model to Use2Connect, which meant we had to implement the right security mechanisms to completely secure the monetary transactions.


Did RV Technologies Succeed in Developing an On-Demand Service Platform for Sascha Reinhard?

After analyzing the challenges, our designing team took over the reins and designed the initial wireframes for different modules of the app. We chose Flutter as the front-end framework for Use2Connect as it would allow us to deploy the same codebase to create native apps for both Android and iOS.

Meanwhile, our development team was working on the backend. Since security was one of the major requirements of Use2Connect, we used Laravel to build and manage the backend for the app.

So, after the UI was ready, we integrated the following features to add the desired functionality to Use2Connect.

  • Single User Account
  • AWS Integration
  • Tile-Based Home UI
  • Chat Support
  • Project Listings
  • Push Notifications

1 Single User Account

Even though Use2Connect was targeted towards both service providers and project owners, we designed a single-user login to keep the log-in process as convenient as possible. we designed a static UI that would allow users to switch between consumer and service provider profiles easily.

2 AWS Integration

To help Use2Connect interact with the registered users more effectively, we also integrated AWS that would allow the admin to configure automatic emails and send them to all the users easily.

3 Tile-Based Home UI

Since Reinhard wanted to keep the “profile switch” as smooth as possible, we opted for a tile-based UI for Use2Connect’s home. We added three titles - News, Job Inquiries, and Your Projects. By tapping the “Job Inquiries” tile, the user would be prompted to all the inquiries that he/she has received from companies/employers.

4 Chat Support

With Use2Connect, we also integrated Flutter's built-in Chat API and customized it to make the app more usable. With the “Chat” menu, both employers and service providers could easily communicate with each other and discuss the project status whenever they want.

5 Project Listings

As soon as the employers would list a dedicated project on their profile, all the service providers would see it on their profile. The project owners could add projects under different categories (that are pre-defined by the admin himself). Based on their skills and past experience, the service providers would be able to apply for a dedicated job.

The project owner would receive all the job requests from different service providers. To enhance the overall user-friendliness of Use2Connect, we integrated a simple “Swipe Left/Right” feature via which the project owners could select or reject a candidate.

6 Push Notifications

For any on-demand service app, push notifications are an integral feature. Our developers designed a dedicated “Notification Panel” where the users (both employers and service providers) would see the pending notifications. Here the user could also turn off the push notification feature by toggling the switch if they don’t want to get disturbed for a while.


How Use2Connect Became One of the Top On-Demand Service Apps for Employers & Service Providers?

Thanks to the continuous efforts of our developers, we were able to develop a feature-packed job marketplace for Sascha Reinhard within the 10 weeks timeframe.

As of now, Use2Connect has a 4.5-star rating on both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The app has already helped thousands of users find relevant work opportunities based on their skills.

Even today, RV Technologies continues to offer support and maintenance services to the Use2Connect mobile app. Our vision is to keep integrating new features to make job-hunting a hassle-free task for the users.