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When you think of the best hotel app, the first thing that comes to mind is booking apps like TripAdvisor and Airbnb. Of course, these apps can help you get the best deals on hotel bookings. However, if you want a more comfortable stay, we recommend taking a look at a dedicated hotel app. There are many hotel chains which have their own hotel mobile app. These apps have tons of exciting features and are beneficial for the customer at the same time. Not only customers can book a room using the app, but they can also perform several other tasks once they have reached the hotel. It involves everything, starting from unlocking the room by scanning the QR code to ordering food using the app itself. While as surprising as it may sound, but people find such hotel apps more useful than third-party booking apps. In fact, hotel owners are always advised to build a dedicated app for their hotel. This will attract more customers and help in nurturing long-term relationships with them. Take a look at the following best hotel apps for Android & iOS.

Marriott International

Marriott International is a hotel chain that needs no introduction. With thousands of hotels across the globe, Marriott is probably the best five-star hotel and preferred choice of many customers. However, what you might not know that Marriott International has a mobile app, which can be used to make quick reservations. The app has also been awarded as the best hotel app several times. There are 400 hotels listed on the app and one can book a room in any of these hotels. The clients can further choose the items they want in the room prior to visiting the hotel. Mobile check-in and check-out is another advantage of the app as clients can directly enter their room without waiting at the registration desk. Moreover, the app can also be used as the spare key for the room. The customer can lock/unlock the room using the app itself. All these features certainly make it one of the best hotel apps in the market.


AccorHotels is yet another interesting hotel app which can be used to book a room from thousands of available options. The app has partnered with leading hotel chains including Novotel, Raffles, Fairmont, Swissôtel, Mercure, Sofitel, Pullman, and MGallery. There are 4000+ hotels listed on the website. The app has got one million downloads on Google Pay and the majority of customers have left positive feedback in the review section. Here are some of the features AccorHotels provide to the customers. As soon as the customer books the hotel, the customer will be notified with a confirmation message. The app also sends a reminder 48 hours before the day for which room is booked. The customer will also get a notification about the current weather situation in the city where he has booked the hotel. If all these features were not enough to attract the customer, the app can be used to directly book an Uber as well. Though it can lock/unlock rooms, there are still many features that make AccorHotels the best hotel app in 2019.

OYO Rooms-Online Hotel Booking App

OYO is India’s biggest and most popular hotel booking app. The app was launched back in 2015 and over a time span of three years, it has managed to reach 5 million downloads benchmark on Google Play. OYO has more than 50,000 rooms across the country, including major cities like Goa, Mumbai, Banglore, and Delhi. The app allows 24-hour check-in, meaning customers can check into their hotel anytime they want. Another cool feature that makes OYO the best app for hotel bookings is its diverse availability. Among the 50,000 available rooms, the app not only has five-star hotels but also shows a list of affordable hotels for the bourgeois audience. The Oyo app has one of the easiest and most convenient user-interface. It doesn’t take more than three clicks to book a room. The app is so user-friendly that even people who rarely use their smartphone can use it without facing any issues.

SPG Hotels

SPG Hotels is an app with a large number of hotels and resorts. Like any other hotel booking app, SPG Hotels has partnered with several leading hotel chains. The customers can use the app to directly choose the perfect room as per their specifications and budget. The app also supports keyless check-in using which customers can lock/unlock their specific rooms. It also provides customers with directions to their hotel so that they can easily locate the hotel even if it’s their first time visiting the city. There’s also a membership program available for frequent travelers. SPG members get free internet access in every room they book.

IHG Hotel Booking & Deals

IHG Hotel Booking and Deals is like any other hotel booking app. However, the app can prove to be extremely beneficial, especially if someone travels frequently. The app lets customers save their previous bookings, allowing them to book the same place without facing any inconvenience. Apart from this, customers can pick from 5,000 available hotels which are scattered across 50+ countries. This global hotel booking app deserves to secure a place in the list of the best hotel apps. People can also manage their entire expense within the app itself. It includes everything, starting from hotel bills to transportation cost. This is an extremely useful benefit of IHG Hotel Booking and Deals. Prior to booking a room, people can check the reviews of previous customers who have booked rooms with a hotel in the past.

Hilton Honors

Hilton Honors is a hotel app with over one million downloads on Google pay. The app has been highly appreciated by the audience and has managed to gather an average rating of 4.6. The app allows customers to find the most suitable room from a list of 4600 hotels. Moreover, the app allows customers to perform several other tasks once they have reached their rooms. It includes ordering food, extra pillows, drinks, and other items. It means that a person won’t have to call the front desk again and again. They can simply use the app to order anything they want. This feature makes Hilton Honors one of the top hotel apps in the market. Apart from this, the app can also be used as the key to lock/unlock rooms. This is the one feature that every best hotel app must have as it attracts more customers.

Premier Inn Hotels

Premier Inn Hotels is a hotel app specifically designed to cater to the requirements of middle-class people who want to book hotels at affordable prices. The app has been listed with 700+ hotels, the majority of which are budget-friendly and don’t burn a hole in the customer’s pocket. Till now, the app has managed to gather 600,000 downloads on Google Play, which despite being comparatively low is better than many hotel apps in the market. The customers can scroll through different options and book a hotel which best suits their budget and requirements. Mobile Check-in is an exciting feature of the app, giving customers the advantage of skipping the first-desk registration. This is an extremely beneficial feature, especially when someone has come from a long nerve-wracking journey.

Best Western to Go

Best Western to Go is a mobile app with over 4000 hotels available in 100 different countries. The global hotel chain has managed to attract a large number of customers and that’s why it is the top rated hotel app in the market. The customers can use Google Maps to find and book hotels in the preferred location. The app has tons of exciting features including image search, voice search, and Find a friend. Using the app, the users can share their travel plans across their entire friend circle. The app can also be used as a travel guide in a new city. It shows the nearby tourist attractions and helps the customers get the best memories out of their travel vacations.

NH Hotel Group

NH Hotel Group is an app that allows customers to book rooms in the best hotels across the globe. It is one of the best hotel apps with hotels in an exotic holiday destination. People can book rooms to enjoy their vacation or spend precious time with their friends and family. Like any other hotel app, NH Hotel Groups can be used to book rooms on the basis of location. The app also lets customers filter out the results on the basis of their budget. However, the best part about the hotel is that customers can read the reviews prior to booking a hotel. This is an important feature which helps customers find the most suitable hotels as per their requirements. Offline mode is a feature that separates NH Hotel Groups from other hotel apps available in the market. People can access hotel helpline numbers even if they don’t have a cellular network at the moment.

Wyndham Rewards

Wyndham Hotels and Resorts is probably one of the largest hotel chains across the globe. WIth hotels available in 20+ countries, customers have the freedom to pick any hotel in any part of the world. The entire app operates on the map itself, starting from booking the hotel to finding nearby tourist attractions. Once the customer has booked a hotel, he can explore the map to look for nearby places like coffee-houses, restaurants, art galleries, etc.

Final Words

The hotel and tourism industry is on the rise. Hotel owners should not only list their hotel on third-party websites but also invest in mobile app development to launch a hotel app of their own. This will result in increased commission-free direct bookings, which will eventually boost the overall business revenue. If you own a hotel business, we recommend building an app that allows people to directly book a room at your hotel. Share your requirements with our mobile app developers and let them develop a customer-centric hotel app for your hotel business.

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