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With its major hubs located in different countries of the world, the Oil and Gas Industry is a widely scattered market. Unlike other professions, finding jobs in the Energy industry isn’t as straightforward as people expect.

Even employers find it challenging to find a skilled workforce for their companies. Back in 2015, Dhanasekar​ Dhandapani (the mastermind behind NrgEdge) was well-aware of these challenges and wanted to overcome them by building a professional network for people involved in the Oil and Gas industry.

He was looking for a full-scale development agency that could build a recruitment website and mobile apps for both iOS and Android. After interviewing many agencies, Dhandapani decided to join hands with RV Technologies and this began a journey of new challenges, achievements, and most importantly - a long-term relationship with a happy client.


A project like NrgEdge brings a multitude of challenges for the developers. The first and major challenge with NrgEdge was its extensive development requirements. Apart from the website, Dhandapani also wanted to launch dedicated native mobile apps for iOS and Android.

This meant that three development teams had to simultaneously build three different products while ensuring data synchronization and maintaining the highest quality standards.

Some of the additional challenges with NrgEdge included:

1. Easy Sign Up Process for Both Employers and Job Seekers

Since NrgEdge was supposed to be a one-stop marketplace for both employers and aspiring candidates, it was imperative to keep the “sign up” and “registration” process simple for both parties.
To do this, we integrated “social media” login that would allow users to import their personal data from Linkedin and Facebook. Another challenge for our developers was to ensure that both employers and job seekers could access features that cater to their personal requirements after completing the setup process.

2. Profile SetUp As a recruitment-based website, it was crucial for all the users on NrgEdge to set up their profiles so that employers could find the right talent for their companies. However, we also knew that too many steps in the profile setup process would easily ruin the user experience. That’s why we wanted to reduce the number of steps and keep the process as simple as possible.

3. Scalable Database Our development team knew that a website or app like NrgEdge would require a scalable database to support the extensive user base. To do this, we chose MongoDB (as opposed to traditional schema-based RDBMS), to support the backend.

4. Social Network for the Energy Industry

Apart from a regular recruitment-based platform, Dhandapani also wanted to further expand NrgEdge into an exclusive social networking platform for people working in the Energy Industry.

The basic goal behind this was to help professionals connect with each other and build a strong community. However, this also meant the integration of more add-ons and extensions, which was most likely to slow down the website.


How RV Technologies Built a Successful Recruitment Platform that Made It Easier to Find Jobs in the Oil and Gas Industry?

After analyzing NrgEdge’s business requirements, we decided to choose Laravel to build the NrgEdge website. Since Laravel is a PHP-based framework that follows the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture, it would make the website more scalable and navigable. As far as the mobile apps were concerned, we utilized Java for Android and Swift for the iOS version of the app.

To further make NrgEdge stand out from other recruitment platforms, we integrated multiple features that would allow the candidates to find different job opportunities and stay connected with others working in the Oil and Gas Industry.

  • An Easily Navigable User-Interface
  • Career Passport
  • Custom Job Search
  • Company Profiles
  • Projects
  • Messaging
  • NrgBuzz
  • NrgEdge Learning

1 An Easily Navigable User-Interface

To help users access all the features and keep the website clutter-free, our developers ensured that it had an easy-to-navigate interface. We added a dedicated navigation bar at the top that displayed all the different services NrgEdge has to offer.

This would allow users to find specific services they were looking for with a single click. For instance, job-seekers could browse the “Jobs” section to find different job opportunities whereas others could simply click on the “NrgBuzz” tab to find the latest information about the Energy industry.

2 Career Passport

Career Passport was an innovative idea that would separate NrgEdge from other similar recruitment platforms on the Internet. After setting up their respective profiles, users could click the “View Career Passport” button to create a custom resume (based on their profile).

They could directly share their career passports with employers and this would give them a competitive edge over other applicants. The general idea behind “Career Passport” was to speed up the entire process and help users find more unique job opportunities.

3 Custom Job Search

The custom job search was yet another feature that made it more convenient for candidates to find relevant jobs. With this “custom search” feature, candidates could apply different parameters (location and job type) to filter the results and narrow them down to the most suitable jobs that would suit their profile.

For instance, if someone is looking for a “full-time” job in Australia, he/she could simply use the drop-down menus in the search area and easily find desired job opportunities. The custom search feature is available on both websites and mobile applications so that users can search for jobs from any device they want.

4 Company Profiles

In addition to creating personal profiles, users could also set up dedicated business profiles for their organizations. This feature is exclusive to business owners who want to use NrgEdge’s platform to promote their company while finding a skilled workforce at the same time.

Users with a “Company Profile” could post job requirements and post new content on their feed.

5 Projects

While hiring employees in the energy industry, almost every organization goes through candidates’ past work experience. To help employers analyze the candidate’s work profile more effectively, we integrated a dedicated “Projects” section where people could post detailed information about projects that they were involved in.

Users can also browse other people’s projects to know what types of projects are leading the Oil & Gas industry. To keep this section easy to navigate, our developers created a categorical menu to display different categories. After clicking on any of the categories, the app automatically displays a list of projects from the selected category.

6 Messaging

As we mentioned earlier, Dhandapani also wanted to expand NrgEdge by making it a social network for the energy industry professionals. So, apart from allowing users to connect with each other, it was also important to add a dedicated “Chat” feature that would allow users to send messages to others.

However, to offer complete privacy, we ensured that one could only send messages to people who are already on their “Connection” list. Also, to add another security layer, we integrated end-to-end encryption to keep the communication between two users completely private.

7 NrgBuzz

NrgBuzz is the company’s official news platform where members could publish dedicated posts or access forums on 28 different categories.

Using NrgBuzz, members could either reply to existing threads or create new threads to start a completely new discussion in the community.

8 NrgEdge Learning

Finally, to make NrgBuzz a fully functional marketplace for the Oil and Gas industry, we integrated the “NrgEdge Learning” - a learning portal that would allow students and young employees to explore dozens of learning courses and uplift their skill sets and step up in their respective careers.

Again, to offer a seamless browsing experience, we added a dedicated “Search” section so that users could search for specific courses more easily.


So, Did We Successfully Turn the NrgEdge’s Business Idea into Reality?

Yes, our development team succeeded in building a feature-loaded marketplace that would help the Energy industry come closer. As of now, NrgEdge has successfully helped thousands of aspiring candidates find relevant jobs in different fields of the Energy industry.

Their mobile application has 10,000+ downloads on Google Play Store and the website attracts huge monthly traffic. Even after six years of its inception, RV Technologies continues to offer support and maintenance services to NrgEdge’s mobile app as well as the website. We constantly update their features to ensure that the user experience is top-notch.