Digital Marketers Must Know These 7 Ignored Facts

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  • calendar Updated: January 5, 2020

Digital marketing is growing with each passing day and undoubtedly the results are fabulous. But, sometimes it’s helpful to work with facts rather than intuition. This is because facts keep us grounded and their results are also lifelong. As marketing is a field based on assumptions and estimations so generally marketers go with their gut feelings and tried & tested formulas, completely ignoring the facts and certainties.

So here are those 7 facts which are usually overlooked by the digital marketers, in spite of their massive significance for the marketing industry. Going through them will let you explore the hidden areas of the popular techniques to your advantage.

Social Sharing and Social Traffic Does Not Correlate

Well, if you’re the one who believes that earning maximum likes and tweets is the indication of powerful user engagement, then you are wrong. Here, I would like to clear one thing that if something gets viral on the social media, it doesn’t mean that people are spending time reading that post. For this, you must turn in to its practical implications. This doesn’t mean that content has no part to play, but it is its intriguing, mind-blowing, inspiring, funny and captioned images that dominates the social platform. It is the headline that makes all the difference!

Organic Search is the Only Way To Get More Traffic and Conversions

No doubt organic search contributes in good traffic and conversions, but credit cannot be given to it alone. Study shows good branding holds a good portion of share in search traffic conversion, followed by search engines, which is the next most commonly used platform. Even Email marketing and organic social media accounts for as many conversions as organic search. Although results may differ as per different industries.

Mobile Apps are Ahead of PCs Now

Thinking that the internet is still just a place for browsers is the wrong notion now. Mobile apps are the new way to connect to the internet as browsers. This dramatic shift in the use of the Internet has made it easily accessible and that too from the comfort of our handsets, which has given a new look to the complete marketing scenario.

It’s Not Online But The Apps That Consumes The Mobile Time

Until now, digital marketers were of the idea that it is the online activities that provide results, but the fact is people spend 86 percent of their mobile time on mobile apps and not online. Since all these apps connect to the internet, so this is another fact which is worth considering.

Mobile is Contributing One Third of the Web Traffic

Boarding the social media bandwagon despite decreasing results is another face of the digital marketers. They are still ignoring the mobiles, which accounts for one third of the web traffic. They would be surprised to know that 66 percent of the emails are checked via tablet or smartphone and 30 percent of the shoppers abandon the transaction, if it is not mobile optimized.

Email Reach is More Effective as Compared to Social Media

Mention of this point doesn’t mean that social media has lost its importance, but it is to make marketers aware that the blend of two can make things rock. With email contributing to 21 percent opening rates, which is exceeding, organic search results for Facebook is only 6 percent. I am not saying that social media is not great, but efforts should be made to make the best use of both the platforms so that your reach expands beyond the existing audience.

Content Matters, But Its Usefulness Matters More

Do you know out of the 10 most popular sites, only YouTube and Wikipedia can only be considered as true content sites. This doesn’t mean that other sites lack content, it’s just that the way they prioritize things. Sticking to the idea “content is king” is distracting you from the fact, which states that its “USEFULNESS IS KING”. So the marketers who believe in the supremacy of content must also learn to give importance to tools, communities and interactive platforms before content. Give people something to do, not just consume!

Hope these facts will keep you grounded and if you are like most of the marketers, then this post would have come with a surprise. I am sure you are still thinking about your marketing strategies. Stop thinking and start implementing. It’s time to put your intuitions to rest.

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