COVID 19 Period- A Scope for Interactive Learning-Based Mobile Game Development?

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Despite the passing of a long fearful period of COVID 19, the outbreak has not reached its peak yet in India. That means the schools and colleges are going to remain locked for another long period as well as the students will stay away from schools and colleges for another long period. However, it does not mean that education will be completely stopped. The schools and colleges in India are providing online education to their students. It is actually the only option available in this COVID 19 times. The central government and officials of educational institutions are indulged to find out different productive ways to provide education to students with safety precautions. Among all these, somewhere, mobile game development India has an opportunity to hit the market by introducing innovative interactive learning-based mobile games. What do you think about it? Has this idea made you think about it? Well! As a game developer, you might be thinking about this. You would have so many questions about this idea. Let’s talk about it.

Scope During COVID 19

To understand the routine, interest, and behavior of students in this COVID 19 period, we don’t need market research as we can understand these all things by observing students near our locality. These days, students are spending more than six hours playing mobile games, and we can observe this in our societies. Their parents want them to study for a few hours a day but it is not happening. The reason is probably the addiction of playing mobile games. So, as a game developer or mobile game development company in India, you might be aware of this fact. Now, our question is “do you think that it is the best time to invest in developing interactive learning-based mobile games?” For us, yes, it is the time to invest in learning-based games.if you do so, you will not only successfully launch your product in the market but you will be able to help parents to distract their students from useless mobile gaming.

Development of Interactive Learning-Based Mobile Game

To get started developing a learning-based mobile game, of course, you need a random idea first. And secondly, you need a team of professional game developers or a mobile game development company that can establish your random idea into a well-planned well-constructed idea based on the market research. Once the idea is ready, you need to work on making plans and development strategies. The first task you need to do after finalizing all the plans and strategies is to prepare a blueprint of your game model. Once your game model is ready, you can make proposals for schools and colleges. If they accept your proposal then you just need to shape the game compiling all the necessary educational content for the game. Undoubtedly, it will take some time to create an effective interactive learning-based mobile game. Even you will face a lot of demotivation and frustration during the development process, but you need to have patience. Once you will launch and market your product in the market, you will soon be able to see great results

Benefits For Developers

The first benefit of investing in developing interactive learning-based games is a chance to dominate the mobile game development industry in India. Yes! This is the biggest advantage as these days, there is a huge scope for this. Students are wasting their precious time playing useless mobile games, and they are doing so because they have nothing interesting on their smartphones. That means there is a need for an effective learning-based mobile game. If you develop and launch an exceptional learning-based gaming product in the Indian market, the student will surely love it. They will find it worth it during COVID 19 times and get attracted to it. Of course! The second benefit of developing learning-based games in this period is attracting a huge revenue. Yes! A massive revenue will automatically come to your door once you will utilize the COVID 19 times by investing in learning-based mobile game development. Firstly, you will grab the market attention and secondly it will reward you with massive revenue.

Basic Benefits for Students

Learning- Undoubtedly, a learning-based mobile game teaches a lot of awesome things to students about different topics. From general knowledge, basic fundamental learning, to interactive higher studies, all can be learned or studied through a learning-based game. It is actually a very interesting great way of learning. However, it is possible only when the game is designed for curricular learning. As a game developer, if you have a great idea you can make proposals for schools and colleges. It might be possible they accept your proposal if they like your ideas.

Fluency in Technologies- In this highly competitive era, having expertise in different technologies is a must for students as we all live in a technology-dominated era. The mobile interactive learning-based games allow students to get used to how technologies work and how they are operated rightly. Likewise, the learning-based games are a complete package for students as they can have expertise in both technologies and education.

Sharpness of Mind- The more time students spend on playing learning-based games, the more they learn and understand things. Over time, their minds start actively and smartly thinking and reacting to different situations. The challenges, targets, and systemized way of learning help students to broaden their thinking and respond smartly to different situations.

Develop Hand-Eye Coordination- This is another benefit of learning-based games for students. They can improve their hand-eye coordination by regularly playing games. It especially happens with those gamers who use keypad, mouse, or gaming console while playing games.

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