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RV Technologies is among the leading iOS development companies in India. We provide an extensive range of iOS development solutions for different business industries. Having a team of experienced iOS developers, we know how to craft iOS apps which attract customers and help you enhance the overall business revenue at the same time. Our iOS app developers assist you through the entire iOS development process, starting from the UX/UI design to the final deployment.

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iOS App Development Services

Being the best App development platform, iOS is the preferred choice of the majority of e-commerce business owners. At RV Technologies, we have a team of professional and experienced iOS developers India who know how to build customized e-commerce solutions for your business. Hire iOS web developer and skyrocket your business sales through a customer-centric online store.

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iOS is simple, dynamic, powerful and can do wonders for your App Development

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Apple iWatch and Apple TV Apps

Let customers interact with their Apple watch and Apple TV through engaging and interactive apps. Our developers have expertise in delivering iOS app solutions which help the customers dive into the Apple ecosystem.

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Custom iOS App Development

Share your business requirements so that our team of iOS developers can build custom apps which not only cater to your business requirements but are user-centric at the same time, providing users with exceptional user experience through interactive UI.

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Apple iPad Applications

Being the top iOS app development company in India, we offer extensive app solutions including iPad app development. Our iPad app development process is extremely rigorous, involving several testing phases for a minimum scope of errors.

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iOS App Upgradation & Migration

Already have an iOS app but struggling to attract your customers. Allow our iOS app developers to tweak the app design so that it becomes captivating and provides users with advanced functionalities and engaging user experience.

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AI/Machine Learning Apps

Being the latest technologies, AI is dominating the mobile app market. Our iOS developers have expertise in integrating AI into iOS mobile apps, making them extensively smart. AI-based mobile apps engage customers and help them solve several queries.

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Real Time Chat Apps

Whether you want a dedicated real-time chatting app or want to integrate a chat module into your existing iOS app, our developers have got you covered. We utilize MessageKit and it’s features to develop real-time chatting apps which are fast and extremely responsive.

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iPod/IPad Music Application

Let your users enjoy music on the go through dedicated music apps developed for iPad and iPod, which lets customers store and play their favorite tracks anytime they want. Our developers utilize MPMusicPlayController and the latest SDK to develop iOS music apps.

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iPhone App Testing

Each of our iOS mobile apps through a dedicated testing phase so that we can identify all the potential bugs. The app is only deployed into the market once the testing team has given their approval.

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iOS Gaming Apps

Having exceptional hardware, iPhones & iPads are the perfect hardware to enjoy engaging gaming sessions. Our iOS app developers use the latest gaming tools and modern methodologies to develop iOS gaming apps, designed to provide an exceptional user experience to the customers.

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We Utilize the Following Approach
to Build iOS Apps

Market Analysis

Our iOS app developers start out by performing an in-depth market analysis. We want to evaluate the risks and potential barriers prior to starting the iOS app development process. Moreover, market analysis also helps us identify your potential competitors. Using this information, we can easily plan a roadmap for the journey ahead so that we don’t fact unexpected hurdles while executing the actual development process.

Resource Allocation

Once we have created a rough blueprint, we start with allocating the dedicated tasks to the development team. Being the top iOS app development company India, we know how to utilize the expertise of our iOS developers in the most efficient way. The dedicated project managers allocated specific tasks to each individual resource so that the entire execution gets carried out as planned.

UX/UI Design

Once we have performed the resource allocation, we move towards the designing part. We understand the importance of having a captivating design and therefore, our designing team blends in their expertise and the latest designing tools to design appealing User Interface for your iOS app. Moreover, we also ensure that the app design meets all the recommended guidelines by Apple.


Once the User Interface is ready, our team of top iOS developers jumps in and starts connecting different elements of the app together. We have a team of the best iOS developers India who know how to build customized iOS apps which are user-centric. We utilize technologies like Objective C and Swift to build iOS app solutions. Our developers ensure that your app offers advanced functionality and can captivate the target audience.

Quality Assurance

We, at RV Technologies, believe in delivering quality work. Therefore, we ensure to run the iOS app through different test scenarios to ensure that it doesn’t have any potential bugs. The app is only moved to the deployment phase once we have received a thumbs up from the testing team.

Final Deployment

Now, that your app is up and ready, it is time for the final deployment. Once Apple’s app review team has successfully reviewed the app and given it a thumbs up, we launch your app in the market. A dedicated maintenance team closely examines the customer response to make any potential changes to the app.

Cherry-Pick from a Variety of Pricing Models

At RV Technologies, we offer a wide range of iOS development models to cater to different business requirements.

Dedicated iOS
Development Team

If you are looking forward to building a small-scale iOS app for your business, hiring a dedicated team of iOS developers is the most suitable option. In such a scenario, you can avail the iOS development services for as long as you want and pay accordingly. Moreover, you can also terminate the services anytime you want.

  • Zero Hidden Charges
  • Transparent Development Process
  • No Setup Fees
  • Agile iOS Development
Price Model

The fixed price model is suitable for businesses which require a comparatively larger app with several features. Since it can take quite a time to develop such an app, availing the fixed price model is the most optimal solution. Discuss your project requirements with our iOS app developers and finalize a fixed price for the overall development.

  • Upgrade or Cancel Anytime. No Contract.
  • Can be Split into Different Payments.
  • Full-Service iOS App Development.
  • Requires no change in price unless your requirements change.

The third and most convenient pricing methods that we utilize is the hourly model. In such a scenario, we and the client can agree on a dedicated per hour rate. As a result, the client would have to pay for the total number of hours it takes to develop the app/ This pricing model offers a better scope of flexibility, making the entire iOS app development extremely cost-effective.

  • Affordable Hourly Rates
  • Agile Development Implementation
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Cost-Effective IOS Development Solutions

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Why Choose RV Technologies as Your iOS App Development Partner


10+ Years of Industry Experience

We have been building iOS apps for the past ten years. In our decade long journey, we have managed to serve different business industries through our extensive range of iOS app development solutions.

Experienced iOS Developers

We have a team of top iOS app developers in India. Our developers know how to utilize their expertise to build customized iOS apps which attract the customers through appealing features.

Transparent Development Process

We execute a completely transparent development process so that the clients can be a part of the entire app development process. As a result, the clients know what is happening at any given point in time.


100% Customer Satisfaction

In the decade long journey, we have focused on delivering quality work to the clients while keeping client satisfaction as our top priority. We ensure to meet each of the client's requirements through our iOS solutions.

No Hidden Contracts

We do not believe in imposing unnecessary contracts on our client. The client can start, pause, and resume their services any time they want.

Competitive Pricing

Being a leading iOS app development company in India, we offer flexible pricing models, giving our clients the freedom to pick any package they want as per their requirements.

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