The Present and Future of Social Media in IT Industry

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  • calendar Updated: September 1, 2015

The IT world looks so much different than it used to be 10 years ago. Now most of it is being done over the internet with its large part involving social media and other social networking platforms. It has revolutionized practically everything known to mankind and its greater impact is noticeable on the technology industry. The IT industry has drastically changed over the time due to the availability of these modern day technologies. It has changed the way people used different communication channels. Everything has got a shortcut now and anything is possible with just a single post. All you need is a social media account and its good maintenance.

Today, Facebook and Twitter have made things very easy for the IT industry. Now, professionals don’t have to look for ways to advertise their business and services, one social account is enough to get things done in the best possible way. Although, social media was not actually designed for such business transactions, but the vast number of people using this platform made it an ideal spot for all types of marketing and communication processes. IT just got transformed with an advent of social media!

From advertising to connections, social media made IT to work in a whole new light. It showed it many practical ways to stay in touch with their customers and is still helping out this industry to earn better. Here is the checklist stating the four different ways how social networking is strengthening the business communications and evolving this vast IT field:

1) Social Connections for Long-term Business Relationships

Thanks to the social media that it’s now easy for the ITians to connect with their potential clients. No more information posting on the products and services now as social networks gives an easy way out to form connections. These platforms are more client focused and aim at building strong trust and business relationships. Rather than posting product information and services, social media is an ideal option to create a strong bond with your prospective customers. And, this is how it is helping IT to advance further.

2) Campaigning is a New Way of IT Dealing

Having a social media account is like having your personal broadcast network that lets you advertise your products and services, without spending a fortune. It takes only minutes to set the pace of your business online. This gives the IT company a chance to respond to information quickly and maintain regular contact with their customers. The social media platforms are the best way to acknowledge a compliment or address an issue quickly and efficiently.

3) Image Connections Make Everything Convenient

Image imparts a more human appearance to your IT ventures. These days IT companies are allowing their employees to blog or post something related to technology and this makes their online presence more likeable and compassionate. So just forget those old days where maintaining standards were important, now is the time to show the close connections with your customers. This will increase both your reach and profits.

4) Your All Time Availability is What IT Customers Want

The biggest plus point of stepping on to the social platform is that it shows your all time presence to your customers. The social media is one such place where your business is never closed and you are all time available for your audience. It lets you address the problems of your clients at a time with immediate response. And, this is what is making IT more quick and fast forward.

So people, IT has surely witnessed some major advancements in this short span of 5-10 years and this all owe to social media. If you think making your online presence is an easy job, then let me tell you that it’s not at all about making a post and expecting results. You have to make real efforts to make your presence felt. IT is changing and so is the social media, their amalgam is sure to create many long lasting business deals.

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