What Makes WordPress the King of All the CMS’s

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  • calendar Updated: August 18, 2014

Do you know almost 55% of the 1 million most visited websites run on WordPress. Now you must be thinking what makes this CMS so special, why it is so much in demand and so on. Well, there are a gamut of reasons behind the rising popularity of WordPress amongst the IT professionals. Gone are the days when it was just meant for blogging, now it has reached to a next level with many additional features. Today, it holds a big part in the projects of modern day designers, developers and marketers.

So if you want a great looking website, which is not only affordable, but also effective and adaptable, then WordPress is the best web platform to go with. Consisting of a strong, global and vibrant community, it brings along a wide range of modules with greater strength and larger extensibility.  Here are the top 7 reasons which makes it the best pick for all IT professionals. Let’s cast a glance at each of them one by one:

License Free Downloading

Being the open source software, WordPress is free to use and download. This ensures greater innovation and creation of helpful community for knowledge sharing. No doubt as a beginner you might want to go with some developer, but when there is WordPress, you simply don’t need anybody.

WordPress Installation is Very Easy

The biggest plus point which professionals see in using WordPress is its feature of one click installation. It is easy to install and is highly feature-rich, making it the most functional, powerful and expandable content management system.

So Many Themes To Choose From

Availability of array of themes is another reason behind choosing WordPress. With this CMS as your choice, you will get an access to a range of free and premium themes. Not only this, there are many custom options that will let you tailor the theme as per your specifications.

Free Plugins at Your Service

WordPress gives you many free of cost plugins to enhance the look and feel of your website. Plugins are the best ways to add extra features to your site. Be it a fancy image or a complete gallery, with WordPress you will get unlimited options to style up your website differently.

WordPress is SEO-friendly

Since, marketing has become the need of an hour, so WordPress is the best option that incorporates all the optimization tactics. The presence of high-end SEO plugins will not only tune your website, but will also keep you on the top ranks.

Simplest Form of CMS

When talking about simplicity, WordPress is the simplest content management system. If you are proficient in using Word, then handling WordPress is not a big deal.  It allows easy publishing and editing without any complicated procedures.

Expansible and Adaptable

Proudly empowering millions of websites at present, WordPress is that web platform which enables easy online publishing with significant expansion and adaptability, in  a way resulting in rewarding end-results.

No doubt there are a range of similar platforms like WordPress, but there are certain things which only WordPress can offer. Switching to this content management system will not only provide you with extra functionality but will also make your website more appealing.

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