Yelp is a platform that allows users to search about the local business and services with a revenue of  $713 million last year. Yelp is one of the most visited websites on the internet. It allows 142 million unique users to give ratings, reviews, add information like pictures, location, address etc.  which makes easy for the users to know about the business or service better.



With its unique review system and easy to use user interface, it has helped both business owners as well as the customers. While customers can find local restaurants, bars, hotels, and other businesses, the business owners, on the other hand, can list their services to gain enough visibility and boost up their business revenues.

Yelp has transformed the concept of business and become successful as it increases the sales up to 5-9% for every new star in Yelp rating review.

How does yelp make money?


Monetization Methods of yelp like app:

These methods can be a source of income too for your business.

Advertisement/ Paid Search:


This is one of the most popular and approachable methods for any business to generate revenue. It will be a unique source of income for your yelp application to charge for an advertisement from business owners. You can also add a paid service for users to remove ads from the application.

Adding offers and discounts:

Users will love your application if they find various offers and discounts. Both the party will gain money and enjoy the offerings they are getting.

Yelp clone app development?

Let’s first understand why yelp app development is in demand these days. Applications like Yelp, Uber etc has created a vast change in the market and become a more sophisticated tool. After watching Yelp reach heights of success, many investors started investing in developing a Yelp Clone for mobile.

If you are really ambitious about yelp for ‘X’, or yelp clone developments our yelp developers help you to develop a customized business review app with unique features.

Here are the features that you’ll get in your Yelp-like mobile application



The user can see all the reviews, past visited places, photos and also add it as a favorite place. The more secure and safe app like Yelp will generate the trust of users and can retain your customers easily. Our Yelp ‘X’ developers will make it possible for you and can make customization according to your requirements.

Push Notifications:

To provide users with push notification option first you need to understand their preferences and interests which requires crucial information regarding users.

Yelp provide you only with the reviews given by various users. Our developers make an application more user-oriented and unique having all the priors check-in or users and interest to provide notifications according to the user’s lifestyle.

It will also notify your customers about local businesses, new openings, and special offers in nearby businesses via push notifications.

Geo-based Functionality:

We provide an application which tracks users location and provide you with information about their lifestyle. It basically saves customers from the trouble of typing location, while searching for a business, and the app’s geolocation service identify customer location on its own. By implementing Android and iOS APIs will provide users with an ease to locate things faster.

One more advantage is that user can open the Yelp app and can check the venue distance from their current location.

Networking through Social Media Platform:

Your feature-rich review app will have social media integration, allowing users to directly sign up with their social media accounts. Let’s be honest, no one wants to have a separate account on every app, and therefore giving customers the freedom to sign up with their social media accounts is nothing but a good customer service.

Furthermore, personal reviews bring more trust to users so your yelp app includes the social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc to share your photos and reviews about the particular business. Which will help you to create a buzz in the market indeed will help a business to acquire new customers.

Review functionality:



Overall rating is too mainstream, and therefore your app will have a multi-star rating system. Customers can give a separate rating to each service of a business individually. For instance, a customer can rate a restaurant for its food quality, ambiance, and staff behavior, separately.

Besides this, the yelp clone application will provide you with additional feature i.e when a user gives any review it gets scrutinize by our inbuilt tools and filters out to get the exact results by tickling out the fake reviews.

The user will also get ratings according to the most to least visits to different locations and provided most reviews. It will generate a sense of trust in users mind.

24/7 Support system:

We also offer 24/7 support to you. We make your customization idea possible by helping you in the best way we can for your app success.

Once your Yelp clone app is up and running, our maintenance team will take care of any minor to substantial changes that the app may need in future.

AR Integration:

AR is the latest trend of this new era. AR integration will help your customers to check the reviews and ratings of a particular restaurant simply by pointing their mobile’s camera towards the restaurant building. At RV Technologies, we use the latest AR development kits, both for iOS and Android, to develop AR based mobile applications.

ASO Optimized:

Like a website, for your app to get the desired exposure, it needs to be ASO optimized. ASO means App Store Optimization, and it is a technique which will rank your mobile app higher on the mobile app store, be it Google Play Store or Apple App Store. We’ll utilize several ASO tools and techniques to make your application stand out on the app store.  

Yelp developers requirements:

Idea creation- We need to understand the purpose of making an application? What you want exactly from us. A brief introduction to the concept and requirement you want in an application, what are the customization requirement. We are here to provide an optimized solution to your problems.

Additional features

You can implement various unique ideas like booking a table and order food to save your time through the yelp clone app you just need to add a registration function in it.

How long does it take to make an app?

To develop an app like Yelp will take approximately 3-6 months depending upon customer requirements. Which includes designing for development. The UI designing require at least 900-1200 hours to develop UI module.

Communication module takes 400-1000 hours which includes APIs, push notifications, etc and also includes additional features that you want to add in your app.

Thus we take a rough estimate of 2700 hours to create a yelp like app. This is an estimation of making an application in Android and iOS. After knowing about hours the next question arises in our mind the cost factor of creating a Yelp app.

How much does yelp cost?

Now let’s see the cost required to create a Yelp app. Coasting depends upon various aspects like platform in which you want your app to be built, Functionality, UI designing, and testing.

If you will search for rates. You will find the range between $25-$150 per hour totally depend upon the developing country. If we take an average market price it is $50 per hour.

Estimates of development time and cost of a Yelp for “X” app.

  • Social sign-in: approx 30–60 hours, $2000+
  • Push Notifications: approx  70–110 hours, costs $4000+
  • Check-ins and Geo-mapping: approx 60–100 hours up to $3200+
  • Uploading pictures:  approx 90–180 hours, $9000+
  • Reviews: approx:  80–180 hours, $2500+
  • Filter Integration:  approx 400+ hours, $20,000+
  • Filter by category:  approx 50–90 hours, $4000+
  • Reservation:  approx 200–280 hours, $12000+
  • Profile:  approx 300–390 hours, $18,500+

In the USA, the price range will vary from $90k to $150k.

However, the same app will cost you less, if you hire developers from India. Due to the lower development rates in India, the mobile application will cost around $15,000-$20,000.

The web variant, i.e. website, will further add $10,000 to the development cost, increasing the overall cost (website+mobile app) to $25,000-$30,000.

To get a more precise quotation, click here

It seems to be quite a high price for developing yelp Android or iOS app. But the quality feature speaks in your app, So choose the best team for your development.

App development has a wide difference in cost. It depends upon region to region. However, the quality and functionality differ according to price.

At RV technologies, want our customers to own more than just a clone. With the extensive knowledge of our developers and artistic approach of our designers, we are ready to develop a Yelp-like review platform. Our developers make sure to provide you with the quality features, design and customization all at economical pricing. We never compromise on quality. Hire our developers, we move step by step to achieve development goals and help you to set up another milestone in the Yelp app development.

Final verdict:

An application like Uber, WhatsApp, Yelp has increased app creation ideas and customers expectations. Implementing unique ideas in app development is quite difficult but has the potential to scale your business. The cost to make an app like Yelp depends up on time and your requirements or customization.

Our team believes in working on unique ideas and we are happy to serve you with trendy technology ideas. Get in touch with us. A good idea is worth trying and our yelp developers will try their best to achieve your goal.

“Have a happy and secure Yelp clone development”


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