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In the past few years, online food delivery has become immensely popular in every corner of the world. Apart from an individual food delivery app for a particular restaurant, even third-party food aggregators have garnered great success in the market.

Back in 2019, when COVID-19 was distant news for the world, one of our clients saw an opportunity to build the largest food aggregator and food delivery platform in Abuja, Nigeria, and approached RV Technologies with his brainchild. His vision with the Grigora food delivery platform was pretty simple - “launch a platform that allows users to order food from nearby restaurants within a few clicks and make it easier for restaurants to streamline different operations and manage multiple orders”.

The moment the client shared his idea with our developers, they instantly jumped on board and started building a user-friendly food delivery platform that would allow users to order food from anywhere in Abuja, Nigeria.

Though Grigora’s business model seemed pretty straightforward at first, several hidden challenges acted as a barrier to the successful development of the product.

First of all, the client had envisioned Grigora to be a full-scale delivery platform, as opposed to a standalone app. Since the app had three different user categories, i.e., customers, drivers, and restaurant owners, it was necessary to build three individual apps to maintain user-friendliness and keep the interface clutter-free.

In addition to this, some of the other challenges with the Grigora Food Delivery platform included:

1. Scalability Scalability was probably the biggest challenge with Grigora’s business model. Like any food aggregator, Grigora’s final objective was to expand beyond the city of Abuja and offer online food delivery services in the nearby cities as well. So, our developers needed to build a scalable platform so that it doesn’t experience any technical glitches or unexpected shutdowns, even if hundreds of new restaurants sign-up at the same time.

2. Security Online payments are the most common prerequisite for any food delivery platform. With Grigora, it was pretty obvious that we would have to integrate a payment gateway that’d allow users to pay for their order within a few seconds.

However, since online transactions are always vulnerable to potential attacks from hackers, it was imperative for our developers to implement the best security mechanisms to keep user’s privacy intact and allow them to pay online in a completely secured environment.

3. Geo-Tracking Delays Geo-tracking delays are quite common in online delivery systems, especially when real-time location tracking is a primary requirement. With Grigora, our mission was to minimize these delays as much as possible so that the customers could get real-time location updates of their orders.


How RV Technologies Successfully Built a State-of-the-Art Food Delivery Platform?

After evaluating the initial challenges, the next step was to design mockups and complete the final wireframes. So, our designing team took over the reins and closely worked with Grigora’s marketing team to finalize the initial UI for different modules of the platform. Once the wireframes were up and ready, the designing team started working on the modules, and meanwhile, our developers went ahead and initiated the backend development.

To add the desired functionality to all three apps, we integrated the following features into the Grigora Food Delivery Platform.

  • The Customer App
  • The Driver App
  • The Restaurant App

The Customer App

1 Locate Nearby Restaurants

With a dedicated search bar and an extensive “Browse” section, the customers would be able to locate the nearby restaurants instantly. We also integrated advanced search filters to allow users to filter the results based on different parameters including the cuisine, ratings, distance, and price. As a result, it’d become easier for the users to order the desired food item without having to go through endless search results.

2 Social Media Login

Of course, every user would have to create their own account before placing an order. However, to keep the sign-up/login process less hectic, our development team integrated multiple social media APIs to support social media logins.

So, instead of going through a rigorous signup process, users could simply use their social media credentials to create a new account and start ordering food right away.

3 Table Reservation/Pickups

Apart from online food delivery, the client also wanted to let customers reserve tables in nearby restaurants and manage their reservations. So, we set up a separate module that’d allow users to reserve a table at their favorite restaurant without having to call its manager several times. Like table reservations, users could also place pickup orders and eat on the go.

4Multiple Payment Methods

As we mentioned earlier, online payment is one of the prerequisites in a food delivery platform. However, to enhance the overall usability of the app, we integrated a secure payment gateway that supports multiple payment methods.

As a result, customers could complete the online payment and place their orders without any interruption. Apart from this, we also built a dedicated e-Wallet from scratch, allowing users to pay directly for their orders.

5 Real-Time Location Tracking

After placing an order, the users would be prompted to a map where they could track the real-time location of the driver and get instant delivery updates as well.

6Customize Orders

While placing their orders, users can even customize their orders by choosing between different add-ons.

The Driver App

1 Navigation

As soon as the driver picks up an order, his app will automatically show the shortest path to reach the customer’s place. With Google Maps API, our developers have integrated automatic route optimization features that would compare all the available routes and show the shortest path.

2 Payout Management

With an easy-to-use dashboard, drivers would be able to manage their daily payouts and keep a track of their income more conveniently. Thanks to dynamic database integration, the driver’s total payout would automatically get updated at the end of each trip.

3 Contact Restaurant/ Customers

In case of unexpected incidents, drivers must have the ability to call customers or the restaurant. So, we integrated a dedicated Chat API to allow drivers to instantly message customers/restaurant owners and share real-time updates of the order.

The Restaurant App

1 Inventory Management

With an easy-to-navigate admin panel, the restaurant owners could add items to their menu, update their prices, and change the availability status for each item with one click. While building the admin panel, we prioritized easy navigation so that the admin could easily update their restaurant’s information.

2 Order Management

It’s no surprise that a restaurant could get multiple orders at the same time. So, the restaurant owner or manager must have the power to manage all the orders quite conveniently. Moreover, they could also accept or reject orders with a simple right/left swipe on their screen.


Did We Succeed in Developing a Scalable Food Delivery Platform for the Client?

Within a few months, our development teams had successfully built a cross-platform food delivery solution, i.e., Grigora. Within two years only, Grigora has managed to become one of the top-rated food delivery platforms in Abuja Nigeria.

A few achievements of the Grigora Food Delivery Platform Include:

  • 4.3 User Rating on Google Play Store and a 5-star rating on App Store
  • Thousands of successful deliveries
  • Extensive Customer Base on both Android and iOS

Even today, RV Technologies continue to offer complete support and maintenance services to the client. We keep on integrating new modules to the apps to enhance their user experience and keep the customers engaged.