Launching an Online Store for an NYC Clothing Brand

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Reason Clothing is a US-based clothing brand that started as a physical shop in New York City back in 2006. After selling goods from their physical outlet for several years, the management team at Reason Clothing decided to expand their business and make their products available nationwide. They already knew that they would require a robust online store that could easily handle the traffic and provide an immersive shopping experience to the customers.

The team started looking for e-commerce developers and came across the RV Technologies portfolio on Google. After a brief virtual meeting, they instantly hired our e-commerce development team and we began building an online shopping platform for Reason Clothing that would help the brand generate better sales.


After the initial conversation with the client, it was pretty clear that they wanted an easy-to-use online store that would allow the customers to shop for different items easily. Since user-friendliness was the top priority for Reason Clothing, we picked Shopify to accompany us during the development process.

As compared to other e-commerce platforms, user-friendliness is the major USP of Shopify and that’s why nearly 1 million of the e-commerce stores in the United States run on Shopify. So, after agreeing to use Shopify as the e-commerce builder for Reason Clothing, the designing team started working on the initial wireframe, and meanwhile, our developers built a strategic plan to integrate the required functionality into the website.


With Reason clothing, easy navigation was the primary objective and probably the biggest challenge for our developers. The product list of Reason Clothing involved different categories including tops, bottom-wear, sneakers, and accessories. To ensure that everything was accessible within a few clicks, it was important for the developers to build a navigable store.

Moreover, like any other e-commerce store, security was another major challenge with Reason Clothing. Since the company was looking forward to expanding its operations in other states of the United States, it was imperative that customers could shop for items in a completely safe environment.

How RV Technologies Build an Easy-to-Navigate and Completely Secure Online Shop for Reason Clothing

Keeping these core challenges in mind and having developed the initial wireframe, we moved towards the implementation so that the idea could be moved from the paper to the computer screens.

1. Starting With The Theme

First and foremost, our designers went to Shopify’s built-in theme store to choose the right theme for the website. Based on the layout we had decided in the wireframe, we picked 3 different theme ideas and shared them with the client. The client made his decision, and our developers adjusted different elements of the theme to ensure it meets the final vision.

While choosing the theme, easy navigation was our top priority. We were looking for a theme that would allow shoppers to explore all the product categories more conveniently. That’s why we picked a tile-based UI where customers would have the power to browse through each category with a single click.

2. Navigable UI

To further improve the navigation, our developers optimized the navigation bar. They integrated all the product categories within the navigation bar so that customers could reach the desired product page more conveniently. Following the general thumb rule, this navigation bar ensured that every product page was 3-clicks away from the customers.

We also configured the navigation bar to stay consistent across all web pages. This way shoppers could reach the desired product page, irrespective of the current web page they were browsing.

At the top, we decided to add separate sections for ‘Men’ and ‘Women’. The developers configured the website to automatically change the product layouts according to the selected category.

3. Payment Gateway Integration

Once the UI was up and functioning, our focus moved towards the website’s ‘security’. The idea was to integrate a third-party payment gateway API that supported multiple payment methods and still provided advanced security.

Moreover, since Reason Clothing also wanted to reach customers in a few European countries as well, we focused on integrating a payment gateway that also supported international payments. After evaluating different available options and discussing with the client, we chose AfterPay as the payment gateway for Reason Clothing’s online shop.

4. Quick Checkout

High cart abandonment rates are the most common reasons why many e-commerce stores fail to generate the expected sales. Having developed different e-commerce stores in the past, we were pretty familiar with this issue and wanted to integrate a mechanism that would reduce the cart abandonment rate for Reason Clothing.

To achieve this goal, our developers added a ‘Quick Checkout’ that would allow users to complete the checkout process within a few seconds. With ‘Quick Checkout’ in the picture, shoppers no longer would have to set up their accounts or log in with their credentials to place an order. They could simply add the shipping details, choose a payment method, and complete the transaction to get the job done.


Helping a Veteran Clothing Brand Relish the Benefits of an Online Presence

After three months of designing, development, and continuous testing, our Shopify developers finally deployed the website into the market. Today, Reason Clothing has become one of the most popular online clothing platforms in the United States that attracts more than 10,000 shoppers every month.