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Brief about App

We worked on this project and needed to deliver an App or a responsive website based on my own vision, research, findings and the process that we’ve learned throughout the program

The Idea

This app was designed to enhance consistency by adding structure to practice, and by being available to you anywhere, anytime. Use it as your guide to turn to for proper execution of technique, and to sustain your motivation by monitoring your progress

Sketching for Visual Design

Designing this particular app and including all the features was a challenge. We had to ensure that the app had a good interface which could be used by users while providing features useful. The integration had to be better so that tracking was accurate

App User Interface Design

As we all know that UI is an integral part of the app development cycle, but at the same time, that is the sphere where people would like to make any additional efforts. The wider the target audience of the service, the simpler and clearer it should be. Everything the user needs here is clear navigation and fast work. Considering the number of competitors in this market we made something original in design so that the service can stand out from the crowd

Crafting the Experience

The initial mapping is one of the basic flows of the application that made us realise how a user would go through the app inside each flow. We took this as a sitemap to finally start crafting all the screens of the app

Monitoring the Pipeline Activity

We thoroughly monitored the activity and compiled a comprehensive research on a plethora of essentials which can give the client a good amount of insights on the market. We implemented and monitored the pipeline activity throughout the process


As it always goes, to design a solution, you need to understand the problem first. Although the task was to create a taxi finder app, it was very essential to research the pre and post booking phase

Final Product

The app was a success as we were able to incorporate various features which worked flawlessly. The app did prove useful for customers and provided them the best experience

End Deliverables

The final product was delivered successfully within the decided timeframe

Product Response

Users have given positive feedback to the end product

Edge Over Competitors

The app has become quite popular in its niche and has outranked most of its competitors

What We Identified?

We successfully developed an app that works on real time data. The users will get to know the fitness trackings for every walk they make

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