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We are a professional mobile game development company in New York with a diverse game development portfolio. In a time span of 12+ years, we have worked on a variety of game development projects and helped New York-based publishers launch high-quality games in the market. Our game development services cover a diverse range of expertise, starting from conventional 2D game development to visually engaging Metaverse-powered virtual gaming solutions. Irrespective of your gaming idea, we’ll assist you through the entire game development process so that you can also relish the benefits of being a part of this multi-billion dollar market.

Extensive End-to-End Game Development Services in New York

RV Technologies has been serving the game development industry for more than a decade. During these years, our game development team has partnered with both small-scale businesses and large entrepreneurs to launch user-engaging mobile games for different platforms. Having worked across several gaming projects, we are well-familiar with the dynamics of the industry and can help you launch a feature-packed mobile game to step into the multi-billion dollar market.


Unity 3D Game Development

With 750,000 registered developers, Unity 3D is the most popular gaming engine for mobile game development. At RV Technologies, Unity is our go-to development tool for extensive gaming projects that boast high complexity and require graphically enriched environments. With Unity 3D, our developers can transform your idea and turn it into a state-of-the-art gaming experience for the players.


HTML5 Game Development

Being the best mobile game development company in New York, we also offer HTML5 game development services to construct HTML5 compatible games for different devices including smartphones, web browsers, and desktops. Our developers are proficient in many development technologies such as Phaser, Cocos2d-JS, PlayCanvas, and PixiJS. We utilize these tools to build addictive HTML5 games, allowing publishers to gain a strong customer base without burning a hole in their wallets.


Android Game Development

Android is the most popular mobile OS with millions of active users across the planet. Launch a feature-packed, high-performance, and visually engaging Android game to target a wider audience and lead the gaming industry with a remarkable product. Our Android game developers in New York develop games that offer a memorable gaming experience to players, resulting in a higher user retention rate and better revenue.


iOS Game Development

At our mobile game development company in New York, we also have a dedicated team of iOS game development experts who specialize in exclusive development tools like Metal and Metal-CPP to craft high-quality games for iPhone, iPad, and macOS. In a time span of 12+ years, our developers have partnered with global leaders to launch iOS games that offer an addictive gameplay experience to the users.


Casino Game Development

RV Technologies is among the pioneers in developing an array of casino-based games that keep the casino-lovers entertained throughout the gameplay. From traditional virtual-currency-based roulette to modern-day casino games including real-money, our game developers in New York specialize in devising eye-catching casino games to help publishers step into the market with the one-of-a-kind casino game.


Slot Game Development

We also offer online slot game development services to help gaming entrepreneurs relish extra ROI by engaging end-users with colorful, feature-rich, and addictive online slot games. Our online slot games replicate the gaming experience of real-life slot machines, allowing gaming enthusiasts to enjoy an unparalleled user experience right on their smartphones.


Metaverse Game Development

Being an industry leader in high-quality game development in New York, we are among the early adopters of Metaverse game development. Our team has extensive expertise in Blockchain development and can devise Blockchain-based virtual gaming solutions that replicate many real-world scenarios and allow players to escape into a virtual world through various gadgets like VR headsets. Share your idea with our team and we’ll develop a personalized Metaverse gaming solution accordingly.


Console Game Development

Even with the growing popularity of smartphones, we haven’t forgotten everyone’s beloved gaming consoles. At RV Technologies, we develop graphic-rich console games that keep the users engaged throughout the gameplay. Our team leverages technologies like Unity 3D to build enticing gaming environments and turn your idea into a user-centric game for different consoles like PS5, PS4, PS3, XBOX, and PSP.


PC Game Development

As a full-scale game development company in New York, RV Technologies also offers desktop-based game development services to help entrepreneurs target the conventional gaming market. From traditional MMORPGs to feature-rich desktop games incorporating technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), our game developers can develop a wide variety of desktop games that offer a remarkable gaming experience to the users.

A Game Development Team in New York
With Expertise in Different Gaming Genres

Being an award-winning mobile game development company in New York, RV Technologies has partnered with various gaming entrepreneurs and built state-of-the-art gaming solutions in different genres. Having expertise in various game development technologies such as Unity 3D, Cocos 2D, and HTML5, we are the most reliable game development partner to bring your gaming idea to reality.

A Fully-Optimized Development Process for
Successful Project Deliveries

In order to launch a user-centric mobile application, you need a time-tested development process to back your project. As a top-rated mobile app development company in London, we follow a custom-tailored app development process that has proven to deliver success to multiple businesses across the globe.

Idea Analysis
and Discovery

As soon as you join hands with our mobile app development company in London, our team starts with the initial phase, i.e., idea analysis.

Prototyping and UI-Designing

To ensure that your mobile app can keep the users engaged for hours, it’s imperative that it has a likable and easy-to-navigate interface. So, before starting with the development phase, the designing team at our


After finalizing the user interface, our development team steps in and starts writing the code for different modules of the application. Based on the specific project requirements, we choose between Agile & DevOps development.


Our mobile app development company in London treats testing as an integral part of the development cycle.


Finally, when it comes to deployment, our team assists clients throughout the process so that they can launch the mobile app. across different platforms.

Mobile App Development Solutions across industries

We have a rich, diversified team to take care of industry as well as business requirements for smarter decisions and faster results.

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Quarter Backs

Helping Quarterbacks improve their skills with an action-packed football game designed to help players practice in a virtual environment.

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Laser Run (UIPM)

A Multi-player Sports Game that's Carrying Forward a Century-Long Olympics Tradition and Helping Aspiring Players Participate in Pentathlons Virtually.

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Q. Which Technologies Does Your Game Development Company in Toronto Rely on for Game Development?

Being a professional game development company in Toronto, we leverage different technologies to build games for multiple platforms. White Unity development is our major USP, we also specialize in HTML game development, 2D game development, Swift game development, and Python game development. Our team comprehensively analyzes the client’s gaming idea and evaluates the most suitable technology accordingly.

We are a game development company serving the gaming industry for more than 12 years. During this period, our team has worked on various gaming projects, ranging from conventional 2D puzzles to high-performance multiplayer online games (MMOs). Our years of experience and diverse expertise make us a reliable game development partner in Toronto. Whether you want to launch an HTML5-based 2D game for web browsers or a full-scale cross-platform mobile game for different iOS and Android, our team will devise a personalized development plan to meet your objectives.

The cost to build a mobile game depends on an array of factors which mainly include the development technology you choose and the overall complexity of the idea. The platform that you want to launch your game on also has a huge impact on the development cost.

Not to mention, the post-development game maintenance also adds up to the overall price as mobile games require continuous modification to ensure they deliver an engaging gaming experience. In general, it can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000 to build a mobile game. You can share your game idea and we’ll get back to you with an estimated price to turn it into a fully functional mobile game.

Again, the time to launch a mobile game mainly depends on its complexity and target platforms. However, as one of the leading game development companies in Toronto, we rely on a time-tested development process that ensures on-time deliveries. In any case, our objective is to work round the clock (if necessary) to ensure our clients can launch their mobile games on time and avoid any damage to brand reputation.

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