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The past few years have brought a health wave across the globe. Not only have people started following dedicated exercise routines, but they are also paying attention to what they eat every day. The consumption of processed food has taken a backseat everywhere and the adoption of artisanal food has grown exponentially. Unfortunately, finding authentic artisanal food is nothing short of a tough row to hoe. In many situations, consumers have to browse through the shelves of different departmental stores or go through different online platforms to find organic artisanal food, which can be quite nerve-wracking.

APIU, now a successful artisan food delivery service provider, wanted to overcome this challenge by developing a mobile application where consumers can find artisanal food prepared using traditional recipes and get it delivered at their doorstep within a few clicks. The goal was to develop an all-in-one food delivery solution that primarily targeted people who are fond of artisanal food.

APIU got in touch with RV Technologies with the vision and wanted us to build a custom food delivery application for artisan food fanatics. Having already worked on multiple food delivery solutions, we were well-familiar with the market, which made us the most reliable development partner for APIU.

Our team jumped on board and turned a regular idea into a cross-platform mobile application that would go on to be an integral part of the daily life of many health-conscious individuals.


As per the client’s vision, the goal was to develop a platform where customers could easily find their favorite artisan cuisines from different countries and order a flavored cuisine for any occasion. So, like any other on-demand delivery platform, our team had to build three separate application modules for customers, drivers, and artisan restaurants.

APIU also wanted to provide customers with the ability to schedule their order in advance for the coming week, events, or regular get-togethers, and get it delivered to their doorstep on time. To do this, our team had to come up with a design approach that would keep the application clutter-free and allow users to access all the features easily.


Developing an All-in-One Artisan-Themed Food Delivery Application from the Ground Up.

Like many popular food delivery applications, APIU also wanted to follow the famous aggregator model where multiple Artisan-themed restaurants could set up their business profile, upload the menu, and start receiving orders from different customers.

Now, to build a successful aggregator model, it was necessary to develop three separate modules for drivers, customers, and artisan restaurants respectively. All these three app modules were designed with varying features to provide users with the necessary functionality.

Some of the basic features of Artisan Food Delivery included:

  • Order Management
  • Fast Delivery
  • In-App Payment Support
  • Real-time navigation for drivers
  • Inventory Management

The Customer App

1 User Login

Having a personal dashboard is a prerequisite for any food delivery application as it allows customers to manage their orders, payments, and addresses in one place. To access this dashboard, we integrated multiple sign-up/log-in options to keep user-friendliness intact. With Artisan Food Delivery, users have the liberty to set up their profile using a phone number or their Gmail account.

2 Order/Pickup

While browsing through the food menu to place an order, the customers can choose between doorstep delivery or a pickup. Based on the selection, the app automatically decides whether to assign a food delivery agent for the order or not. In case of pickup, the customers will get regular alerts via Push Notification regarding the status of their order.

3 Schedule Orders

One of the major USPs of Artisan Food Delivery is its “Advanced Scheduling” option. Basically, customers can schedule their meals for the coming week in advance and get them delivered to their doorstep on time. Customers can also schedule orders for particular events and decide the entire catering menu right on their smartphones.

4 Food Categories

In addition to restaurant-wise search results, customers can also customize the results based on specific food categories. Our team integrated a dedicated “Category” module that displayed a list of all the artisan food categories, allowing customers to find restaurants that specialize in particular cuisines.

5 Multiple Payment Methods

For any on-demand food delivery application, it’s essential to provide customers with a secure payment environment so that they can pay online without worrying about monetary fraud. Our team integrated a secure and fully-functional payment gateway that ensures 100% secure transitions and allowed customers to process their payments using different methods.

The Driver’s App

1 Order Alerts

As soon as a customer places an order, all the nearby delivery agents receive a notification alert on their phones. The drivers have the liberty to decide whether they would like to accept the order or not. Once the driver confirms an order, he automatically receives the customer details and turn-by-turn navigation to the restaurant.

2 Real-Time Route Optimization

By integrating Google Maps API and Apple’s MapKit, we optimized route calculation to achieve maximum accuracy. Once the driver picks an order from the restaurant, the app automatically calculates the shortest route to reach the customer’s doorstep on time and ensure they can enjoy a warm meal.

3 Online- Offline Status

With a single tap on their screen, the drivers can switch between the online and offline modes. When a customer is online, he automatically starts receiving order alerts via Push Notifications. But, as soon as one goes online, the app would take him off the radar automatically.

4 Payout- Commissions

At the end of the day, the drivers can go to their in-app wallets and transfer their earnings, commissions, and tips to their personal bank accounts. With separate modules for earnings, tips, and restaurant commissions, it becomes quite easier for the drivers to manage their monthly payouts and keep a track of their income.

The Restaurant App

1 Menu Management

Restaurant owners and managers can sign into their personal modules and update their menus using easy-to-use drop-down tabs. They can also update pricing, availability, and customization options for each dish individually so that customers always have access to an up-to-date restaurant menu.

2 Promos & Exclusive Deals

To boost the overall customer acquisition rate, restaurant owners can also set up and run special discounts and offers. With a detailed restaurant dashboard, they can also track the progress of these promotional campaigns and evaluate the monthly customer acquisition rate easily.

3 Payment Management

Restaurant owners can also process their daily payments and transfer them to their personal accounts within a few taps. They can also configure auto-payout to automatically transfer the entire earnings to the bank account.


Successful Delivery of One-of-a-Kind Artisan-Themed Food Delivery App.

APIU hired RV Technologies to develop a unique food delivery solution to cater to the entire Artisan industry. Their vision was to help consumers get fresh, healthy, and exotic artisanal cuisines from different corners of the world.

Our team clearly understood this vision and devised a custom development approach to build a user-centric food delivery platform where customers can browse through different artisan restaurants, place instant orders, and even schedule their weekly meals in advance. Today, Artisan Food Delivery has managed to become one of the most popular platforms for Artisan food fanatics to find their favorite cuisines.

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