Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends For 2016

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  • calendar Updated: May 27, 2016

No matter, which part of the globe or country you are in, there is one thing that stays inside your pocket all the time. Whether you are shopping, going to order your favorite meal, hiring a cab or anything else, you just can’t afford to forget your Smartphone. Mobile apps have made everything a lot easier that you now can shop anything at a single click – without putting your other activities to delay.

Looking at the recent trends in mobile app development, it’s not at all wrong to say that the technology is growing with the speed of light. This post highlights the top five trends in the mobile sector that are gaining popularity in the year 2016.

Cloud Technology

Booming cloud technology seems to play a critical role in the app development sector. Since the evolution of cloud technology and rise in the usage of mobile apps, developers are using more focused approach to build functionality that is compatible to be used on all mobile devices with similar features.

Aside from that, cloud technology is enabling the app developers to adapt to faster development processes even when they don’t have an in-depth knowledge of certain technology aspects.

Wearable Technology

After the launch of Apple watch that introduced wearable technology, it has become the hottest topic in the industry. However, most wearable devices were focused toward health and fitness stream in the past, the future will see use of wearable technology in several new business undertakings. For instance, there has been a boom coming in the fashion and textile industry about adopting the wearable technology.

Mobile Banking and M-commerce

Studies have reported 19% of the commercial sales are coming through a Smartphone or tablet. Analysts say that this trend is supposed to continue catching pace as more and more customers are opting for m-commerce solutions. Common tasks such as transferring money or purchasing goods online have become as easy as using a credit card or debit card.

Internet of Things

Just like cloud technology is gaining pace, Internet of Things is gaining immense popularity among the techies. Though, it’s still a beginning, this technology is likely to gain unexpected hype with new innovation and technology implementations. Some IoT trends that will be under-observation include, development of new devices, new standards for multi sensor support and M2M automation and other security related concerns.

Since IoT will impact every part of our lifecycle – even the Smartphone standards are likely to evolve with new opportunities provided by sensors connecting with the machines.

Advertising and Purchasing with Apps

According to the statistics, advertising through apps has continuously been on the rise. In-app advertisements are no longer limited to banners, while, in fact, a variety of other advertising techniques such as videos, text and images, are being incorporated to the advertising section, to grab the user’s attention.

Marketers, however, believe that this will help the advertisers/businesses to engage their customers and market their services more effectively through a great user experience.

That’s it! In the recent years, there has been a tremendous growth in certain sectors such as mobile gaming, m-commerce, mobile banking, manufacturing industry, to name a few, that are being affected by the continues growth in the mobile app development. However, the future will introduce a lot of evolving trends that are waiting to catch your attention. So let’s wait and watch what’s more to it!

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