Your Mobile Application Security Matters: A Cookbook for Making Better Apps!

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  • calendar Updated: January 10, 2015

Everybody has a smartphone these days and all of us are using it to its maximum potential when it comes to our daily tasks. Since our dependency over the mobile apps is growing day by day so it is imperative to ensure that its usage is secured and protected. If the phones of celebrities can get hacked, then why not yours. There is a possibility of everything in this tech-savvy world.

You will be surprised to know that according to one study almost 8,260,509 unique malware installation packs targeted the mobile devices, most of which were aimed at stealing the money or personal and confidential data. In such a scenario, how would you know that you are safe from cyber risks or not? That is why there is a need to make better apps, which are both secured and robust.

It is very well known that the mobile apps are the easiest gateways to malicious attacks, similar to web applications. This is the reason why people keep strong passwords for their phone, voicemail, personal accounts and so on. Considering all this, mobile security has to be the top development priority now. So here is an overview of five important steps that will help you in the making up of better mobile applications, resulting in the realistic application security model.

Your Application Code Needs a Final Revision, Have You Done That?

Reviewing a code becomes important when the mobile application is on the verge of its completion. It is must to scan it for security vulnerabilities during the development cycle. This review should be done for all the mobile application components, including the apps installed on a smartphone. Thus, revise it as much as you can, make it safe and secure and then upload it to the play store.

How Secure is Your Application? Go for Security Testing Without Fail!

Once the application is ready, it should automatically be tested as part of a build automation process.  This testing will make every bit and byte of your application strong, while it is still under development. With the help of an automated build cycle and its feature-rich functionality, all your mobile applications will be tested, ensuring improved security and better performance.

Is There a Security Expert Handling Your Applications? You Must Know This!

Not all developers are security experts so you must ensure that your application gets developed by the team, who is well trained in application development security. They must have strong fundamentals and should be capable of solving all the development issues right in the beginning. Such resources not only result in functional apps, but also accounts for their high security and safety.

Complete Know-How About The Security Gaps, It is a Must!

The development of a mobile application brings together a range of components and each component has its vulnerabilities to add. This can result in security gaps at different parts of your application. So to overcome such a state, you must stay updated with the latest releases and security patches, which will help you in getting out of these logical flaws. Therefore, it is must to include business logic testing of your application in the final stage to get secured application results.

What are The Other Things That Can Be Implemented For Improved Mobile Apps? Know Them Right Here!

As hackers always target the weakest phone links so mobile apps are the easier targets for them. Make sure you provide the best security to your applications. There are many other technology implementations which can be used to form secured apps. Work with the infrastructure, the people and the processes, utilize other advanced testing techniques to gain a holistic view into your mobile applications.

So, all in all, security and feature-richness are the keys to the best mobile applications. And, this 5 step guide is an ideal way to achieve them. However, if you want a professional for all this technical stuff, then RV Technologies is here to help you out with its vast technology resources and skilled mobile application development team. Hire us today and get access to safe apps!


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