A Detailed Guide to Build an On-Demand Service App Like Urban Company

June 1, 2022

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On-Demand services are not a unique concept these days. Now people have a habit of getting everything with just a single tap as mobile application development has changed the way people shop these days. Everything is possible today, from ordering food online to book an appointment for a salon service at home.

As per Market Watch research, an online market forecasts a CAGR of 5.9% during 2022-2028, with market size of USD 199590 million by 2028, from USD 138880 million in 2021.

Home services have become the modern solution to every problem; we can find various categories of on-demand mobile applications in the market. And Urban Company or UrbanClap is the finest example of an on-demand home app development service.

Urban Company is the single platform that interconnects customers with professionals or small business owners. Customers can search for various services like beauty, sofa cleaners, carpenters, electricians, spa, repairs, grooming, etc., using the urban company app based on budget and location.

So, if you’re looking to develop an app like Urban Company, let’s explain why it is worth considering by looking at its benefits, feature set, and business & revenue model.

What is Urban Company or UrbanClap Mobile App?

UrbanClap is the largest online platform that offers home services in India, UAE, Sydney, Abu Dhabi, and Singapore. It is an app that provides many home services at the click of a button to make your lives easy and comfy.

If we look at all these figures, On-demand mobile app services are worth investing in because it shows a promising future, and there is huge customer demand.

Urban Company Overview

  • It was Founded by Abhiraj Bhal, Varun Khaitan, and Raghav Chandra

  • The urban company was founded in November 2014.

  • Headquartered in Gurugram

  • Revenue: US $29.59 million till 2020.

  • Rating: The average rating is 4.2.

  • Outside India: Dubai, Sydney, Abu Dhabi, and Singapore.

  • Area Served Inside India: Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Visakhapatnam, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Pune, Ludhiana, Indore, Bengaluru, Chennai, Nagpur, Surat, Mumbai, and Vadodara

  • Users: 3 Million users.

  • Customer Reach: 5000 daily customers on an average.

  • Transactions: Monthly transactions are almost $4,50,000.

UrbanClap services:

  • Urban Beauty

  • Urban Grooming

  • Urban Spa

  • Health and Wellness Services

  • Kids Related Services

  • Shifting Home Services

  • Wedding Planner Services

  • Urban Cleaning

  • Urban Repairs

  • Party & Event Services

  • Tutors and Lessons

  • Urban Painting

  • Design and Construction Services

Facts about Urban Company/UrbanClap:

How UrbanClap earns money?

UrbanClap on-demand mobile application has a simple business model. Within 3 years of the timespan, Urbanclap reached a revenue of $1.7million in 2017, and since then, the company has seen growth.

But the question is, does an on-demand home services app earn money?

Urban has two business models.

Commission Model: Around 85% of UrbanClap’s revenue comes from the commission model. In this model, the Urban Company employees who offer various services to customers must pay a certain commission for every service they offer from the Urban Company app. The Urban Company is the middle man between professionals and customers, letting users find trained and trusted professionals and professionals to earn money. The commission depends upon the type of work the professional offers.

Lead Generation: The lead generation model of Urban Company charges professionals after giving them leads from UrbanClap. Moreover, as per the customer requirement, they can contact the professional mentioned on the App or vice versa. Once the app users select the professional, UrbanClap will charge both for the lead generation.

Other monetization strategies include earning money from advertisements such as cost-per-view, cost-per-mile, cost-per-click, cost-per-action, cost-per-install, and referral marketing.

Fixed Charged Services: A specific commission model is taken from the funds received in this model. It offers services without any fixed price, and the company charges the professionals to lead generation and sponsored listing. The users don’t pay immediately, and if the company obtains any amount from a mobile app and then pays the dues to the hired service providers.

Transaction-based Services Model: It helps the marketplace offer multiple services to get the percentage of each transaction by a specific platform. That model helps create a scalable, reliable platform and the revenue you bring in.

Services Without Fixed Charges: The company charges experts for lead generation and sponsored listing. The users benefit by choosing a convenient choice. It lets users pay the expert without viewing their profile, and the professional then accepts the request. Thus, if the expert persuades the user to receive the service, monetizing is successful.

How Does Urban Company Mobile App Work?

Almost everyone these days finds it hard to look for trusted professional in-house service. Urban Company offered a medium for users and professionals to find each other to solve these issues.

Professional End

  • Professionals who want to earn money offering customer services can register on the platform. The professionals then undergo intensive training.

  • When any user wants a service, the App notifies the professionals of a particular region. They then have the authority to accept/reject the offer.

  • After accepting the offer request, both the customer and the service provider get notified.

  • Moreover, in an emergency, the service provider has an option to cancel the service, but they need to pay cancellation charges.

Customer End

  • Customers can use the App to get service from the comfort of home.

  • Users can anytime look for services as per their requirements through the App.

  • Users can download the App anytime and select services based on their requirements.

  • Once the customer selects any service from the App, a pop screen that contains information about the service appears.

  • Once the service they need is selected as per the charges, users need to fill in the date and time, and the service providers’ profile is available.

  • Apps allow multiple payment options to users.

  • Once the service gets completed, the user gets feedback and a rating option.

Key Features of App like Urban Company

Customers Features

  • Simple Registration And Login Options Using Social Media Accounts Like Fb, Google, Email, Etc.

  • User Friendly Ui/Ux Interface

  • Advanced Search Filter

  • Data Security And Safety

  • Multiple Payment Options

  • History Of Works User’s Posts

  • Local Vendors Details Page

  • In-App Chat Options With Local Vendors

  • Chat & Quote History With Local Vendors

  • Service Feedback And Ratings

  • Payment History

Local Vendors Features

  • Simple And Fast Login /Registration Feature

  • Chat Option

  • Gps Location Tracking

  • Reply Option To Customer Reviews/Feedback.

