Is Your App Really Designed For The Users?

September 24, 2018

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Creating a user-friendly application is the demand of customers. Just think of how many times you have downloaded an application and uninstalled it in just 10 minutes due to the complex functionality.

Customer friendly application should engage customers rather than making them deleting or uninstalling the app from their phones. So that question arises here is that how will you engage your users through your designs once they have downloaded the application? 

Research shows that about 80%- 90% of the users time goes in using mobile and each individual’s users use on an average of 8-9 apps in a day.

Market Research to understand users’ requirement:

Little deeper understanding of users on how they think and act prevents designers to fabricate for their own delight.  You should interact with the user’s to gain knowledge about what they want from you; what are the key aspects of the user’s requirement. Follow the industry standard of real-world interaction with the users.

Observe them in a real environment, gain knowledge about their interests, what makes them happy, bored, uninterested. Gaze on how they respond to your queries, interact with your design interface.

Brainstorming works well to understand your clients’ requirement in a better way and will provide a clear direction towards your goal. Your design should be a mixture of engineering and marketing as well as features of graphics designing.

Thus, Making customer delight requires in-depth research into user’s expectation and delivering them exactly what they want.

Recreating according to own interest:

Always remember that you are the one who provides solutions to the customer requirements. The entire business is lean on you. You are the one who should listen to the customer requirements carefully and follows their interest and avoids to create your own.

Creating designs what exactly customers wants and ignoring your creativity is the thing you need to follow. The customer should be the king, enforcing your creativity, interest and masterstroke ideas will not work for you.

Sometimes, all you need is a creation which will heartfelt your customer ignoring your ideas to build something new and eye-catching. Sometimes you feel positive but in the real-time environment, have to face failures.

So, make sure before implementing what you like always follow what your customers wish. Design for your customer satisfaction not for your goodwills and reward.

Be a Team Player and involve your team

If you are working in an organization with your team be a good team player. Listen to everyone and then take decisions. Leading a team of professionals will be a positive point for you. It makes easy for you to understand your customer’s requirement.

Don’t just lead a team, involve your team members, do not assign the task according to your interest. Observe the skills and give them a task according to their interest. Motivate them at every step. Conduct regular team meeting. It may also happen that while observing your clients behavior, what you missed will be observed by your teammates.

If you are working as a freelancer, you need to remember a few things. Follow customer-centric- approach. Try to have a conversation with users. Show your previous work to them and relate their experience by asking questions.

Testing is must:

After implementing a user interface next step is testing. Many designers think that there interface does not require testing.

Is it true? The answer is a big No. Every interface requires testing to make sure how it will work in a real-time environment. Sometimes interface too has bugs and taking help of testers will improve the designs of your layouts.

Keep aside your ego and artistic feel, that your designs are the best. Sometimes overconfidence will not work for you.

Follow User Centric approach:

Work for your users they are the one who should admire your work. There are thousands of applications available in the play store. Your app should engage users throughout, provide app screenshots, free trial to engage users towards you. Only 20-30% of the users reopens the application only if they find an interface eye catchy and easy to use.

Complex functionality and designs can upgrade your skills; but what if it does not engage the users. Without a friendly application, there is no user, without a user, there is no business. If the audience cannot use your application easily, they will not at all download it.

Make sure your app is optimized for speed, design, and size

Allow users to explore your application as much as possible. This approach will provide value to your app in users mind before they really download it. Your app should provide all the features required by the user that too in a user-friendly environment.

Authentication and login options make them irritated and confused. It should be available only if the user clicks on the download button.

Make speed a prime factor; your app should be fast and dependable each time it opened. Users relate speed with quality and slow app lose reliability. The outstanding features will be of waste. Make sure your app is optimized for speed, design, and size. Too big size made the user think before downloading it.

Push Notification alerts in notification bar:

Developers should implement push notification option in their applications that draw users back. Think creative ideas, send selective and timely notifications. Push notification includes content, alerts, news, etc.

Makes sure to push only important updates otherwise too many messages will make the user bound to uninstall the app. Alerts should be informative and beneficial to the user.

Will it make easy to contact you?

Provide easy access for the users to get in touch with you if they have queries. Send a request response and provide the turnaround time to solve their problems. Update your application at a regular time interval. Adding new features at a regular interval creates interest in users. Otherwise, your application can cause the user to search for other options available.


It’s hard to follow friendly approach but not impossible to keep your application user-centric. A great designer put themselves on their customer’s shoes to understand them better and create wonders. Also, remember it is not inappropriate to make changes but keep in mind its impact on the users.

Your audience should be on the front and your app should be simple and easily accessible. Although the designer wants the user to try and implement something modernistic lacking behind the user’s taste.

 If they like it then only will download. You will automatically make money and rewards.

Great research and design with simple functionality is the need of an audience. Now it’s your call to focus on Money-making or user-centered approach.

About the Author Ranjit Singh is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at RV Technologies. In the past 10+ years, he has focused on helping clients to expand their business through the best digital solutions. Leading a team of 100+ employees, he knows how to implement the best market practices to transform a client’s business growth and help him achieve dedicated goals.

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