How to Build a Music App Like Spotify?

February 22, 2021

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Imagine the days of the early 21st century! We used to have only a memory card to store our music files and listen to them repeatedly using either MP3 Player or a multimedia mobile phone. Though it was an excellent music-listening experience at that time, there were still certain limitations to this. For example, music storage limitation, limited access to variety of music, and poor music-listening experience.

In context to technological development, the music industry has come a long way. We have witnessed music development dynamics from MP3 players and multimedia phones to music streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

Today, these music streaming apps are the most significant reasons why we can enjoy quality music easily. Thanks to the creators. Let’s briefly discuss the market’s stats of these popular music streaming applications.

Market Stats of Leading Music Streaming Applications


Spotify is the leader of the music-streaming market and the best-known music app worldwide. According to an article published on The App Solutions, This music-streaming app has 109 million premium subscribers and 232 million monthly active users. It shows the immense popularity of the music-streaming application.

Apple Music

Apple Music is another best-known music-streaming application. It can only be downloaded and run on iOS devices. It offers plenty of amazing features and allows students and families to use it at certain discounted rates. According to The App Solutions, as of 2019, Apple Music has over 60 million paid subscribers and 50 million songs in the library. It also shows the immense popularity and higher adoption rate of the music-streaming applications globally.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is the third-best music-streaming application after Spotify and Apple Music. It is exclusively available for Amazon Prime members for free. As of January 2021, it has more than 55 million paying subscribers and is expected to increase rapidly in the upcoming days. These stats are impressive. Right? Considering this, it will be safe to say that investing in the music-streaming market will be profitable in the upcoming days. If these stats kick your mind and you plan to build a music-streaming app like Spotify, we would be happy to help! This writing piece will give a comprehensive guide on developing a music app like Spotify. Let’s go deeper.

Developing a Music-Streaming App Like Spotify

A Unique Idea

It all starts with the development of a unique idea. To build a trendy and on-demand music app like Spotify, you first have to come up with a unique and interesting idea. You can use Spotify, Apple Music, and other music apps as a reference. It would be helpful for you.

Planning and Strategy Making

Once you have developed an idea, you can start planning and making strategies to transform that idea into an on-demand music-streaming application. It could be a little challenging for you. It would be helpful to have a team of market researchers, developers, and technical professionals. In this step, you have to consider several factors such as the leading music apps and their offerings, competitors, trends, users’ demands & expectations, etc. Based on this factor, you have to make your plans and strategies.

Primary Feature and Functions to Include

The basic features and function you have to include are:

    • Registration, Sign-Up, and Sign-In: These are essential functions that almost every mobile application and website must include. In the same way, your music app must have a registration, sign-up, and sign-in functions. Keep these options as simple as possible. It should not require more than one or two clicks- it can be annoying for the users.
    • Profile: Each listener must have their profiles to find their personal information (name, gender, date of birth, and account information), music-listening history, and music preferences.
    • Push Notifications: Push notifications are smart to attract users and remind them that new music tracks playlist updates. You must consider this feature.
    • Music Library: It is a must as without a music library, a music app is nothing. You should add it on the front page or interface of your music app. You can use other music apps’ music libraries as a reference, but it would be best if you design it with your unique ideas.
    • Music Search Bar: A music search bar helps listeners to find their favorite music tracks. It is a must to include function.
    • Social Integration: Integrating social media into your music app will allow listeners to share their favorite music tracks with their friends and families through their social media accounts. This will also help you reach more and more people.

Choose Licensing Type

Licensing is the most crucial process. It is a must as you will use copyrighted music tracks in your music-streaming app. So, make sure you have a Sound Recording License Agreement and the Musical Composition License Agreement.

Finding A Technical Crew or An App Development Company

Obviously, you will not develop your music app by yourself. You will have to find and hire a technical crew or a mobile game development company. They will do the job for you. While searching for a mobile game development company, make sure you choose a reputable, experienced, and reliable company to complete your music app development. This is how you can build a music-streaming app like Spotify. You should consider all the steps and directions included in this comprehensive guide.

Other Features to Include

      • Podcasts
      • Artist profiles
      • Shuffle play
      • Play Queue and History
      • Lyrics
      • Download music and podcasts
      • Search for any Track, Artist or Album and Listen for Free
      • Personal library
      • Sort and Filter
      • Create & Share Your Own Biggest Music Collection
      • Allows to Take Your Own Track Offline

Feel free to call us if you are really looking for help in developing your own music streaming application.

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