Biggest Trends Transforming the Gaming Industry

June 19, 2019

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The gaming industry is ever changing with the latest technologies and trends dominating the market. Gamers are always ready to try their hands on new games and game publishers are consistently stepping towards building games which offer exceptional gaming experience. This is probably the reason why the gaming industry is worth billions of dollars. The last year has been a roller-coaster ride for the gaming industry. We have witnessed several changes which are most likely to rule the industry in the coming years. Fortnite became such a successful game that Epic Games decided to set $100,000,000 winning prize for the international tournament. Moreover, mobile gaming has become a hot trend these days. The majority of game publishers have realized the potential of mobile, and therefore are investing in mobile game development. Even indie game publishers are hiring a game development company in India to turn their idea into reality. Similarly, several other trends are transforming the entire gaming industry. So, in this blog post, we are going to share some of these trends. If you are a gaming enthusiast or planning to launch your own game, continue reading. The following blog post will help you understand the future of the entire gaming industry in a better way.

Battle Royale Games

Battle Royale is a gaming category which recently became a hot topic among gamers and publishers. With the tremendous success of Fortnite, many other game publishers have already started to develop their own battle royale games. Fortnite became such a huge success that the player count has already surpassed the benchmark of 125 million players. Considering its success, we are most likely to witness similar games in the upcoming years. Call of Duty, one of the most appreciated game series, is most likely to come with a battle royale mode in the next version. This is the most anticipated news for all the COD fans out there. Apart from this, we are most likely to see the genre entering the mobile gaming industry as well. It’s no arguing that mobile is dominating every other platform. A sudden shift towards mobile has made it mandatory for the game publishers to invest in mobile game development. As a result, we are most likely to see an increase in the number of battle royale games for mobile (both Android and iOS). Even though this genre is comparatively new, it is most likely to dominate the entire gaming industry for the next 5-6 years. So, if you have a gaming idea for a battle royale game, this is probably the right time to jump in and hire a team of mobile game developers to turn that idea into a fully functional mobile game.

Game Streaming

The only challenge that’s restricting mobile gaming to completely take over the gaming industry is the low power of smartphones. Even though the mobile phones have high-end specifications, they cannot support games which one plays on an X-Box or a PlayStation. However, this is a trend which is most likely to change in the coming years, all thanks to game streaming. Game streaming is a concept which allows the player to stream their favorite X-Box on their smartphones and enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience. Last year, Microsoft announced its Project xCloud which is a cloud-based game streaming technology that allows players to stream X-Box games on their smartphones. The players will need dedicated Bluetooth controllers to interact with the game’s environment. As a result, even people who cannot afford an X-Box will be able to enjoy the exceptional gaming experience on their smartphones itself. Google’s also working on a similar technology, known as the Project Stream, which lets users play games on the chrome browsers. Although both these technologies are in the development stage, they are most likely to come into the picture in by 2020. With game streaming, players would be able to play any game on any device wherever they want.

Mobile Games will Take Over the Market

As we mentioned earlier, smartphones are dominating every other platform. People are constantly investing in mobile game development as the demand for feature-rich mobile games has increased in the market. Games like PUBG and Fortnite are the perfect example to show that the end-users want more and more similar mobile games. In fact, the mobile gaming industry is expected to reach the benchmark of $4 Billion by the end of 2020. Moreover, with the introduction of technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), mobile games are most likely to provide customers with interactive gaming experience. If you have played Pokemon GO, you already know what we are talking about. The game managed to earn millions of dollars simply by providing customers with an interactive experience through Augmented Reality (AR). Moreover, with tech-giants like Google and HTC working on budget-friendly VR headsets, we are most likely to witness an increase in the number of VR based mobile games. With such an immense future, mobile gaming will dominate the market in the coming years for sure. So, if you have an idea for a mobile game, reach out to a team of mobile game developers and let the professionals build an engaging game as per your idea.

Death of Lootboxes

Even though loot boxes died by the first half of 2018, the drama surrounding them continued for several months. In fact, many players are still in shock to hear that they no longer have access to the loot boxes. The truth is loot-boxes have been an integral part of many games for the past couple of years. They provided players with items which may help them to go to the next level. However, in 2018, many publishers decided to exclude these loot boxes from their gameplay. This decision frustrated many players as they were left with no other option but to buy the gaming items and burn their bank accounts. The truth is loot boxes are never coming back in the picture. Whether you like it or not, but loot boxes have become a thing of the past. If you want new items while playing a game, you either have to buy them from the store or complete a quest to acquire them. There’s no other option. This is a gaming industry which has not interested many players. However, the trend is going to stay in the picture for a considerable time period.

e-Sport Based Designs

It is not more than a decade since the introduction of e-Sports. These are the tournaments organized across the globe where players team up to go against other teams. Basically, these are the tournaments which created a competitive scene for traditional games. Today these tournaments have become one of the latest gaming trends. Several game publishers organize these tournaments and the winning prize can be as high as $100,000,000. Fortnite is again the perfect example of such games. As a result, it has become the dream of every game publisher to enter these tournaments with their title. Not only does this increase brand awareness, but the game publishers also have the potential to make millions through these tournaments. In the upcoming years, we are most likely to witness games which will have e-Sport-centric designs.


The gaming industry has revolutionized in a big way, especially in the last 4-5 years. The trends keep changing, and if you want your mobile game idea to succeed, it becomes strenuous to stay up to date with these changes. The above-mentioned points only explain a couple of trends in the gaming industry. However, the coming years are most likely to introduce several new trends in the gaming world which will completely transform the gaming experience of gamers. In case you want to turn your mobile game idea into a fully-functional mobile game, hire a mobile game development company and let the professionals build a game for your idea.

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