Common CMS Selection Mistakes That Can Cost You Heavily

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  • calendar Updated: September 15, 2014

Generally people tend to make the wrong choices while choosing a content management system and end up doing the most confused selection. This not only has a poor impact on the whole process, but also on the overall success of the CMS project. So it’s time to learn from your mistakes and take a common-sense approach while selecting a CMS.

In the nervousness of picking up the right content management system, usually users commit the following mistakes, which are no doubt easy to resolve but demands a basic understanding:

More The Cost, More Feature-rich it is

Well, to all those who have just a little knowledge about the CMS, its high price decides its various features and this is the biggest mistake they make. In the selection of a CMS, there is no association between the price and the performance. So whenever you are about to pick a content management system, keep your business requirements in mind and find the one that will meet up your needs in the right way.

Making the Blind Selection Without Understanding The Features You Need

Since there is a range available in content management systems so people are usually found making the random selections. This is a wrong way of choosing a CMS. Rushing to buy the newest CMS without inquiring about its features and functionality is a big mistake. A few steps of preparation at your end can save you from making the wrong choice. So use your common-sense and research as much as you can.

Considering One CMS a Key To All Your Business Requirements

Another mistake which people make. Thinking that one CMS can fulfill all your business needs is a wrong idea. The CMS applications vary according to the solutions you want for your business. There are a more than 1,000 different CMS products worldwide, which are designed as per the different market needs. Therefore, keep your requirements specific and don’t demand everything from one system itself.

Demanding Instant Results from Every Implementation

Everything takes time to show results. Expecting immediate results from your CMS can lead to a poor user experience. You can’t get all the enhancements from the beginning itself, so it’s better to start from the basic instead of having your website constantly under construction and waiting for results.

Not Knowing Which One To Choose and Picking Just from a Few Popular CMS Types

Most people fail to define their actual business problem and go with what others are saying. This may result in poor outcomes. Therefore, before blindly following the latest trends, carry out a complete internal analysis of your goals and needs, find out what the root cause of the problem is, devise a suitable strategy and then pick the CMS according to your business.

Thus, if you are confused between the different types of Content Management Systems, take your time and do a thorough research, but don’t commit the above listed blunders.

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