How is Artificial Intelligence Influencing Digital Marketing?

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  • calendar Updated: June 8, 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI), once a concept of science fiction movies, has now turned out to be the trending technology of this new era. Already serving different industries, AI has successfully made its way to the world of digital marketing as well. Marketing, as we used to know it, has witnessed substantial changes with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, be it providing customized content or better customer services. As a result, small as well as large businesses have already started to invest in AI to enhance their marketing activities. According to Statista, the global market revenue generated by AI is somewhat over $354 billion, and by 2024 this number is expected to reach $3061 billion. The numbers prove that AI will have a considerable significance for digital marketing in upcoming years. Furthermore, here are some of the points explaining the significance of AI in digital marketing.

Chatbots – Better Customer Services

If you have encountered a pop-up chat box appearing at the bottom right corner of a website, asking for your queries, then you already know what a chatbot is. A chatbot is an AI-based program which uses machine learning, at its core, to interact with the user. However, the capabilities of a chatbot are not only limited to general user interactions. Chatbots are capable of providing instant solutions to customer queries. For instance, when a user calls the customer care service, he has to wait as all the customer service agents are busy on other lines, and eventually, gets frustrated. In such a case, chatbots can prove to be highly effective. Since all the responses are pre-installed, chatbots can reply within a second. As soon as a customer send his query, he’ll receive an instant response. Furthermore, Chatbots are also helpful in consumer analysis. They can be programmed to track customer’s purchasing patterns, and eventually deciding which product to market more. Since the analytics are being generated by an AI-driven software, it will be far more accurate than a human analyst’s report. Depending on the reports, required strategies can be planned to market a particular product.

Create and Display Personalized Content

AI in digital marketing mainly focuses on analyzing consumer data. Consumer’s purchase patterns can be analyzed to provide relevant content to the user. AI will display the most relevant content / ads to the user depending on his / her web history. AI utilizes machine learning at its core. As a result, behavior analysis becomes much easy and accurate. Based on the behavior analysis, advertisers can create relevant ads as per buyer’s interests. Furthermore, AI is capable of gathering and integrating data from different social platforms as well. These days a user spends most of his time surfing social networks. Therefore, advertisers can utilize this opportunity to gather information about a customer using Artificial Intelligence These two factors are just the tip of the AI iceberg. An in-depth research and implementation of AI in digital marketing can bring valuable results.

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