  • Service Charges Options As Per Fixed, Hourly, And Experienced Base.

  • Availability And Service Times

  • Work History & Payment History

Admin Panel Features

  • Complete Admin Control Panel

  • Able To See Clients’ And Vendors’ Locations

  • Record Management System

  • Cloud Hosting System

  • Notification Control From The Back End

  • Sales Analytics

  • Backup And Restore Facility

  • Advance Cms And CRM System

  • Work Records And Payment History

  • Finance And Tax Management

  • Globally Access

  • Ads And Promotions

  • Price And Subscription Plan Management

Technology Stack of an app like Urban Company

  • Application and Data: Node.js, Python, React, Amazon EC2, MongoDB, Redis, NGINX, React Native, Kafka, Scala, Amazon S3, Airflow, Amazon Redshift, ejabberd, Amazon CloudFront

  • Utilities: Elasticsearch

  • DevOps: Kibana, Jenkins, Grafana, Amazon EC2 Container Service, GitLab, Logstash, Android Studio, AWS Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon CloudWatch

  • Business Tools: Jira, Confluence, Slack, G Suite

Benefits offered by the Urban Company app

  • Time-Saving: This feature of the on-demand service app saves users time and money by letting them get services with a single tap and not letting them do internet research. The service providers are trusted before they are registered to the App.

  • Flexibility: On-demand mobile services offer users and customers the comfort of flexibility.

  • Safe and secured services: The App is designed with various security trials so that any attempts of app hacking don’t hinder its efficiency.

  • User-Friendly: It offers a simple yet seamless design with advanced UX/UI and user-friendly interfaces for a better user experience letting them access services effortlessly.

  • Multiple Online-Payment Options: Customers can select any online payment options such as credit/debit cards, e-wallets, net banking, and others.

  • Network building: Offering referrals and coupons let Urban Company increase its customer base.

  • Advertisements on the App: The App is designed to integrate several ad sections that do not interrupt the user interface.

  • Sponsored Profiles: Professionals can publish profiles under the best profiles section by sponsoring themselves to gain more profit.

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Urban Company?

The time and cost of developing on-demand apps like Urban Company are based on many factors.

Cost-deciding factors:

  • App Platform: Android/iOS App has a huge loyal market. You can select a single platform or develop an app using both platforms. Thus, both these platforms vary in cost.

  • Mobile App Development Company: To develop a fully-fledged, feature-rich yet simple app, you need to hire an on-demand app development company, and the price varies as per location means country.

  • Theme: There are various themes available, and you can choose any as per your business. Thus, deciding on the appropriate UI/UX for the device compatibility.

  • Content:After completing the app layout, design, and development, content is a good approach for the App’s popularity. By adding a blog section, videos, and graphs, you can grow the business.

  • App launch screen: Users have various devices, and an app must be one that can fit on every device, irrespective of the platform.

  • Advance factors: Various advance factors include OTP verification, data synchronization, etc.

The estimated cost of developing a home service app like the Urban Company app is between $10,000 to $30,000, covering one platform’s basic features. If you want to add other advanced features and functionality to your App and develop an app on two platforms, the development cost may vary from $50,000 to $80,000.

  • Small Company Cost between $10 to $40 per Hour

  • Intermediate Company Costs around $40 to $100 per Hour

  • Enterprise-level Company Cost approximately $100 to $250 per Hour

Talking about time, it takes approximately eight weeks to twenty-four weeks to develop an advanced app like Urban Company based on device compatibility, specifications, etc.

Time requirements to develop an app like Urban Company

  • The simple App requires 300 hours

  • Moderate app development needs 400 to 600 hours

  • Multifaceted app development requires around 900 hours

  • A highly multifaceted App may take more than 900 hours

Benefits of Developing an App like Urban Company

  • Better Communication with Customers: The best benefit of having a mobile business application like Urbanclap is increased efficiency as you can communicate with your customers and fix their queries and issues through the App. It will further improve customer engagement.

  • Boost Marketing: Apps like Urban Company solve many problems of customers, providing them with every detail rate, user accounts, search options, news feeds, and more. The App also gives notifications to customers about discounts and upcoming sales.

  • Enhance Business Visibility: Mobile applications act as a medium to get customers’ attention. If your customers can find your business online, it will help in its expansion and commercial growth.

  • Strengthen Brand: It has become crucial to let the audience know about your brand, and the Applets people know about your business and develop your strong brand image.

Wrapping up

Urbanclap comes in the number one position in online home delivery services as almost every individual prefers the internet to complete their day-to-day tasks. Thus, there is a large scope for on-demand mobile applications.

On-demand service app development is worth investing in because the future of such apps is bright. So, if you want to develop an on-demand app, it is a must to look for a professional development company that may help you develop an app as per your business requirements.

Starting your own on-demand business like Urban Company app clone and many more will be a good idea as it is what your end customers want these days because of the comfort they get.

About the Author Sandeep Kumar is a Director at RV Technologies. Having an inclination towards software development, Sandeep always ensures to stay on top of the latest development technologies and how to implement them in real-world projects. He is always ready to share his insight with the developers so that they can also leverage the modern-day tech stack and build futuristic digital solutions for clients. Apart from overseeing all the development projects, Sandeep also likes to write down and share his insights with the world to familiarize people with the latest technologies and their potential in our everyday lives.

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