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Research Findings

We gathered users from various fitness backgrounds to complete certain tasks while being timed. The purpose of these tests was to set a benchmark for the usability of the interface provided. We took notes of the successes and struggles within the tool gathering specific quotes to summarise the experience

Purpose of the Project

The aim of this project was to create an app that helps users stick to exercise and simplify the process which will ultimately lead them to achieving and keeping track of their fitness goals

Sketching for Visual Design

The entire process of sketching was great and the design was inspiring. This project also helped us learn a lot about actual user flows. Using the design thinking approach, we tried to find the balance between users' needs, fitness goals to achieve the best results

App User Interface Design

When the structure was approved, we started working on the presentation of the UI elements. One of the tasks was to find an effective color palette for the interface. The thing is that color has a significant influence on our visual perception and the first impression of a product. Inappropriate colors may affect some of the usability aspects such as readability of copy elements and user satisfaction

Crafting the Experience

Mapping is one of the basic flows of the app that made us realise how a user would go through the app inside each flow. We took this as a sitemap to finally start crafting all the screens of the app

Monitoring the Pipeline Activity

We tested that the metrics played a major role in enhancing user experience. We have designed some of the best wireframes that make it easy for the users to see what pages their leads are viewing


According to the user flow, we outlined the app and imagined it visually. The visual guide represented the overall framework of the app. The idea created wireframes presented information architecture of the layout

Final Product

With the app developed individuals will be able to check out their daily workouts and have the option to log the score too. Those who have got the best scores will be visible to those who click on the results section. Moreover, you will find many tracks for different types of workouts having individual videos that are included

End Deliverables

We delivered a complete athlete app that fully satisfied the clients

Product Response

The end product has received with positive ratings from the users

Edge Over Competitors

The app is popular in its niche and has outranked most of its competitors

What We Identified?

These steps were chosen to cover the main fundamentals the application will aim to address. We identified how easy or difficult these tasks were to complete based on their training levels and more.

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