Contemporary Graphic Design Trends In 2016

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  • calendar Updated: February 26, 2016

As the demand of interactive graphic designs continues to grow, tremendous competition can be seen among the companies, running ahead of one another, in search of something that is unique and describes their services visually in an engaging way. Ever changing trends in graphic design have brought us to a stage where we have many skilled resources available when it comes to presenting your website through visual images. For sure, no one wants to feel outdated in the race. Keeping in mind several factors, that account for the need of graphics, we have come up with contemporary graphic design trends that are predicted to be popular in 2016. Let’s check them out.

Responsive Design

This isn’t an optional alternative anymore. In fact, with the ever increasing number of mobile users, Responsive design is on the top of the list. Google has already started crushing sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. A good responsive design isn’t one that can be browsed correctly in a particular phone or tablet, but it should offer a smooth experience when it comes to usability, irrespective of what devices you use.

Material Design

Material design may not have been very popular in the list of 2014, because it wasn’t widely accepted till 2014. But if we think again seriously, 2015 was the year of material design. And if my predictions are correct, 2016 will see websites, apps, artwork, designed in material design. This means, Google will have won a huge battle to Apple – in the graphic design sphere, with all those websites following the same tradition. So you are right to expect those long, solid shadows everywhere on the internet.

Flat Design

Even though, material design may have fixed many of the usability issues of flat design, but that doesn’t mean, flat design will no longer work on the web. In fact, it seems to grow in popularity in the upcoming years. With many of the big brands adopting flat design in the past years, mass audiences are getting aware of the truth that less is better when it comes to presenting the website visually.

Modular and Infinite Scrolling

You shouldn’t be amazed to know that the latest move in the modular trend has been tremendously popular in the past years. Yes! You have guessed it right – it’s modular and infinite scrolling. Every module on your website will work independent of each other. Does it sound complicated to handle? Not really! In fact, you may have already seen websites with a sidebar that doesn’t move with the same speed with which your other website content scrolls down.

Clever Menus

Some people may have hated the so- called “Hamburger Menu” because they thought it was awkward. However, it was just a first step in the direction of more intuitive navigation.

These are hidden navigations that appear out of nowhere depending on the user’s actions, in an approach to offer users the best experience. They are intended to help users grab the information which is important at any given time.

Engaging your users will be the top priority for the businesses in 2016 since the competition is huge. It will be really difficult for you to survive if you don’t put enough attention to the graphics used in your website.

And that’s it! We believe that the end of 2016 will bring along many hot trends for the businesses – so stay with us to explore what contemporary graphic design trends have been on the top throughout the year. Till then, we will keep updating you with what is latest in the orbit of graphic design!

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